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July 13th, 2015
Company Chat

On June 22nd, Linda attended a fabulous lunch at the Plaza Hotel for 
the Elly Awards, celebrating women's leadership and benefiting the  Education Fund of the Women's Forum of New York.  The Elly Awards were presented to the award-winning journalist, Tina Brown by co-host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe", Mika Brzezinski and Emily Rafferty, President Emerita, by the inspiring singer, Judy Collins.   

Samuel Rachlin's I, Putin
We are thrilled to welcome journalist Samuel Rachlin and his latest best selling  book  I, Putin . The book lays out both the current political and economic conditions at play in today's Russia and the historical and philosophical foundations that Putin has revived in his attempt to build Russia's new identity and national purpose. It has been published in Denmark and has gone into four printings, with 10,000 copies circulating. 
Born in Siberia by a Danish mother and a Lithuanian father, Samuel draws on his many years of hands-on experience as a correspondent in Russia, where he covered for radio, TV, and print media.
Rachlin has published a collection of essays, "Me and Stalin" (People's Press 2011), "A Life Well Crafted" (Gyldendal 2014), and many other books over the years.

Exciting news for Art in the Blood!
Bonnie MacBird's book, Art in the Blood: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure (HarperCollins UK, September 10th, 2015), has now been sold internationally to twelve countries: Italy, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Turkey, China, and Japan.
In addition to this great success, the advanced readers copies have now been printed.  
The launch of the book will be held at Westminster Library in London, on September 10th which Linda will attend. Shortly afterwards, there will be an evening of talks, drinks, and an art contest at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel.  Congratulations, Bonnie, for your continuing success!
Preorder is now available on Amazon

Kilter: Where Power, Love, and Mindfulness Meet by Sam Alibrando
We are delighted to introduce Sam Alibrando and his newest book, Kilter: Where Power, Love, and Mindfulness Meet The book delivers a distinctive way to understand all human interactions through three axes on which people move interpersonally. Readers will learn a practical tool set to use any time to move them from an unproductive negative reaction into a more productive interaction with anyone in their life. 
Sam Alibrando, Ph.D., is President of APC, Inc. a psychological consulting firm, and senior consultant and associate at WJM Associates, Beckett Advisors and Win-Win Workplace Solutions. He is an organizational consultant, psychotherapist, author, teacher, workshop facilitator, collaborate mediator and executive coach. 
5 Tips on How to Prepare Your Marketing Campaign
  1. Set up a professional author website - people will want to know about you and this is the best way for you to make a great impression. 
  2. Write a solid author biography - this will help when preparing marketing material in the future and will give a great insight into who you are. 
  3. Take professional author photos - a picture is worth a thousand words! Professionalism matters. 
  4. Set up a press page on your website - this is a place for your book information, book cover, press release, etc.
  5. Guest post for other blogs - they will return the favor!
Industry News
Restless Books' Publisher Searches for Cuban Science Fiction
As the USA and Cuba re-establish diplomatic relations, literary relations are flourishing: Restless Books will release a series of Cuban sci-fi books.  More Information. 
Russian Government Offers Support for Bookstores  
With the number of bookstores in Russia in free fall as a result of rising rents, the Russian government is extending subsidies to support retailers. More Information.

Herzenstage Virtual Romance Festival a Hit with YA Readers 

German publishers hosted a virtual romance festival, complete with romantic music, and of course, romance books. More Information. 

 Upcoming Events
Books Beneath the Bridge, Monday, July 13th at 7pm, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn Heights, NNY
Brooklyn Bridge Park makes use of its newly renovated spaces for a series of readings from six of the best independent bookshops in the borough. More Information. 

Ernest Hemingway's Birthday on July 21st!

Happy Birthday to American nobel laureate and exceptional author Ernest Hemingway who wrote such classics as
Old Man and The Sea, Farewell to Arms,  and The Sun Also Rises.   More Information.
Elijah Wald present Dylan Goes Eletric!, Tuesday, July 28th at 7 pm, Strand Bookstore, New York, NY
American folk blues guitarist and music historian Elijah Wald presents a special conversation on Dylan's music and Elijah's new book, Dylan Goes Electric!: Newport, Seeger, Dylan and the Night that Split the Sixties More Information.

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 Linda Langton, President.
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