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April 2011
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Meaning Behind The Name: Brigantia

Brigantia is the start of the next generation of Archgard Fireplaces. A lot of time and effort has went into the making of these new fireplaces. They are the fireplaces of the future, so when selecting a name for the Brigantia line of fireplaces the designers wanted to find something with exceptional significance that reflected the beauty, quality and dependability of the products. While searching they came across Brigantia the Celtic goddess who symbolizes wisdom, excellence, perfection, high intelligence, poetic eloquence, and craftsmanship. She is largely associated with the home and hearth. Brigantia the goddess of hearth and many other strong associations was exactly what Archgard wanted their new product to represent. A strong beautiful product of perfection, eloquence, and excellence, which is also the names of the three fireplaces in the Brigantia line. Just like Brigantia, the goddess, Archgard's Brigantia fireplaces are the fire of creativity.

Why are the Brigantia's Extraordinary? 


Brigantia Fireplaces are enerchoice rated and DOE 2013 compliant. The most unique element of the Brigantia's are they can be installed on an exterior wall, fit into a 2" x 6" studded construction wall, and have a 6" deep design that allows for a flush installation anywhere.  



Archgard is in the final phase of releasing their first Brigantia Perfection.


What is unique about Perfection? 

The patented super slim design of Perfection (35-DVRS31N) offers installation convenience and a breathtaking smooth and elegant view of the fire.

Rodger Holland HPBA's New Vice Chairman 


At its March 1st meeting, the HPBA Board of Directors elected new officers for the 2011-2012 year.  Wendy Howells, Lennox Hearth Products, was elected chairman; Rodger Holland, Archgard Industries, vice chairman; Jim Hussong, Kozy Heat, secretary; Ken Belding, Empire Comfort Systems, treasurer; and Tom Wenke, Weber-Stephen Products, at-large member of the Executive Committee. 

(Article from HPBA Hot News March 2011 Vol. 14, No. 3) 


Archgard congratulates Rodger with his honor of being named vice chairman for HPBA's Board of Directors.


Programming your remote?


To program your remote for the new models, you can go to the skytech website and the website will have instructions on how to program.



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Brigantia Name
Extraordinary Fire
Vice Chairman of HPBA

Archgard is also in the final phases of releasing their     second Brigantia Eloquence .

What is unique about Eloquence? Eloquence's (24-DVRS25N)  vertical design and smaller size make Eloquence an ideal fit for smaller or unconventional spaces such as your kitchen, bathroom, or dining room. 

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