Adrian Lewis (on left) went up one reading level in six months thanks to instructor Mark Edmonds (on right).
Not Able to Read  

The ten words were broken into syllables for the students in Mark Edmond's Beginning Adult Basic Education (ABE) reading class at Center for Literacy (CFL). The ten students were able to pronounce and define difficult words with Mark's assistance: bilingual, receptivity, loquacious, alabaster, fiduciary, constipation, stimulation, inferior, fluorescent and matricide. "You need a game plan when you see a new word. Sound it out, break it into syllables. You can read anything if you have a game plan," advised Mark....
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It Took Five Years 
When Ashleigh Wright completed the last of four subject areas, in math, on her GED® test she believed she didn't pass. After taking the test, she looked on-line for her score which was 145. A bit frustrated, she thought that she needed five more points to pass.

Then she received a call six months later from her mom telling her that her high school diploma had arrived in the mail from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. She couldn't believe it and asked her mom to prove it by sending her a photo of the diploma...
ESL and Math
The federally-funded Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) will soon require that teachers assist immigrants and English language learners to go beyond acquiring skills in reading, writing, speaking and comprehension - and include math. Teaching math to ESL students is now part of the implementation of College and Career Readiness Standards that reflect broad agreement about what adult learners need to know to be prepared for postsecondary education/training and the workplace.

Our own Maribel Ojeda, data manager, is leading the effort in Pennsylvania, providing professional development for ESL teachers and teachers who are preparing students for the High School Equivalency Exams...

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Adult Literacy Hearing
On May 11, CFL tutor coordinator Vann Delaine (on left) and student Fred Richardson (on right) traveled to Harrisburg to attend the Senate Education Committee's hearing on adult literacy. Opening remarks were given by Chairman Sen. Lloyd Smucker, a Republican representing Lancaster and York counties, who emphasized the transformational impact of adult literacy programs...  

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In Memory of Ronnie
We recently lost someone who was committed to our mission as well as her students. Marian "Ronnie" Colcher was a tutor with us for over five years. The student, Judy Grant, with whom she met during most of her tenure and to whom she was very committed, became her friend and confidante. Ronnie was very friendly and easygoing. She believed very strongly in being a force for making a difference in the world of adult literacy. She will be missed very much...

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