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The Volunteer Story
Several years ago our church was involved in a study to determine what direction God would have the church take. Will Mancini's book,  Church Unique , was studied and it emphasized moving away from an internal focus in favor of community participation. It was learned that we could pursue being an  attractional church or a  missional church. God led those who were involved in the study to conclude that Ancient City Baptist should devote itself to being a missional church.
Soon after that study our pastor, Dr. Rice, was walking back to the church with Dr. Joseph Joyner, following a meeting in which the Superintendent of Schools had called for the community to become more involved with their schools.  Dr. Rice was prompted (we believe) by God to ask, "What would that look like?" Adopting a school and partnering with them by providing volunteers was the answer. The volunteer ministry sprang into life from these seeds planted by God-ordained events and watered by the Holy Spirit.
Vicki Leese was tapped to lead this ministry and given the title "Volunteer Coordinator"; but that title does not begin to describe what she has done. To use her words, she's been "hanging-out" with the kids, the clinic workers, the teachers and the administrators. That hanging out has not been limited to the school campus or school hours as she has taken children shopping, out to eat or just to have fun. In the process Vicki was touched by needs that we never would have predicted, such as the need for underclothes, socks, shoes, coats, school supplies and even diapers. She has, in turn, brought that before the church and our congregation has responded in a wonderful way. Vicki shops for special deals to meet these diverse needs and distributes the supplies to the schools.
Most of us were not aware that there are many school children who are homeless. We were not aware that breakfast and lunch is served by schools to homeless people, not only during the school year, but also in the summer. Vicki shared the summer needs to feed the homeless and our church responded again in a generous way. Vicki has served in ministry in a wonderful way and we love her for it. Now, in consideration of her husband's health she is returning to full-time business employment.
We are thankful that Cindy Lewis has accepted responsibility for this ministry. Next month we will introduce Cindy more fully, but for now we ask that you pray for Vicki as she leaves behind a big part of her heart. Pray also for Cindy as she takes leadership of this important ministry of our church.

Women's Ministry

We have a great lineup for worship, Bible study, fellowship and fun.
Mark your calendar for this month's event.

MARCH 2016
Thursday, March 24, 7:00 pm
In the Fellowship Hall
Speaker: Myrtle Hollingsworth
Who truly knows the meaning of "New Life"

April's Theme is
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to bless and enlighten.

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Ginger Millermon

Life Services News

Annual Fund-raising Banquet 2016
On Thursday evening from 7:00-9:00 PM at Anastasia Baptist Church, Life Services will hold its eighth annual banquet. They are pleased to have Ginger Millermon, speaker and inspirational "Top 10" recording artist from Hutchinson, Kansas as the keynote speaker. She will be sharing not only her music, but more importantly, her heart. Ginger has an incredible testimony of God's grace and healing that is chronicled in her book  Grace Thus Far .  Recently featured on  Focus on the Family,  Ginger is an inspirational songwriter and recording artist who has released seven albums. Ginger travels nationwide ministering in churches, women's conferences and pro-life events.

In addition to her desire to bring hope and encouragement, Ginger is also devoted to caring for the basic needs of children in crisis in third-world countries through her work and partnership with Compassion International. Ginger can be heard on hundreds of radio stations worldwide. Her concert events and conferences are based on her life-changing testimony and her albums. Ginger has an unforgettable message for today's culture and her soul-stirring music will inspire and encourage hearts of all ages.

This year's goal is $75,000.00 to help fund the $135,000 annual budget. Ancient City Baptist Church is hosting two tables at this year's banquet. You're invited to come and hear the story and become a supporter through prayer and/or giving. Please call the church office to make a reservation (829-3476).  Space is limited!

Noah's Ark
What It Means Today

Images of Noah's Ark directed to children are everywhere: children's books, wallpaper, toys, T-shirts and TV ads. Have you ever stopped to think how the Ark, which is such a powerful reminder of God's judgment, became so popular, considering that so many reject the true account of the Biblical flood? Could it be that most people treat this factual event as an amusing myth or a children's fairy tale?
This year's VBS will present Noah's Ark and the Great Flood as an historic reality. The Bible tells us that in time past the "wickedness of man was great and that every intent of his heart was only evil continually." Although God is longsuffering and does not want any to perish, judgment must come because He is also righteous. "Noah found grace" and was a preacher of God's righteousness. He stood for God, he obeyed God, he trusted God, he thanked God and he had a reverential respect for God. These five character traits of Noah will be the topics of the five days of VBS.
The Ark is an Old Testament picture of the salvation God offers in Christ. The Ark had only one door through which one could pass to escape God's judgment. The invitation went out to all to come into the Ark, but the time came when "God shut the door." Jesus said, "I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved." (John 10:9)  This is a wonderful demonstration of the twin truths of man's responsibility and God's sovereignty that we see throughout Scripture. 

An Eighteen Foot long replica of the Biblical Ark will be featured at VBS
Ancient City Christian Academy

Top left- Valentine Sweets, top right - exchanging Valentine cards, bottom left - cards given to seniors, bottom right - dental education.

Visit the Tabernacle

Everyone Is Invited

Tours of a replica of the Tabernacle will be held at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Palatka March 7-12. A group from our church plans to take advantage of this opportunity on Saturday, March 12 at 11 am.  Tours last about 35 minutes and will be very informative. After the tour our group may decide to enjoy a delicious lunch at Corky Bells Restraurant!  Please contact Larry at the church office (829-3476) so that we can give our number to the Tabernacle guide. Admission is $7 per person, but if our group numbers 15 or more, admission will be just $6.
MARCH 6-12, 2016

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