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                 August - 2017
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As we approach the start of a new school year, we would like to focus this month's newsletter on data security and privacy.

Please read below for helpful information and tips on maintaining data privacy and security.
Also, check out our latest schedule of RTI Edge and Medicaid Claiming demos.
Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
Including student names in emails?
ClearTrack 200 and RTI Edge offer districts options to maintain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) . Each district has a system default option to include the student name in emails. We highly recommend setting the option to Include student ID instead.
Another secure option for e-mailing is to enable emailing of the agenda as a secure PDF attachment. This will allow student names to appear in the agenda while the .pdf is password protected. The secure PDF will require users to enter a password when viewing student information.
Highlighted Reports of the Month
smartphone_notebook.jpg User Student Security Report
Run this report to verify which users have access to which students! From Security, select users and then click Functions | User Student Security Report.

The report displays the name of the User, and all student's they have access to.  The report displays:  Student name; ID, DOB, Gender, Disability, Grade, and School with a total number of students for each user.  If the user has full access to all students, the report will display:  "Full Student Access".

User Modules Report
Run this report from Security | Functions | User Modules Report to see what screens users have access to.
Tip of the Month 
helpful_tips_abstract.jpg Review Security for Staff
It is that time of year again to review system security for all active users in your ClearTrack 200 and RTI Edge applications. Below is a list of helpful reminders to ensure your systems are ready for the start of school:
  • Inactivate all users that have left the district, if this has not been done through out the school year. This will ensure that staff can no longer log into the system. This can be easily done from Security by selecting all staff that have left and then select Functions | Mass Inactivate Users
  • Change user passwords automatically by setting the systm default, 'Force all Users to change their password every x amount of days'. To force all users to change their passwords automatically every 90 days, then enter 90 in the system default option.
  • If you choose not to force users to change passwords every so many days automatically, we highly recommend forcing them at the start of school. To force all users to change their passwords once in the system, from security, select all users and then select Functions | Mass Assign User Settings and select the option 'Force user to change password on next login'.
  • PDF security can be controlled per user to require a password and allow printing of PDF documents, such as an IEP. To set this option for users, again select the users from security, then select Functions | Mass Assign User Settings and select the PDF security option and set the desired preference.
  • If you ever want to see who has access to a specific student, go to Utilities | View Current Student Security Settings.
Upcoming Conferences - We hope to see you, if you are attending!
NYSCOSS - September 24 and 25
If you or someone from your district are attending the NYSCOSS Fall Leadership Summit at the Saratoga Hilton and Saratoga Springs City Center on September 24 and 25, stop by booth #51 to learn what's new and coming with our software. Be sure to ask about our Medicaid Service Bureau and how it can save your district money. 

MORIC Technology Showcase - October 12
Attending the MORIC Technology Showcase at Vernon Downs, Vernon, NY? If so, be sure to visit our booth.
SAANYS - October 22
If you or someone from your district are attending the SAANYS Annual Conference at the Otesaga Resort in Cooperstown, stop by our booth to learn more about ClearTrack 200 and RTI Edge.

Medicaid Service Bureau
Medicaid Eligibility has been added to ClearTrack Medicaid Billing Calendar.  The calendar can be found in Medicaid Reports | ClearTrack MSB Billing Calendar.
Upcoming Demos
Minimize Compliance Risks while Maximizing Medicaid Reimbursements
Sign up for a Medicaid Claiming demo today to learn how ClearTrack 200 can maximize your school-based Medicaid reimbursements. The Medicaid claiming module is included with ClearTrack, which means there is no additional cost for the claiming software. ClearTrack will act as your Medicaid Service Bureau.

Response to Intervention Data Management with One Easy-To-Use Solution

Sign up for an RTI Edge demonstration to learn how your district can benefit with an all-inclusive response to intervention management system that tracks all students' universal screening data, other assessments, progress monitoring, interventions, goals, and RTI team meetings/agendas and minutes. All data is stored in one location with easy access to all historical data.