PTO/WMS Newsletter - June 2015
“Adolescence can be a reminder of how most parents feel unappreciated most of the time, tending to the needs of a young person who doesn't want such tending to. "Leave me alone!" "I don't want to talk about it!" "You never let me do anything!" "You're always on my case!" "Why do I have to!" "I'll do it later!”
Dr. Carl E. Pickhardt – Psychology Today

Dear WMS Families:

Day to day you might not always hear as many words of love and praise from your middle schooler as you deserve. In a time of life often filled with angst and turmoil, it can feel to parents like they have suddenly been cast as the enemy in an adolescent play. As students push boundaries and try on different identities, they may neglect to communicate their deeply felt appreciation for their parents and guardians. I want to assure you that your children do value you, even if they sometimes hide it well. I have proof.  I surveyed our Wayland Middle School student body and collected a myriad of answers to the prompt, “Tell me one thing you appreciate about your parent(s) or guardian(s).” Here is a sample of what WMS children had to say:

“I love when my mom double wraps my fruit to make sure the juice doesn't spill, and always gives me a delicious lunch.”

“I love when I come home from school, and my mom hears me open the door, and yells ‘Hi!’ in her really cheery voice, to me and my brother!”

“I love my mom because she is always there to talk and listen to me. She is always willing to adjust her needs and wants so she can fulfill mine.”

“I love when my dad takes me and my dog for a walk, and we usually talk about stuff that's happening at school. It helps me let off steam by talking about things.”

“I appreciate my mom's willingness to give me advice on friends and school, even when I don't ask for it.”

“I love that my parents always trust I'll make the right decision.”

“When I am having trouble with math, my dad will always sit down with me and help me out, no matter how long it takes.”

“I love it when my mom helps me study for a upcoming test or quiz, because I know that she has learned all the things I have to study, so she knows what she is talking about.”

“I appreciate my mother’s help with getting important components for projects like the quiz board project.”

“My dad always cheers me on, on the sports field and in the classroom. He's great encouragement for everything I do, and never lets me give up or give anything but my best effort.”

“Whenever I am grumpy or anything my dad knows what will cheer me up. Whether it's going to lunch, shopping at my favorite sporting goods store, or just exercising, he always helps me feel better.”

“I love to sing with my mom. Whether it's belting out the lyrics to "Let it Go," or humming a classical tune, we are singing and giving our all!”

“I love when my parents play soccer with me in the front yard!”

“Some Fridays my mom gathers my family together and we order food in and watch a movie together. It's always fun when she plans these because it is nice to spend time as a family.”

“I enjoy helping my mom bake... especially cookies-- mmmm, yum! She's always patient, even when I forget to start the oven, or when I spill flour everywhere. We laugh through it all, and lick our fingers continuously. It's delicious, enthralling, and filled with laughter!”

“I love to go running around the neighborhood with my dad. We race from one driveway, to the next. I never get tired of the fun time we have together when running-- well, except for the wave of exhaustion that comes from the actual running part.”

“I appreciate it so much how my mom picks me up after school sports everyday ALL YEAR LONG. It's saved me a ton of walking :)”

“I love how I can look up to them and they are such good role models.”

While they may not always tell you, you are their sounding boards, their cheerleaders, their support structures, and their role models. They truly enjoy spending time with you.  Your children notice both the big things and the little details of life that you make possible. 

On behalf of the staff I would like to convey how much we, like your children, appreciate your partnership in this educational journey. Wayland is an amazingly supportive community that values education and the hard work of teachers.  I would like to give a special shout out to the PTO and their many volunteering and fundraising efforts that enrich our school.  An extra special thank you to our PTO executive board, Peg Trentini, Sharon Burke, Carla Stafford, Amy Simmons, and Alexia Obar.  Cathy Scholtz has also played an invaluable role in setting up monthly Middle and More Parent Coffees. Additionally, our School Council has been a fabulous sounding board this year.  Finally, I’d like to thank the Wayland Public School Foundation, who, like the PTO, has dedicated countless hours to fund the innovative ideas of teachers.  I wish all of you a fabulous summer vacation filled with a little more time to talk, bake, run, shop, sing, or play soccer in the front yard with your middle schoolers.

Betsy Gavron

WMS Library News
Teen Library Advisory Celebration
At the year's closing Teen Library Advisory meeting, students brainstormed a great slate of activities for next year. The TLAB is a collaboration between the WMS and WHS libraries and the WPL. We look forward to welcoming incoming 6th graders in the fall and to seeing the familiar faces of new and returning WMS and WHS students! Thank you to the Student Transportation Department and the Friends of the Wayland Public Library for their support of the Wayland Teen Library Advisory Group! Thank you to the students who participated for making the year such a success, and for their continued help in implementing the WPL's LTSA Grant for the new Wayland Public Library Young Adult Area. Check it out over the summer!
Got Books? Please help return them!
As the end of the year is arriving, it's time to make sure that all library materials are accounted for so that we will be able to enjoy their use again in the fall. Students receive weekly e-mail summaries of checked out materials. Please also check with your student as to any additional library notices that he/she has been receiving. All materials due before June must be cleared for students to participate in end of year activities or outings and to receive yearbooks. If material is missing, we can help you and your student make arrangements to replace it with appropriate funds (checks only) or a replacement copy, refunding costs if the book is then found. At the close of the school year, all outstanding materials will then be billed. We look forward to working together to accommodate individual situations as we make sure that the collection is ready for the new school year.

Summer Reading
Summer means even more time for pleasure reading! WMS  summer reading information  can be found on the WMS website. If you are traveling, or your student prefers ebooks and audiobooks, WMS library and WPL multiformat resources can be found  on the library website , including links to download free iOS and Android apps. Click on these links for lists of WMS streaming  ebooks  or  audiobooks  or access them via the apps. A special thank you to the Wayland Public Schools Foundation for their generous investment in the WMS library's growing audiobook collection last year.

Leave a Legacy:  Honor a student or teacher by donating a book to the WMS Library 
Continue your connection to WMS after your student has left for the summer. Are you looking for a way to honor a student or teacher? Consider the library's Leave a Legacy program. For print titles, a bookplate indicating the honoree is placed in each title, and he or she will be notified of your thoughtfulness. Books are selected from highly reviewed sources and may be fiction or nonfiction. Checks for $20 payable to Wayland Middle School should be directed to the library.    

From the Wayland Public Library 
Percy Jackson Party
Tuesday, July 21 from 3 p.m. to 5 pm.
Wayland Public Library.
Come to Camp Half Blood!  There will be games, crafts, trivia contests, prizes and treats!  Lots of fun for all you Percy Jackson fans...
Teens are welcome! If you are interested in volunteer hours to help plan and/or set up crafts and games, contact Youth Services librarian Pam McCuen:  or call at  508-358-2308 .
Last Day of School
June 22
1:10PM Dismissal

Absence Notification Reminder
We hope and expect all students to be in school on our last day - June 22. However, we realize that this year's 4 school cancellation make-up days may run into prepaid family vacations or camp plans. If your child will not be in school on June 22, PLEASE be sure to notify us. No need to wait - you can notify us right now by sending an email to Many thanks!

Dismissing Before 1:10PM?
We have a special program and schedule on 6/22 as we celebrate the last day of school. If you must dismiss your child early (before 1:10PM) be sure to send your child to school with a dismissal note as it will be too disruptive to locate students by page over the intercom system. Thank you!
Stop & Shop A+ Rewards

AMAZING! $4,182.61 Raised for WMS this school year. Thank you so much to our registered shoppers!

This is a great fund raiser as our students don't need to buy or sell anything! Parents just "register" their Stop & Shop cards and do their normal grocery shopping. The Stop & Shop A+ rewards program will start back up in October 2015!
Upcoming Events .

ALL Grades
6/15 & 6/16 Book Swap
6/22: 2:00PM DEADLINE to pickup medication from nurse
6/22: Lost & found items donated to charity at 2:00PM
6/22: Last Day for Students, 1:10 Dismissal

Grade 6
6/17: Turn in Chromebooks
6/18: G6 Social, 2:30-4:00PM

Grade 7
6/16: Turn in Chromebooks
6/17: G7, Roller Kingdom Trip, 2 to 5PM

Grade 8
6/18: Turn in Chromebooks & Chargers
6/19:  G8 Step-up Day at WHS, 12:30 - 2:00PM
6/19: G8 Kimballs Trip, 2:30 - 8:30PM
Artist of the Week
Kate Maietta
Title: "Lake George"
Medium:  Acrylic
"I painted Lake George because it's a very special place for me. I've been going there my whole life with my family. I get to see friends there that I only see in the summer."
PTO News
PTO News

It is tradition to host a "Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast" at this time of year.  Had I been on my game a few months ago, I would have asked the wonderful Cathy Scholz, the coordinator of the Middle and More Coffees, if we could combine our event with her April or May Coffee.  I neglected to do that.  I apologize.  I had hoped to pull together a morning next week to host an event, but after speaking with a wise WMS mother and avid volunteer herself - she noted that this time of year is so hectic - that likely very few volunteers would attend.  I know that your time is precious - and at this time of year -- it seems like every minute of the day is otherwise obligated.  To that end, I would like to take this very moment in which you are reading this - to thank you - the legions of people - parents, guardians, grandparents, friends -- who volunteered in all sorts of ways this year for WMS.  So many of you volunteered behind the scenes, in the middle of the scenes and directing the scenes.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I would also like to thank the PTO Board - Sharon Burke (Vice President), Carla Stafford (Treasurer), Amy Simmons (Secretary) and Alexia Obar (Ways and Means).  Thank you for putting up with me.  Thank you for our spirited conversations, your teamwork, your ideas, your energy and your consistency.  Thank you for our meetings over lunch, our meetings in Betsy's office, our phone calls, emails and more.  We all learned along the way and I'm proud (and thankful) that you were by my side.  

I wish you all a restful summer season where hopefully you can rejuvenate and connect with your families.  We look forward to connecting with you again in the fall.  

Peg Trentini
PTO President
Important Reminders
(from previous emails)
Check List for Students/Parents
All Grades

  1. Locate and return overdue school library books. Pay fines.
  2. Locate and return overdue classroom library books (marked on spine with either "ELA" or the teacher's name).
  3. Return Chromebooks (see instructions below).
  4. Locate and return academic textbooks. Lose your textbook? Replacement costs can be found here. Make your check payable to Wayland Middle School and give to subject teacher.
  5. Check our lost & found for missing items. Remaining items will be donated to charity at 2:00 on June 22.
  6. Pay any outstanding Food Services balances.
  7. Parents - Pick up medications from the school nurse by 2:00 p.m. on June 22.
  8. Register for the school bus before fees increase on June 22.
8th Grade Parents
Chromebook & Charger Returns
June 18

8th grade Students' Chromebooks and power chargers will be collected in homeroom on Thursday, 6/18. If your child has lost the charger then please send him/her with a check for $42 made out to Wayland Middle School. This is the price we will be charged by the vendor to replace it. 

Students must remove all decals or stickers they applied to the device, leaving only the name label and the green inventory tag. Families paid for the cases as part of the initial fee and are yours to keep. They are too small for the High School's Macbook Air computers, unfortunately, but they can be useful for tablets or other electronic devices you may have at home. 

The High School's website was recently updated with  laptop 1:1 payment information  for next year.  Click on the Laptop Distribution Schedule link at the left of the site for training/pickup dates in August and September. 

6th & 7th Grade Parents
Chromebook Returns
June 16 - 7th Grade; June 17 - 6th Grade

End of 2014-2015 Year:
Students must turn in their Chromebooks during homeroom on  Tuesday, 6/16 for 7th grade and on  Wednesday, 6/17  for 6th grade. 

Power chargers and cases are to remain at home over the summer. If you need an additional power charger,  here is a link for purchase

Please have students remove any stickers they applied to the device, keeping the name label and the green inventory tag.  Decals made specifically for computers are OK as long as the name and inventory tag are visible. 

Usage Fee for 2015-2016: 
Next year we are asking families to  pay $31 for the usage fee  (which still includes the Securly home filtering program). We have decided to contract with Worth Ave Insurance Company to handle repairs as they can both extend the warranty for one more year and provide comprehensive accidental coverage, including liquid damage (see attached).  This also includes damage to the power adapter. The fee does not cover theft (which did not happen this year) or lost device (only one device this year) and power charger (unknown).  It's a great deal!

We are strongly suggesting that all families signup for this program.  The Chromebook program has been very successful this year as all students had the access they needed both in and out of the classroom. Not surprisingly, this year's experience has shown that many unintentional accidents, drops and spills happened.  The insurance option will provide peace of mind at a relatively low cost.  If you elect not to participate then families will be responsible for any damage done to the device, which will be out of warranty.  The school will need  a liability waiver signed  so we know you understand this aspect of the program. 

Payment should be made by August 1st  You will need to know your student's ID number, which is their lunch code and printed on their report card (and in iPass). This is the preferred payment method. 

Or, physical checks can be made out to Wayland Public Schools and mailed to:
Leisha Simon
Wayland Public Schools
41 Chochituate Road
Wayland, MA 01778

Please include STUDENT NAME, ID and GRADE on the check.

If you need financial assistance: 

The Chromebooks will be re-deployed to students at school via homeroom in September.  They will receive the same device. We will require each family to sign the  agreement page  and AUP at that time. 

The PTO will be offering a new online option for purchasing school supplies (info coming soon). A different type of Chromebook case will be available from this site and students can opt to get one if they prefer that style. 
Pick Up Meds from Nurse
All Grades
Deadline 2:00 pm on June 22
Just a reminder that all prescription and over-the-counter medications must be picked up by 2:00 p.m. on Monday, June 22.  Your child may pick up his or her epipen and/or albuterol inhaler on your behalf. Be sure to instruct your child to stop by the school nurse before the end of the school day on Monday.  All other medications must be picked up by a parent or designated adult.

We are required to destroy all medications/devices not picked up by the deadline. Questions? Contact Nurse Marcia Nims at 508-655-6670 x1104.
6th Grade Parents
Health Physicals Due
Just a reminder to send your child’s most recent physical exam to me so that I may have time to enter your child’s information into their medical record before the start of 7th grade.  If your child has an upcoming appointment for his/her physical, please forward the documentation to me as soon as you receive it. Thank you in advance for your assistance. ~ Nurse Marcia Nims  

Summer Math Packets
All Grades

Through the years many parents have asked what can be done over the summer to maintain skills and develop mathematical thinking. The Middle School math teachers have created a practice packet calendar to help your child retain his/her skills and to provide valuable practice over the summer. See the Summer Math page for details. 

We NEED Your Feedback Please!
Survey Open through June 23

Thank you to the 114 parents who have taken our WMS survey so far. If you haven't done so yet, would you kindly take a few minutes to complete our 2015 WMS Parent Survey so we can benefit from your experiences. We so appreciate your time and your feedback!  ~ The WMS Faculty & Staff