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Spring 2013
Tree Art Series
A Rabbit Story
Sacred Vessels
Divine Energies
Dear Art Friends,

Wishing you a Happy Spring and hope your days are filled with lots of love, happiness and color. 

I invite you to read through my newsletter and view some of the new work I have created.  With the recent arrival of our new twin grandbabies I have had to rethink my "art time".  

Every artist knows sharing your artwork is a great undertaking and I have made the administrative decision with myself that I would rather spend my time creating vs. promoting.  With that being said I have embarked on the social networking world to share my work.

In this endeavor I found that not only is it doable from a time standpoint but it has reaped rewards in  feedback and in establishing a dialogue with other artists and art lovers as well.

The beauty of sharing my work with you via the internet is I get to share with you the stories and the inspiration behind the work.  To me that is a very most important part of what I do.

Aristotle said, "The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."

I invite you to drop into my blog
"A Spiritual Journey through Art" which enables me to give a voice to the "inward significance" of my work.
 I hope you will also look me up on Facebook and share my work with your friends. I, in turn, would be happy to reciprocate.  You know what they say, word of mouth is the best advertisement or in this case, word of internet!
Let me know how you find this newsletter or any of my art sites. I would love "talking art" with you!

Peace and Harmony,


Tree Art 
The Tree Art Gallery was born from a spontaneous urge and has opened the door to just another theme that i can explore in the "vessels" series. 

 Have you hugged a tree today? No seriously....I had the strongest urge the other day to hug the silver maple in my yard as i walked by it to my studio. It's just the perfect size. I wrapped my arms around it. Put my forehead against its strong body. Felt its roots draw my feet under. It was the most amazing sensation. So grounded, safe, strong. This could be addicting, said I!! and then i went into my studio and made some tree art! View all six pieces at

A Rabbit Story....
One night I had a dream about a white rabbit with wings. I never dream about animals. So i asked my friend who has an animal interpretation book what that might mean. Here is her reply:

In the animal deck a rabbit signifies fear. Rabbit medicine people call their fears in so they can learn from them. the essential thing to be learned here is: what you resist will persist!! ( this is the third time that saying came to me in a week!) What you fear most is what you will become.

Rid yourself of any negative feelings and if you feel the need, burrow into a safe space to nurture yourself.

White signifies Spirit, wings can indicate angelic beings.

So i went into the studio and created my dream.
Sacred Vessels 
While my recent series "Divine Vessels" honors the "containers" of our energies,  Sacred Vessels attempts to honor the "transporters" of these energies as well as the energies themselves.  The concept is to illustrate the "un-illustrative"....light, energy, portals, pathways, water, flow, ebb, breath, wisdom, and all the ways art nourishes the spiritual, emotional and physical realms of our existence through abstracted shapes and a symbolic palette.
Divine Energies

This gallery of work was actually a precursor to my Divine Vessels series.  At the time I knew I wanted to go somewhere with this theme but didn't know where ....or how.  These twelve works visually define the process of the Divine Vessels before they were born. Sort of a                                            pregnant stage....


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