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Please join us for the Land Trust's 

10th Anniversary Benefit

 Friday, September
30th, 2011
 5:30 pm - 9 pm
Trinity Commons Hall
2230 Euclid Ave.


We'll be celebrating the merger with Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland and 10 years of land trust development in Greater Cleveland.


Proceeds from the event will be used to support the work of the Land Trust Program at NHSGC.

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Marge Misak

Land Trust Program Director

Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland 

5700 Broadway Ave.

Cleveland, OH 44127




Land Trust Board and Members Vote to Merge with Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland

On August 22, the Board of Trustees and the Members of the Community Land Trust of Greater Cleveland voted unanimously to approve our merger with Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland. The merger was also approved unanimously by the board of NHSGC and will take effect in early September.


The Land Trust will become a program of NHSGC, and Marge Misak, Executive Director of CLTGC, will join the staff of NHSGC as Land Trust Program Director. Several CLTGC board members are also joining the NHSGC board, adding to the new organization's capacity to help build a better future for Greater Cleveland.

The Land Trust board, in the merger process, had two important goals in mind:

1. Protecting and supporting current Land Trust homeowners;

2. Expanding the ability of the Land Trust to increase the number of Land Trust homes and other uses of the Land Trust in the future.

We believe those goals will be met as part of NHSGC. Initial projections for land trust development as part of NHSGC include the addition of 5 houses to the land trust program in the first 2 years.

Neighborhood Housing Services and the Community Land Trust have long shared a mission to strengthen Greater Cleveland through sustainable homeownership.  Read more...

From the director... 

With the merger, I'm stepping down from my role as executive director of the Community Land Trust of Greater Cleveland...and into my new role as Land Trust Program Director at Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland.  The Land Trust's merger with NHSGC is a great opportunity to solidify the foundation we've built over the past 10 years.  Even in the challenging housing markets in Greater Cleveland, we see opportunities to expand the number of land trust homes, and in that process, expand opportunities for successful, sustainable homeownership. 


From the organizing committee for the land trust 10 years ago at Ohio City Near West Development Corporation (now Ohio City Inc.) to the merger task force of the boards of the Land Trust and NHSGC, many committed individuals have worked hard to support the land trust mission.  Hundreds of individual donors and members have demonstrated their support.  I ask you to stay with us in the transition to NHSGC - and join us at our 10th Anniversary Benefit and beyond!


I especially thank the seven Land Trust homeowners who initially bought into what was then an untested way of buying a house in Greater Cleveland (though nationally, it's a proven model).  Your persistence in these tough economic times is an inspiration to me.   


My new contact information is below.  I invite potential homebuyers, partners and supporters to get in touch.


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Marge Misak 

216.458.4663 ext 334