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 Issue #20

August 2011 

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The Importance of Hydration 


Many people do not realize they are dehydrated. If we rely on our "thirst mechanism" we are already dehydrated. Check out these interesting facts:

  • 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated
  • 37% of Americans have thirst mechanisms so weak it is mistaken for hunger
  • Body cannot make or store water.

When we dehydrate we lose water, sodium, potassium and chloride. Here are some tips to staying hydrated, especially as the heat and humidity soar.

  • Drink 8-10 cups of water per day based on age, physical condition, activity level and climate.
  • When you exercise, remember to....
    • Hydrate with 17-20 oz. - 2 hours prior to exercise
    • During exercise 7-10 oz. every 15-20 minutes
    • The best liquid to hydrate with is WATER! If you exercise intensely for 1 hour or more, then hydrate with a sports drink.
    • Always listen to what your body is telling you.

So how can you find out if your body is dehydrated? Schedule a FREE appointment with our Fitness Assessment Department and we can measure your body's % hydration.





Zumba Song of the Month 


Fitness Pointe -
Fitness Pointe -



Recipe of the Month

Banana-Blueberry Buttermilk Bread

(Also can be made into muffins)

Blueberry is a natural and rich source of antioxidants. Because of the high antioxidant content, dietary fiber and other nutrients,

Click to View Recipe

blueberry is known to have great health benefits. Several researches indicate blueberry's potential anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. It may also delay or prevent onset of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases such as memory loss and Alzheimer's disease. Health benefits of blueberry may be explained by the capacity of its antioxidants to scavenge free-radicals which are causes for age-related human diseases.


SpaPointe Specials


August is Back to School Time!


Brocato Liter Sale...up to 46% off!

Only while supplies last.


Maintain that summer glow...10% off "Ultimate Body Glow Self-Tan Treatment"


Get Ready for School...

10% off "Children" or "Teens" Hair Cut


50 % off with one Adult Hair Cut

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All service offers expire August 31, 2011

Not valid with other offers or discounts



Group Exercise News


Group Exercise Fitness Bingo is coming the week of August 21-27...Take various land/aqua classes and complete a 'bingo' to win fun prizes! Information and rules will be posted throughout the facility.


The month of September will debut our

1st annual Group Exercise Class 'pool party'. More information will be posted during the month of august. This 'fun' day will be filled with music, games and refreshments.



Congratulations to our second annual tour de pointe winners: the following members completed all 7 stages and will receive a tour de pointe t-shirt: Joe Boton, Jennifer Camplin, Pattie Dobin, Ginny Miceli, Angela Miceli, Vasantha Palaniappan. Congratulations!

The following are daily 'stage' prize winners:

stage 1: Gunnar Carlson;

stage 2:  Diana Rangel;

stage 3:  Chrystal Solola;

 stage 4:  Stephan Kondrat;

stage 5:  April Vandermeyden;

stage 6:  Deb Smith;

stage 7: Teri Kasmark.

Congratulations! Prizes/t-shirt can be picked up at the fitness desk the week of august 1st.


The next Group Exericse schedule change will tentatively be the week of September 11th. Stay tuned for our exciting new schedule.

Exercise of the Month


Face Pull - this is an excellent exercise for developing the low and middle trapezius, as well as the external rotators of the shoulder. 


Fitness Pointe Face
Fitness Pointe Face


Personal Trainer Spotlight

Shannon Fillion 

Shannon Fillion


     *A.A.S. Health & Fitness
     *ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Specialty Areas:
    *General Strength & Cardiovascular
     *Muscle Tone


     *Personal Trainer since 2008
Training Philosophy:
     *To motivate clients beyond what they believe to be their limits and to challenge them to stick to their goals so that they can achieve a healthy lifestyle.




Now that summer is in full swing, so is the harvesting of those tasty and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Although there is no potion or magic pill that can help you manage your weight, ingesting fruits and veggies are powerful foods that can help tremendously. What makes them your weight management magic?


Fruits and Vegetables:

  • Lower your total calorie intake, since they are lower in calories per ounce or per cup
  • Help you feel full and satisfied due to their higher fiber content
  • Are nutrient dense and give you the most 'bang' for your buck (i.e. high in vitamins and minerals)

Tips for Increasing Your Fruit & Vegetable Consumption:

  • Start by adding one additional serving of fruits and vegetables to your daily food intake.
  • Track your servings and make mindful choices to eat a colorful array of these 'good for you' foods.
  • Expand your taste buds and try a new fruit or vegetable.
  • Aim for a greater intake of vegetables than fruits, due to fruits generally contain more natural sugar and calories than veggies 

So, this week, instead of grabbing the burger, brats, and dogs off the grill, head over the nearest fruit and veggie tray and dig in... Make sure you keep the 'dipping' to a minimum and enjoy the feast!


In fitness and health,


Coach Kate

For personal consultations on your lifestyle choices and changes, Coached Weight Loss or the new DietMaster Pro Menu Planning service at Fitness Pointe, contact Kate Fairbairn @ 219-934-2835 mail box #452