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February 17, 2013

When I was in my 20s I went through a six year period where I suffered from what was called "chronic fatigue syndrome". I was run down, depressed, got flus and colds all the time and generally felt miserable. It was not until I came across a Chinese doctor who taught me about a concept of health called regeneration and that I put into action his advice that I recovered my health. 

Since recovering my health I switched careers from the practice of Law to the practice of natural healing. I have always believed that we can regenerate our bodies through proper diet, rest, nutritional support, detoxification and other natural healing modalities and I am always on the look out for new ways to optimize regeneration. 

In this newsletter and video blog I talk about a wonderful nutritional supplement called Laminine which I have seen support regeneration more quickly and effectively than any in my 15 year career in natural healing. 

James Jordan, CNC, JD 
Create Vibrant Health
Supporting your body's natural capacity to heal and regenerate with potent stem cell activators called fibroblast growth factors. 
Laminine and Regeneration
Laminine and Regeneration

The fact is that our bodies are constantly regenerating new cells and tissues. When we are younger the rate and efficiency of regeneration is optimal and as we age, in the vast majority of cases, this efficiency slows down. Disease and ultimately death occur when we can not regenerate tissue fast enough for vital organs such as heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc. 
What has been known for many years is that our body has reserves of stem cells which can be programmed to regenerate different tissues in the body. Everything from muscle, connective tissue, nerve, liver, heart, blood vessel and brain tissue - all these are capable of being repaired and restored to optimal function. 
What is the missing element in this regenerative process? If we eat healthy and take high quality whole food nutritional supplements we should get the necessary building blocks including amino acids and fatty acids as well as the fuel source (carbohydrates, fats) and micro-nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other phyto-nutrients. 
The missing element in the equation is something called "protein signalling molecules" which instruct these dormant stem cells to activate and regenerate damaged tissue - wherever it is most needed in the body. 
Laminine is a protein supplement containing a wide array of unique proteins including, "fibroblast growth factor" which operate as signalling molecules in your body when you consume the product. For more details on how Laminine works in the body Click Here. 
In my clients I have observed significant improvements in the following areas of health: sleep quality, energy, recovery from exercise, reduced pain, faster healing from injuries, intestinal disorders, mood imbalances including depression and anxiety and many more. 
Some people will experience a re-tracing phase when taking Laminine in which they will experience symptoms such as headaches, aches and fatigue. If this does occur, it will pass in a few days if you increase your water intake and/or make adjustments in your diet and Laminine dosage. 
If you are not taking Laminine as a supportive supplement in your nutrition program and would like to order it directly from the manufacturer at wholesale contact my office at 541.482.2250 or by email at 
If you are a healthcare practitioner, health and wellness coach, or are involved in representing health and wellness products and want to make Laminine available to your patients, clients or customers contact my office for details on how to get started. 

Wishing you a healthy, prosperous 2013,

James Jordan, CNC, JD
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Laminine and Regeneration
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"I have been battling with serious insomnia for the past 4-5 years ...My adrenals have gotten exhausted and stress has weighed me down so much and add to that sleep deprivation. I mentioned all this to Jim and he suggested this new product called Laminine. I began to take the product immediately and about a week to 10 days into it noticed myself able to fall asleep and stay asleep for a prolonged period of time and then I realized that I was getting some real deep sleep because I started feeling so much better, rested and uplifted. It felt like a miracle, the new me was coming forth. ... It has helped me enormously!! I look forward to continuing to take it and experience all the other amazing benefits this product offers.  Thank you so much Jim Jordan! "


Raquel Iturbe



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