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Vicki Leese with Bethany Mitidieri, Principal
Everybody Needs a Hero!
by Bethany Mitidieri

The definition of the word hero is "a person who is admired for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities." This definition couldn't be more fitting for how the Ancient City Baptist Church has stepped up to become vital members of our Webster School family.

You are all heroes. Three years ago, I asked you to reach out to the children and families at Webster and provide support for those in need. I had no idea on that Sunday, when I was hoping for a few volunteers to read to primary children, of the enormous impact your time, dedication and heroism would have.

I could go on and on listing the many acts of heroism you show each day; mentoring, tutoring, emotional support for families, food, clothes, proctoring and many, many more. We have seen such growth in our school community socially, emotionally and academically.  In an attempt to try and quantify what you do, I thought about how the most significant impact that your church family has had on our school family is that we no longer feel alone. We know that we can call on you for whatever needs we might have, like Superman coming out of the telephone booth, you come to the "rescue".

How does one thank you for all you do? I think the greatest thanks we can give will be the long term impact on the children you serve. When some day they raise their own children, knowing that there were people who set a positive example for them and showed them what it truly means to love and serve others.

So, thank you for being our heroes. Thank you for giving of your time, resources and talents. You have no idea the enormous impact that your deeds and actions have had but I see it every day on the precious faces of the children of the Webster School. On behalf of the children, families, faculty and staff, thanks for being our heroes. We love and appreciate you.

Women's Ministry

We have a great lineup for worship, Bible study, fellowship and fun.
Mark your calendar for this month's event.

Friday, February 26, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Saturday, February 27, 9:00 am - 12 Noon
In the Fellowship Hall
Followed by a catered lunch
Speaker: Laura Lineberry

Cost $10

March is NEW LIFE month.
Stay tuned for more information
about this event that is sure
to bless and enlighten.

For more information about this
 ministry or transportation to an
 event contact Rosemary Bagwell
by clicking below:
Email Rosemary
 or call the church office

March for Life in St. Augustine

Life Services News

"Many organizations talk about fighting for the defenseless, the hopeless, and the down-trodden," said Sean Duffy (Rep-Wis.) in a speech before Congress recently. But, "There is no one more hopeless and voiceless than an unborn baby. Their silence is deafening."  

The March for Life was held January 18, 2016 in St. Johns County. Life Services was glad to be a part of the rally that advocated for the voiceless. It was encouraging to see the large numbers interested in the fight against abortion and supporting the rights of the unborn. Many pro-life advocates participated and were able to join in a common cry for the unborn as well as to network with other pro-life groups. 
Every year since 2007, thousands of pro-lifers from all over Florida have met in our fair city to defend the dignity of human life. This gathering and networking of pro-life advocates helps us to press forward in the battle to save babies in our community. Our annual banquet will be held on March 10 at Anastasia Baptist Church from 7 until 9 pm. Make plans now to attend and help us to celebrate kids and remember what a joy and blessing they are.

VBS Organizational Luncheon

February 14 after worship service

There's something in each of us that yearns to be useful for our Master (2 Tim. 2:21). Through VBS, God has given us that awesome privilege to invest in an outreach that has proven to be one of the most effective of all church ministries. Your help is needed. Come to the luncheon where you will learn how to be involved in shaping young lives with God's truth.

This year our VBS will be held June 20-24 from 9 am until noon for children 3-11 years of age. Our theme is Ocean Commotion: Diving into Noah's Flood.  Go to this website to witness the excitement:   https://answersingenesis.org/vbs/2016/

Email Larry or Laurel DuBose  for further information.
Active Adults
To Do the Zip Lines
Active Adults will explore a new adventure on SaturdayFebruary 13, when they zip through the treetops and conquer aerial obstacles on the St. Augustine Alligator Farm's thrilling zip line attraction, Crocodile Crossing. The Sepik River Course will take approximately one hour and participants will zip over seven acres of crocodiles and alligators while they encounter tropical birds and red-ruffed lemurs in the trees. Between the zip lines, explorers will cross rope bridges, tight ropes and swinging log bridges. More than 50 different obstacles will have challengers flying, climbing, and zooming through the zoo!

The group cost is $37 per person, the usual price for the zip line alone; but the group rate allows admission to the park also. This trip will accommodate those who want to climb, clip and zip, as well as those who will want to watch and cheer, and then tour the park, a rookery for many wild and endangered birds at this time of year. We're planning for a 10 am start on the zip lines, which will require a 9:30 arrival at the park. As usual, we will have lunch at a favorite restaurant afterward.  Don't miss this adventure -- Vicki Leese says it's her favorite thing to do in St. Augustine!
Six active adults made bike trip on MLK Day

Maximum weight is 250 pounds

Children must be 45 inches tall

Everyone must wear completely enclosed shoes, no open toes or water shoes!

Good News Clubs
Expand to Otis Mason Elementary
The prayerful effort to have a club at Otis Mason Elementary has become a beautiful reality. At the first club meeting there were 16 children registered; 13 actually showed-up. At the most recent meeting, the club had 24 enrolled and 21 in attendance. It's a really great group of kids. They are enthusiastic, cooperative, and at least three have already made a first time profession of faith. They have received thorough counseling.

The team of 11 volunteers includes six from Ancient City Baptist and five from New Life Baptist Church. The Good News Club meets after school on Wednesdays, which is an early dismissal day. The meetings are in the school library, a beautifully decorated room equipped with excellent AV equipment.  

We are thankful for your prayers and the kind welcome of the principal and his staff. Please pray that this ministry will continue to grow and be a witness for Christ in the community. 

One to One Discipleship

There are at least 33 verses in the New Testament that use the expression  one another .  Most people will remember the  love one another passages which are found 10 times in the New Testament, but second in number of appearances is  encourage one another followed by  teach one another instruct one another and  spur one another on to love and good works. Our faith is a relational faith, both with God and with others.

One to One  Discipleship is a new opportunity at Ancient City Baptist to have a special and meaningful relationship with a fellow believer. The nine sessions find their origin in the training materials of  Campus Crusade for Christ The Navigators Dr. John MacArthur and  Dr. Gene Getz, who authored the book  Building Up One Another based on the  one another passages in the Bible.

You are invited to participate in this opportunity to grow spiritually and relationally as God commanded at least 33 times in the New Testament. The deacons have been asked to offer their leadership to  One to One . If you are invited to participate, please respond affirmatively. If you want to be a part and you are not contacted, please call Larry DuBose who will be helping people to get connected with  one another (829-3476).

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