August 4, 2012                                                                                          Volume 2 Issue 30             
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Modern warfare has spawned a contingent of modern war correspondents. David Axe can rightfully be included among those reporters schooled in MRAPs, iPads, drones and IEDs. He's one of many, and it's his perspective that makes him valuable... MORE 

contractor A new report by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction provides some detail and insight into the human toll of reconstruction and stabilization efforts in Iraq. That toll is easiest seen in contractor casualties. But unfortunately, the numbers are likely an under representation of the sacrifices made. ... MORE 

Since the Aurora, Colorado shooting,, the company that sold the shooter some of his gear, has been cursed, berated, and threatened. The distributor, however, is not at fault. A statement by the company's CEO attempts to clear the muddied waters... MORE
NCOcourse The Sergeant's Course of the Staff Noncommissioned Officers Academy aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton puts future officers through the gamut of what they'll need to know to lead their fellow soldiers. From Corps traditions and military history to combat operations, the course steels the officers for their roles... MORE
syrain rebels 2 Earlier this week, fake reports of Syrian rebels suffering setbacks were published on the Reuters blogging platform. The infiltration underscores the nature of cyber news. Though the posts were deleted, the blog was compromised and temporarily shutdown...  MORE
In Other News...  secret service

A report released Friday sheds light on the Secret Service prostitution debacle.

 The COVRT series of bags from 5.11 should be part of every officer's kit.

Florida-based Tactical Revolution has developed armor plates that attach to a rifle and are supposed to protect a soldier's head from incoming fire.

The Military Channel is launching a new series on the war reporting of correspondent Tom Brokaw, called 'The Brokaw Files.'

This iPhone case by Yellow Jacket is a 650,000-watt stun gun.

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