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Class of 2011 Reveals Important Career Info for the Class of 2012

We've been surveying the class of 2011 and some of the results should be helpful to the class of 2012.


Question: Class of 2011 - How long did it take you to find your job?


18 % -- while enrolled at the university

17% -- upon graduation

28% -- within three months after graduation

22% -- within six months after graduation

10% -- over six months after graduation


Job searching takes time; plan a 3-6 month campaign to find work in your field. Our suggestion - use the 120 day rule - work back 120 days from when you want to start working and commence your campaign on that date (i.e., employment date, August 1; campaign start, April 1).   


Question: Class of 2011 - How did you find your job?


35% -- Networking

29% -- Internet Listing (craigslist.com, hireculture.org, idealist.org, indeed.com, ihirementalhealth.com, linkedin.com, monster.com, yahoo.com, suffolk.experience.com,Mass. State website, company site, etc.)

13% -- CS/CE or Suffolk Resource (co-op/internship, suffolk.experience.com, Suffolk Job Fair, Suffolk networking event, etc.)

10% -- Placement Agency

9% -- Initiated Direct Contact with Employer


The results suggest conducting a campaign that is broad-based and relies on multiple strategies being utilized simultaneously - that's the fastest, most efficient way to find work sooner rather than later.  


Improving Job Market Still Challenging    

Paul Tanklefsky (right) of Career Services  and Jim Klocke, discussing job opportunities for students 

All signs are that the job market is improving -- encouraging news for graduating seniors. At the recent Senior Career Summit, Jim Klocke, Executive Vice President of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce indicated that virtually every industry sector has seen some level of job growth in the past 12 months. With New England's industry mix the envy of many parts of the country, there are lots of places to look for employment.
So there is reason for optimism, but not complacency - it will still take time, determination, and diligence. There's an old adage which accurately reflects the time and energy that goes into a job search, "Finding a job is a full-time job."

Advice to Seniors - Follow the six "P's"

.Be Positive - employers will connect and establish rapport with a candidate who has an optimistic disposition and can-do attitude. It may sound trite, but it's true.  

.Be Prepared - do your due diligence and homework before meeting with employers -- know what the kind of work you're seeking; develop a targeted resume; research the employer, the industry, and competitors; and match your credentials/experience/skills to the job description.

.Be Precise - be very specific about the work you are seeking, the particular credentials you bring to the position and be prepared to offer examples

.Be Proactive - run a multi-faceted campaign that includes taking the initiative to outreach to employers and contacts. And capitalize on professional associations in your field to build your network, enhance your industry knowledge, and uncover job leads.

.Be Persistent - keep your eyes on the prize until you realize your goal. Expect a 3-6 month campaign, a grueling 26.2 mile marathon rather than an easy 100 yard sprint. That first job after college is the toughest job you'll ever have to find so stay committed to the plan and don't give up prematurely.

.Be Persuasive - establish a compelling case to employers, linking your background, skills, and experience, with the job requirements. Revise and hone the language you use in the words and terms specific to your industry of interest.   

Must Use Resources

* Job Choices 2012  (www.jobchoicesonline.com) - Answers to everything you need to know to be successful in your job search.   


* Job Search Handbook  (Download pdf)  - Includes strategies and specific resources for your campaign including 150+ resources and professional associations by career field, a listing of employment agencies, job search networking groups, etc.


* www.suffolk.experience.com Our on-line "jobs" platform for full-time positions, co-ops, and internships. To set up an account, use our password token, "madrid."   


* Career Search - Web access to millions of employers and key contacts in the United States and internationally. Search by industry of interest/college major and location. Register at www.careersearch.net.  Use access code "rams."  


* Industry Reports Top Employers in MA : Top Employers list in Massachusetts - we've identified the top 25 employers in 40+ industries. 

Individual Appointments Making a Difference

Feedback from students following an appointment with one of our career counselors reveals a lot of positive things going on. Here's the data based on a 1-5 scale (1=least helpful, 5=most helpful)


Overall satisfaction with appointment:                                     4.5

Attentiveness and responsiveness of counselor:                     4.6

Information & resources provided by counselor:                    4.5


Most importantly, the resources, services, and counselors remain available to you after you've graduated.


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