"Working to support people affected by Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease,
 by providing information and funding research"

December Update!

Well, the move into our new office has gone as well as expected!  It's been hard work getting the new place ready, co-ordinating the builder, electrician, carpet fitters and telephones.  Its sort of worked, but even the best laid plans don't always go to plan! 

We had a last minute change to the telephone number given to us, which meant we had to delay the broadband installation.  It's was almost two and a half weeks, but finally - last Friday (11th) the broadband was connected!  But now, of course, it's interfering with the phone line (we think) so until it's sorted, please ring us on the 0800 number (below!)

It's all good fun....!  Remind me not to move offices EVER again!

So all that's left is for me to wish you all a Happy Christmas and Great New Year!  The office is open all over the holiday period, except for Christmas Eve and the Bank Holidays, of course, but only from 10am to 1pm. 


New address

So here are our new contact details:

CMT United Kingdom
3 Groveley Road
BH23 3HB

Telephone: 01202 474203 or 0800 652 6312


Karen  -  karen@cmtuk.org.uk
Kim and Yvonne  - cmt.office@cmt.org.uk or enquiries@cmt.org.uk  (yes it's right that there's no extra "uk" in the email address)
Lisa (accounts)  -  lisa.yeates@cmtuk.org.uk (back from maternity leave in January)

Run a Marathon!

Samantha, pictured here, ran the Big Fun Run (5K) in Leeds in August for us, but we know that some of you like more of a challenge, or that you have supportive relatives, friends or colleagues who would like to run Marathons for us.

So for 2016, we've acquired places in the Great Edinburgh Run, Great Manchester Run, Great South Run and Great North Run, in addition to places in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival and Bournemouth Marathon Festival.

All the details can be found on our website at http://cmt.org.uk/fundraising/run-a-marathon/
You can also download our brand new "Running Guide 2016" to find out even more!

If you'd like to reserve a place, we only have five in each of the "Great Runs" so it's a matter of first come, first served.  Just email me at the usual address.

New Awareness Cards

At our recent meeting with our Advisers, one of the neurologists asked for a small card that she could quickly hand to newly diagnosed individuals, giving brief contact details for the organisation, as it would be easier than finding a full-blown flyer.

Well, we thought this was a brilliant idea, so we've had some created and 2000 were delivered a couple of weeks ago! 

If you would like a little bundle to hand to your consultant, physiotherapist or any other kind of medical professional, so that they can hand them out to others, just email us at enquiries@cmt.org.uk and we'll pop some in the post for you.  They're business card sized, so very easily kept handy!

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