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                 MARCH, 2013                   

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Celebrate Spring Equinox!

Integrating Astrology, Shamanism, Meditation and Chanting

Saturday, March 16, 2013

1:00 - 5:00 PM


 Basic planetary observations and how they now effect your life will be incorporated. Chanting and Journeying will allow your energy to merge with your Power Animal, Teacher or Guides.

The Spring Equinox Ritual promises Hope and Renewed understanding of your personal involvement with current planetary changes.

 Held at The Center for Holistic Empowerment,

3 Barnard Lane

Bloomfield, CT

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March 20,

Agneta will be a guest at Janet Booth's TV show 'Looking up'


Friday, March 22

6:30 - 8:30 PM


A Hand in Healing

244 Main Street

Farmington, CT



With simplified Astrological terms, Agneta will clarify how the impact of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn have in your life and the world at large. Through exploration of the past to the present time, she will lead you in a Journey - allowing the Four Elements to be incorporated in to your Soul's Essence.


AstroShamanic Observations,
March, 2013 
March 4
Pisces Sun and Mercury conjunction: confusing messages, many getting lost on roads - and losing information related to the Internet. Venus and Jupiter square: express deepest feelings - it will be worth it!
March 6
Moon and Pluto conjunction, can get nasty for some, letting to for others, good day to express and talk about Love or act on it...
March 7
Mercury, Saturn and Pluto, step out of the Box and say it like it is!
March 8
International Women's Day!!!
We have come a long way - never to give up... lot's more work to be done...
March 9
We thought it would be a great evening...but, it turns out no one understand what the other wanted to say. Let it go!
March 10
Daylight Saving Time begins.
Don't forget - Mercury is still Retrograde...
March 11
New Moon in Pisces,
The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune in emotional, confusing but intuitive Pisces. Trust your instincts - or have another glass of wine - just One!
Wonderful Day for meditation. MahaShivaRatri, the night where we merge with the Masters... whom ever that might be or simple the Self within!
March 12
Mars, the Warrior comes back to his own sign of Aries. Moon conjunct Mars and Uranus - watch that temper! Or let it all hang out...
March 17
St. Patrick's Day
(And my Wedding Anniversary Day: 25 years ago a New Moon Eclipse in Pisces graced my husband's and my chart - so we got married 9:15 PM at night. So far so very Wonderful!!! - Thank You Honey...)
Mercury Stations Direct,
take it easy - we have to give it a few more days - or more... For some it will take up to April 25 to find mistakes made during this Retrograde motion... we Love Pisces energy, but where did we put that important document?
March 20
Vernal Equinox,
at 7:02 AM. (EST)
Set an intention when you go to bed the night before - you will benefit greatly by observing your dreams, i.e. your reality.
Enjoy the day when it is equal light and dark, and the Sun crosses the equator. Thus our days will be longer. We will notice Spring is in the Air. Enjoy! Decorate your altar with new colors and set your Dream intention into motion!!!
March 22
Mars conjunct Uranus,
Watch those around you!
March 24
Palm Sunday,
New Pope? Very possible with the Spiritual aspects of the many Pisces planets - and the necessity of blessings for Easter...
March 26
Mars square Pluto, can cause small or big explosions, depending on what News you watch.
March 27
Full Moon in Libra,
5:27 AM. (EST)
Getting up to meditate?
Libra always desires Peace but this day look like a challenge for some. Venus, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto and Mars are mushed together with a strong desire for Love to enter our surroundings. So let's make sure to keep that in mind, shall we? At least we try...
March 28
Mercury trine Saturn,
and we all understand that when we have Peace in our Hearts, we all will enjoy the outcome.
March 29
Mercury square Jupiter, sextile Pluto. We need to reach out and express that which we need to cleans and clarify. It is Good Friday after all...
March 31
Venus square Pluto and sextile Jupiter, don't give up on that promise!
Jupiter continues to shine brightly during the month of March and is visible from sunset to the early morning in the West.
Mercury will be noticed early morning mid March.
Saturn and Spica will be clear together with the Moon from 11 PM until dawn in the East.
Enjoy Spring and make sure to watch those Crocus bloom!
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February, 2013 Full Moon, photo taken by Agneta




The month of March continues with Mercury (communication) and Saturn (restrictions) Retrograde which promises delays and challenges with phones, computers, negotiations and brain scattering misunderstandings all over the place, not to shall all pass on March 17!!! Spring is around the corner to embrace her renewed energy on March 20. We will expect that last surprise storm mid March...but we continue to have hope for lighter days - throughout the world.


Continue to read and you will find some interesting observations about the Pope Benedict XVI quitting his job, some AstroShamanic observations, and suggestions how to make your Life more enjoyable.


In most parts of the Globe we are noticing an Ecological change through drastic weather and climate challenges.  I live in Connecticut and we have had our share of natural disasters here. The last challenge was 30 - 40 inches of snow. (I actually totally loved that as it reminded me about the winters in Sweden where I grew up). The Four elements - that I keep referring to are all still showing their force through Uranus (Air Sign) in Aries (Fire Sign) and Pluto (Water Sign) in Capricorn (Earth Sign). In addition, Neptune is still 'young' as the Water God moved back to his home domain of Pisces in March of 2012. Scorpio is graced by Saturn for another year, deep wounds and emotions are clearing their way for new awareness and consciousness throughout humanity inside and out... Break-through as well as break-downs will occur as together the above planets insists on making the news. Are we safe? Not really! One day a Meteor surprised the world and especially Russia by falling from the Sky, on another night a man is sleeping in his own bed in Tampa, Florida and the earth collapses under his house. Gone! We have to take care of our own health, be content with what we have created in our own surroundings, bring out our dusty Crystals, make sure to stay alert, and also notice the simple miracles in Life, i.e. such as saying a sincere Thank you for every day that we actually wake up. Not Gone! And we do know that good things come to those that patiently wait and observe.


The four elements continue to Rock n' Roll throughout 2013, 2014 and 2015, so we are making sure that we stay on the Right Side of the Yoga mat, continue to pray for those in need, hopefully find a volunteer outlet for our Seva (Sanskrit for Selfless service), bring in new colors of Spring to our home, observe the trees waking up again, and welcoming the animals back to our surroundings...


It is beneficial, creative and productive to go within during the Mercury Retrograde period. We can't stop our work which entails writing for many. Yes, mistakes will be made, but that's why we have 'spell check' and proof readers. For example, my writing coach, Web Master and my self are in the process of updating our homepage and Facebook. We are allowing this period for us retreat within: including contemplation, focusing, researching, writing, collaboration with coaches, meditating and saying an extra Prayer. We always show thankfulness for the abundance Life has to offer. Even if Mercury is Retrograde...Time to move forward - always!


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On February 11, 2013,

Pope Benedict  XVI  announced his resignation which came as a shock to the world. He is to reside safe and protected at the Vatican for the rest of his life. Many speculate that his resignation is a sign of more scandals that related to the many sexual abuses surfaced over the last ten years. A three hundred page document had recently been placed on his desk - and he called it quits.

(picture from Associated Press/Vatican)


On February 11, 1929 ,

the Vatican in Rome became a Hierarchy for one of the world's largest religions with over 1.6 billion members. The birth of a nation, country or an individual gives us the fundamental astrological picture. It also give us the opportunity to observe Cycles of that specific birth. During the birth of the Vatican, the Great Depression had started to be felt through the Wall Street Crash in 1929. Mussolini forced Fascism into all schools where Fascism would be equal to God...


The Vatican is not the same as the Holy See. The Holy See dates back 2,000 years and is the College of Cardinals committed to serve their followers through disciplined (and lengthy) Church services and other obligations that come with a title of authority and power.


It is a challenge to speculate how long the now known abuse toward young altar boys, young woman and other vulnerable individuals has been going on!  The monetary manipulation is also observed. And how many of the reader's here have had a stick hit on your hands - or your behind?


Here we will look at the 'now' with simplified Astrological terms. An Aquarius Sun and Mercury shows the Vatican's birth chart spreading its words through masses of people. The Pisces Moon often indicates a compassionate, spiritual and servant constitution. However, the other energy of its symbol is a fish swimming in the opposite direction: lost, abusive, drugs, escapism and denial is always present. It's karmic links are Taurus North Node: commitment to money, values and security with the South Node in Scorpio: the past lingers and will eventually not being able to hide its secrets. (A common Scorpio thread).


The strongest planet in aspect during 2013 is natal Uranus in Aries at 4 degrees. The Cycle of Uranus returning back to its original birth place at the liberating age of 84 is being observed by more individuals as the population is growing 'older'. However, we also notice people have experienced enough at this illuminated age where Freedom allows them to move on to other places...


Now, the no longer Pope was born on April 16, 1927 and follow this Uranus Cycle within a close orb. Five months ago a Nodal transit shows those secrets from the past being unraveled. We will not know the whole truth, but the fragile health that the Pope chose as his reason to resign could be considered a  justified cause. It is his nerves that stirred his inner sense of fairness (He is born an Aries with a Libra Moon - seeking justice), and his outer image chosing Freedom rather than be part of the crisis Uranus is causing. Uranus personality is revolution, unusual events, explosions and uncertainty. It is a Liberating motion when we allow the unpredictable planet to show his true message. Freedom for all!


...and why did he choose the Vatican's Birth Date of February 11 , 1929 to resign on February 11, 2013? Only he - or God/Goddess knows that! We don't! May God bless him for standing up for his rights - and perhaps some more individuals now have the right and courage to tell their stories and the liberating truth!!!



The Moon's Nodes - Understanding the Dynamic Ties that Bind.


Agneta's specialty, The Moon's Nodes implies the Moon's path intersecting with the path of the Sun. When the Moon's Nodes move within a close orb , a New or Full Moon Eclipse occur. Eclipses occurs most of the time four or six times a year. Two Eclipses will occur during May of 2013. We will explore more of the meaning and beneficial aspects Eclipses may bring into our lives in our next AstroShamanic Newsletter. Let me just mention May 25 as a special conclusion of the last 2 years eclipse season that travelled in Gemini/Sagittarius. These Eclipses move Westward out of this series, so those Gemini and Sagittarius individuals that feel exhausted, like to focus better, benefit from a health fast, starting a exercise routine, either begin or finish that infamous book; get started now and see the benefits that Eclipses bring - not much time left... For those that are interested in the Sun, Moon and Eclipses, make sure to buy Agneta's new book The Moon's Node - Understanding the Ties that Bind!

Go to: or at


Happy Equinox! Enjoy! Smile - God and the Goddess are watching you...


"He who loves does not dispute:

He who disputes does not love."

 Lao Tzu                   

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