Season's Greetings - Success Stories

We are so proud of Kathryn, Roudy and Debbie-Ann for fulfilling their dreams. Kathryn received her associate degree in human services and is now a peer instructor. Roudy left Haiti only four years ago and next year will graduate from Community College of Philadelphia. Debbie-Ann, who did data entry for the Jamaican government, recently received her GED while caring for her two young children. Read their stories below. 

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Kathryn Kenny 
Graduate and Peer Instructor

Kathryn Kenny's loss of hearing did not prevent her from being on the dean's list and obtaining her associate degree in human services, and becoming a peer instructor.  After obtaining her high school diploma at age 17, she realized later in life, when she turned 45 years old, that she  needed to refresh her skills in reading and math in order to get a college degree. 

Roudy Metellus:  From Student to Tutor

Roudy Metellus, 26, left Haiti four years ago, dreaming of a better education, an accounting degree, and a business of his own. He speaks Creole and French, and knew he needed help with his English.  Roudy spent three months in CFL's ESL classes, where his teacher Mitch helped him with vocabulary and English grammar, and spent time every week of the last two years reading aloud with Center for Literacy (CFL) tutor Sarah, who helped him with his spoken English. 

Debbie-Ann Powell Drayton   She Keeps Learning

Debbie-Ann Powell Drayton wants to learn and work. In Jamaica she garnered certificates in sales, accounting, entrepreneurial skills, and PC mechanics, and worked for five years doing data entry for the Jamaican National Government.  When she came to the United States from Jamaica she realized that while she spoke English she had to speak very slowly for people to understand her. 

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