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Community Hospital Fitness Pointe NewsletterIssue #18
June 2011 
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SpaPonte & Hair Studio



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Hair Stylist!


Spa Pointe is looking for an experienced, enthusiastic Hair Stylist to add to its team. Refer someone for the position and if he or she is hired, you will receive a free haircut by that Stylist every 4-6 weeks for an entire year!

(Other conditions apply; see or call
Spa Pointe for complete details)


Spa Pointe & Hair Studio






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Song of the Month - Zumba Mami

Zumba Mami

2nd Annual Zumba Party

Coming Soon!

June 25! Keep a look out for more details! 


Exercise of the Month

The Pilates Swan

 - Benefits: The swan stretches the abdominals and hip flexors. It strengthens the abdominals, back and shoulders as well as inner thighs, pelvic floor and hamstrings. 


The Pilates Curl-Down

 - Benefits: The curl-down strengthens the abdominals. It also increases the flexibility in the spine and hip flexors.


Pilates Swan and Curl
Pilates Swan and Curl
Personal Training Spotlight 
Melissa Pillarella

Melissa Pillarella  Credentials: *BFA in dance from University of Illinois Champaign, Urbana
*Zumba Certified
 Specialty Areas: *Pilates, Flexibility, creating long lean muscles and improving posture.
 Experience: *Taught Dance, group fitness for years and studies Alexander technique for posture improvement.
*Experienced in Pilates and have a strong yoga background
 Training Philosophy: *I believe in training the body in a wholistic way; working on strength while improving flexibility to create long lean muscles with a wide range of motion. Focusing on fitness can improve all aspects of your life and it all starts with effective posture and learning how to move efficiently.

Group Exercise News

Heat Up Your Summer...With NEW Group Exercise Classes!!!

Fitness Pointe has turned up the heat in the Group Exercise Department with some great new Summer offerings.  Check out these new workouts, as they'll help keep your workouts fresh and motivate you  to exercise all summer long.  For a complete Summer Group Exercise Schedule with class descriptions visit (Group Exercise tab).  Class schedules are also available at Fitness Pointe.


                1:00pm  Yogilates with Melissa

                4:00 Pilates for Core with Melissa

                4:30 Zumba I with Melissa

                5:30 Outdoor Fitness with Sherman


                9:45 Totally Toned Arms with Lilia

                11:00 Belly Dance with Katie

                6:00 Outdoor Fitness with Kathy


                4:00 Pilates for Bottoms with Melissa

                4:30 Zumba I with Melissa

                5:30 Outdoor Fitness with Sherman

                7:00 Zumba I with Leslie/Melissa

                7:30 Zumba II with Leslie/Melissa


                9:45 Better Bottoms with Lilia

                5:00 Zumba II with Leslie


                11:00 Zumba I with Melissa


                9:00 Outdoor Fitness with Jessica


Your Opinion Counts....

With all the new classes, we're looking to hear from regarding  your level of satisfaction with our SUMMER offerings.  Class/Instructor comment cards are available by the Group Exercise Bulletin Board.  If you'd like a return call from the Group Exercise Coordinator, kindly leave your name & number and we'll get back to you. In addition, we'd like to remind you that Fitness Pointe comment and suggestion boxes are available at the front desk, fitness desk, both locker rooms, and outside the Group Exercise Studio.  Thank you for your feedback.  


Free Lecture 
Getting the Most From Your Fitness Pointe Membership

Are you new to the facility? or Just haven't discovered all that we have to offer you here. Come and listen to one of our Fitness Staff at our Free lecture with tips and advice. Discounts are available for attendees.


Monday, June 27 at 11:00am


Wednesday, june 29 at 6:00pm

Recipe of the Month

Scrambled Egg Burritos


Breakfast burrito
Click to view recipe 

These zesty Southwestern egg burritos are always a hit whether you serve them for breakfast, brunch, lunch or a casual dinner. The homemade black bean salsa adds a special touch, but these are extra-quick if you use your favorite jarred salsa.

Coming Soon! 

July -

         Tour De Pointe - A member Incentive program featuring Indoor Cycling workouts

         Summer Training  Institute

o   This TWO MONTH program offers members an opportunity to take advantage of 'specialty' workouts at a nominal price.  You ONLY pay for the classes you attend...try one, try them all.  This program is a sure way to keep your workouts fresh and challenging...

  Specialty Workouts

         Equipment Based Pilates (in Pilates Pointe)



         Self Defense

         Much more


August -

         Fitness Bingo - A member incentive program featuring our Group Exercise Land & Aqua classes




Summer is an interesting time of year regarding weight loss.  You can either lose or gain weight.  You would think that everyone naturally loses weight because of increased physical activity like yard work, gardening, sports and other activities such as bike riding, walking and hiking.  Many delicious summer fruits and vegetables are more plentiful and available at a reasonable cost.

So why do some gain weight or not lose during the summer months?

Our nutritional choices can have an impact on this.  How?  Think about those family and neighborhood get togethers that feature high calorie, fatty foods like potato and macaroni salads, hamburgers, hot dogs, brats and chips.  What do we follow this up with?  Pop, beer, or wine.  Finally, dessert, cakes, ice cream sundaes and more.  And portion size..............just a little more please!

During the week, sitting out on the deck or in the backyard with a snack and a glass of wine or beer?  A perfect wind down to the hectic day.

So, what is a person to do?  Stay in all summer? Not socialize with friends and family?  Become a hermit?

 No, think substitution and moderation.  How about an activity prior to the meal or a walk afterwards?

Watch portion size when choosing high calorie foods.  Use your plate as your guide with � loaded with fresh vegetables/fruits, � lean proteins, and � whole grains (includes starchy vegetable in this section). Pick fresh fruits for dessert.

Enjoy those wonderful fresh summer salads, but watch those high calorie, high fat dressings and add ons like cheese, croutons, bacon bits.

Rotate each calorie beverage you drink with an equal amount of water. Use a slice for fresh lemon, lime or cucumber in your ice water for a little zip to your drink.  Use a nice goblet glass for this.


Focus on the social aspect of the event.  Enjoy healthy food and beverage choices and you will be healthier, happier, and in better body composition when the leaf raking season begins this fall.

In fitness and health,

Coach Kate

For personal consultations on your lifestyle choices and changesand/or Coached Weight Loss service at Fitness Pointe, contact Kate Fairbairn at 219-934-2835 mailbox #452