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November brought BYS a little bit of very great news. Read on to find out what.
November also brought the BYS Annual General Meeting on the 22nd. BYS Committee of Management grew by three members, so now includes:
  • Kristie Clifton - Chair, welcome back KC!
  • Michael Goldberg - Secretary, welcome back MG!
  • Ian Leggo - Treasurer, welcome back IG!
  • Mark Smith - General Member, welcome back MS!
  • Kirra Pendergast - Vice-President, welcome aboard KP!
  • Patrick Lorenz - General Member, welcome aboard PL!
  • Martyn Mills - General Member, welcome aboard MM!
Thank you to MC for their volunteer service to BYS and to the youth of Byron Shire.
In store for December is the Girls Group and <in.scribe> mural installation at Suffolk Park on the 2nd, the Hospitality & Events Management student-organised and catered YAC FUNraiser on the 3rd, the Byron Flea Market on the 10th. BYS school-based programs will be on hiatus for the holidays but keep an eye out for our schedule of Holiday Program Activities for young people.
And now the great news: BYS was again donated a very generous sum from The Flannery Foundation. These unrestricted funds allow us to run programs that are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of young people in the Byron Shire community, and so are very welcome.
The second great news is that BYS won the Links to Learning tender for 2017 to 2019. This is a wonderful and lucrative program that will allow BYS to engage two youth workers and several community facilitators to support up to 90 young people in years 9 and 10 at Mullumbimby and Byron Bay High Schools. A survey of this group of young people last July ensures that we know what life and soft-skills are relevant to them, to enhance their confidence, their competence to transition to adulthood, to build strong community relationships, and importantly, to increase their skills for successful engagement in school. Partnerships with several community agencies will further enhance the experience of young participants.
On behalf of all BYS staff and Committee of Management, we'd like to wish our friends and supporters a very wonderful and safe holiday season. Be well, keep grounded and remember to give a smile of encouragement to the young people in your life.

From all of us @ BYS

Byron: 6685 7777
Mullum: 6684 3086

Latest News

Thank you to all the students, artists, volunteers, supporters, media and the community for all your wonderful energy and generosity! 
 Support for BYS

(Photo taken by Jonathan Miller)
Deb Pearse, John Callanan & Stephanie Sims receiving a grant from NRCF for
Indigenous and non-Indigenous girls program  called Nalia Dubay. Thank you NRCF! 

Thank you to Walter from Suffolk Park Pharmacy for the generous donation of $1000!  

Thank you to Byron Farmers Market for donating $1000!

Thank you to Kali Jade & Rhyece O'Neill from Pop Crimes Festival who generously donated $200 from the raffle. 

Welcome to the NEW BYS Management Committee

Kristie Clifton - Chairperson
Kirra Pendergast - Vice Chairperson
Michael Goldberg - Secretary
Ian Leggo - Treasurer
Mark Smith - Member
Patrick Lorenz - Member
Martyn Mills - Member
Teeya Blatt - Manager

Please click  BYS Annual Report 2016 and check out what we've been up in 2016! 

Mullum Cottage
It's been a huge and creative year at BYS Mullumbimby Cottage and we all now looking forward to a break in summer holidays.
We will be back again next year with some new ideas and programs. Next year will see a focus on earlier intervention and as such  the planning with Mullumbimby High is around doing two Year 8 girls group and continuing with the new Year 8 boys group. As  one of the teachers said 'that's where it starts to change in year 8, the influence of peers, hormonal changes and an increase in pressures'.
The current year 9 girls group will continue with activities, support, group work and information on a range of issues relevant to  local young people.
We will also be running the Nalia Dubay girls group for Indigenous and non-Indigenous girls made possible for some funding from  NRCF.

I've added some comments in this newsletter that I hope will give some feeling and insight into why the work BYS does is so important.
Parent ' I am all for girls group and especially  as a growing teen to have other people to chat with etc'
Young person 'I'm going through some things at the moment and I really need some help ... I really need someone to talk to'.
Young person ' I don't know I feel so upset I don't know why? I just feel like curling up and crying forever. I'm just feeling really alone'
Young person 'I love girls group because it allows me time to breathe' and  'It gives me space and allows me to be creative, which releases bottled up feelings'

It will be my great joy coupled with some sadness to hold a dinner with all the Year 10 young people finishing at the Cottage this year,  we will celebrate their many accomplishments, not the least being completing Year 10 and they will receive certificates to acknowledge  the two years they've spent attending programs at the Cottage.

An amazingly creative end to the year for the Year 9 girls who've been working on a clay 'families' project.
Dale Shaddick is assisting them to do a little movie using their models. Wonderful to watch how that has evolved, the discussions  and the many laughs.

One of the abiding rituals at the Cottage is the acknowledgement of completion by writing names and the year on the walls  of the Cottage, sometimes along with a small mural and always with some laminated photos.

The Year 10 boys group have really enjoyed the work they do with Rick Newman. They've learnt a lot about teamwork, self defence,  healthy living, boundaries, respect and have been able to work on some of their anger and stress issues in a safe but physical way.

A beautiful last memento being created on the Cottage verandah by one of the Year 10 girls groups. 

The young people pictured are some of the participants of Year 10 groups who have completed year 10 exams & two years in programs at the Cottage. For those who could make it, we had a celebratory meal together & they all received certificates!

Positive Education at the BCC

It has been a productive year for students and staff at the Byron Community Campus. With two weeks remaining until the end of the school term students are busy completing learning activities to successfully complete their courses. We have welcomed twelve students over the school year. Some have accessed the support weekly while others have attended on a needs basis. This term students have participated in a PDHPE Mini School which included a lighthouse walk and a barbeque at Wategos. The group also joined with the Mullumbimby Centre students for a guided tour of The Farm, organised by Youth Worker, Dale Shaddick.

BCC Students and staff have appreciated the additional support provided by the caring BYS staff. The educational opportunities and various events held at the YAC have been invaluable in providing  students with additional activities to help them feel connected to the local community. 

The Farm Excursion
The Southern Cross School Distance Education students had a fabulous day out at The Farm at Byron Bay this week.  Given a first class tour by the straight talking General Manager, Johnno, the kids patted a charismatic baby highland cow, were introduced to some happy pigs, learnt about sustainable and ethical farming and pulled fresh carrots from the well loved earth.  It was a fantastic learning experience and insight into a wonderful business.  Many thanks go out to the generosity of The Farm owners and staff who gave up their time for young people in the Byron Shire!


Work & Development Order (WDO)
The Work and Development Order (WDO) Scheme is an initiative that offers vulnerable young people (aged 12-24) the opportunity to clear outstanding fines with activities at the Byron Youth Service like unpaid/volunteer work, counselling, & participation in courses or programs.
WDOs are available to anyone who is homeless or in acute financial hardship, as well as people living with mental illness, intellectual disability, cognitive impairment or serious addiction.
Byron Youth Service is working together with Legal Aid NSW and the Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW) to link eligible clients with the program.
For more information call BYS on 6685 7777.

BYT are celebrating the great news that they are recipients of yet another Northern Rivers Community Foundation (NRCF) Grant as well as a Country Arts Support Program (CASP), Regional Arts NSW for 2 new productions in 2017.
"Here Today" will highlight the complex issues of youth suicide while providing information and awareness of how to prevent it.  Director Lisa Apostolides is extremely grateful to NRCF for continuing to recognise the importance of BYT's work in our local community.  " This grant will enable us to create a total new production as well as hold a panel discussion and community forum. Youth Suicide has become a major issue and is currently the number one killer of our young people.  BYT will connect with organisations to gain information, data, resources and tools to bring awareness to our young people and community members.  It will be very challenging for us to create a play on this but we're up for it" comments Lisa.  They will also receive some additional funds from the Southern Cross Credit Union as they made it to the top 5 in the Community Grants selection out of over 35 organisations.
CASP funding will go to create a new piece called "Sheltered".   This production will expose the issues faced by young people who become homeless. "It is something most people wouldn't think is an issue here in Byron region, but it exists and there are young people suffering. Having recently done our production on domestic and family violence we were made very aware that a parent and their children can easily become homeless while fleeing an unsafe environment or end up losing their home when their current income is affected. We intend to bring awareness to this and advocate for more accommodation to be provided. It will certainly address issues of affordable housing for local people" shares BYT member Brynn Davis Hay.

"Broken" their most recent production on DV has attracted much media attention and admiration from school students, staff and community members. BYT delivered 8 performances of this extremely powerful linear play written by Director Lisa Apostolides to stunned audiences. The project also engaged Myla Yeoman ( aged 19) as graphic designer of the dramatic flyer and back drop, Corinna Greenhill( 19) as part of the set design, Harry OMeara (18) sound and lighting technician, Sam Watson ( 23) sound designer and Sam Hemphill a local professional actor as the perpetrator playing opposite Lisa Apostolides as the victim. The couple's tragic DV story was heightened by the inclusion of the character "Daniel" played by Seth Freeman as Lisa's son and showed the devastating effects of how these issues can impact on so many other people. These characters were played by Serren Glenn, Kia Wasley, Brynn Davis Hay, Tilka Fosmale and new comer Lae-Ella Sinniah. BYT wish to express their deep gratitude to all who assisted them with this production and in particular Neroli Jager from the Women's Resource Centre.

BYT members Jess Lu and Georgia Conechado will be joining Lisa at Woodford Folk Fesitval this year doing childrens workshops titled "Try A Little BYT". Company members will also be invovled in a film project in January 2017 about what it's like to grow up as a teenager in Byron Bay. This has been made possible by a Small Change grant from Byron Council.

Parenting Teens Program

BYS has partnered with Byron High over the last two months to deliver an interesting & fun evidence-based Parenting Teens Program. Outcomes have been very positive with 12 parents participated in 8 group sessions held at the BBHS Library.  The facilitated groups led to some robust discussions with parents sharing ideas & experiences in a safe supported setting.


Youth Voices

Ebony Ashworth - 16 - Hospitality & Events Management Student  

1. What has been the best experience in your life?
Being supported by youth workers.

2. What inspires you?
My boyfriend.
3. What would you like to see happen in Byron Bay?
Get rid of paid parking.

4. When do you think a person becomes an adult and how?
When they find themselves and acquire some life experiences.

5. What do you believe in?
That people can change.

6. What would you like to change in the world?
Equality throughout all countries.

7. What's important in a relationship?

Courses - Programs - Activities 




Coffee image 
13th December
4 to 7pm
 Ages 15 to 24
Byron Youth Activity Centre
1 Gilmore Crescent Byron Bay
To book a place call Steffie on 6685 7777

Thank you to Byron Bay Coffee Co for donating coffee for our courses!










The Safer Learner Driver Course is a combined theoretical and practical Course for under 25 year-old learner drivers who have completed 50 hours of log book driving hours. The Course involves two Modules:

  • Module one: A three-hour facilitated group discussion on how to manage risks on the road. This will involve a maximum of twelve participants and will be delivered by a facilitator.
  • Module two: A two-hour in-vehicle coaching session to develop low-risk driving strategies. This will involve two participants and a coach.

Participants who complete the course will receive a bonus of 20 hours credit recorded in their learner driver log book.



  • BYS is an RMS authorised Course Provider
  • The Course costs a total of $140 for both modules.
  • Participants may enjoy completing the Course with a friend particularly for the in-vehicle session. 
  • For more information please contact:
Steffie on 6685 7777 or email
or book directly

Next Module 1 Courses @ the YAC:  
Wednesday 1st & 8th February 2017 - 4.30pm to 7.30pm 

Outreach Program


Cruising the Byron Shire on Friday nights from 8pm till 12am.  







for allowing us to park the bus on their property!  


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Byron Youth Service Team

Management Committee 2016

Kristie Clifton                            Chairperson
Kirra Pendergast                 Vice Chairperson
Michael Goldberg                           Secretary
Ian Leggo                                    Treasurer
 Mark Smith                                    Member  
Martyn Mills                                   Member
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                       Berri Drum                                  Byron Flea Coordinator                          
Dale Shaddick                 Education Support Youth Worker 
Lindy Lou Smith       Hospitality/Events Course Coordinator
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