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Happy Leap Year!

Even with the extra day of February, it seems like the semester is flying by! We hope that you all have a fun and safe spring break, and that your low supplies are well stocked with leftover valentines day candy :)


Happy Bolusing!

Christina Roth 

Founder & President 

College Diabetes Network
New Chapters!

We are excited to announce that students at Western University Canada & University of Cincinnati are now creating CDN chapters!

New Partners!


We are excited to announce that we have partnered with, an online type 1 diabetes babysitting resource which connects families with babysitters experienced with type 1 diabetes. Safesittings was founded by Kim Ross who is now a recent college graduate herself.  Through our partnership, we are excited to provide our members with access to Safesittings, through which they can find local babysitting opportunities (talk about job security!)


For more information, check out their website:


**CDN is not liable for any interactions which may occur as a result of individuals' experience with Safesittings or any other partner organization.


Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance (JDCA)


JDCA was founded in 2006 and is a 501c3 non-profit with the sole purpose of directing donor contributions to the charitable organizations that are the most effective at allocating funds to research opportunities that maximize chances of curing type 1 diabetes by 2025. They look forward to collaborating with CDN.


For more information, check out their website:

Job Opportunity!
Ayogo is looking for product managers and community managers to help refine their products for the non-profit communities they work with. Ideally, you will have a business, marketing, research or technology background; be experienced in working with the non-profit community; and have first-hand experience with diabetes (in your personal or professional life). You will also need to be comfortable working remotely (or be interested in relocating to Vancouver), and have experience with startups. In order to be a successful candidate for either position, you will need to be fluent with Twitter, Facebook, forums, etc.
For more information, check out their website:


Volunteers Needed!

Riding on Insulin is a non-profit whose mission is to provide international ski and snowboarding camps for kids with type 1 and type 2 diabetes with an emphasis on how to manage blood sugars where altitude, climate and humidity all play a role. Riding on Insulin camps are for youth (ages 7-17) with type 1 diabetes, as well as their siblings. Volunteers are always needed! 


For more information, check out their website: