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OCTOBER Newsletter 2017

"We are not just teaching our students to be great dancers, we are also teaching them to be great people" 

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Adult Series
Monday 9:00 to 10:00 am
Wed. 4:30 to 5:30 pm
Friday 9:00 to 10:00 am  

Adult Barre
9/19 - 11/6
Tuesday 6:45-7:30
Adult Tap
Tuesday 6:45-7:30

Adult Conditioning
Tuesday 6:45-7:30
We have booked the 2018 showcase at Lehighton Area High School.  The  date of the showcase is Sunday June 3, 2018.  
Students scheduled on
Monday and Tuesday: Evening showcase at 4:00
Students scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday: Matinee showcase at 1:00
Dress rehearsal is Saturday June 2, 2017. 
Please mark your calendars. 
All students must be at dress rehearsal to participate in the show.      
Recital tickets will go on sale and be available online in April at
This year's recital theme is "Be the Change" Once again we will have beautiful costumes, beautiful lighting and a show you will be proud to bring your friends and family to...guaranteed!  
AWARDS will be presented at a special studio banquet to give students more recognition for their accomplishments and achievements. Our Awards banquet is Thursday May 3, 2018 at the Mahoning Valley Country Club.  
Kim Semmel : Owner/CEO/Artistic Director
Brittany Semmel
Co-Artistic Director/Acrobatics Director 
Mike Semmel:
CFO/Office Manager

Sue Borger: 
Front Desk

Professional staff:
Tara Wentz
Krysti Klotz   
Madeline Ligenza
Lynai Miller  
Krista Miller 
Jennifer Behan  
Teacher Assistants:
Brianna Holtzer
Jordyn Zwetolitz
Studio Office Hours
Monday - 4:00 to 7:30
Tuesday - 4:30 to 7:30
Wednesday - 4:30 to 8:00
Thursday - 5:00 to 8:00
Saturday - By Appointment
Sunday - By Appointment 

Parking is available in front of the studio. Parking is also available on the corner of Fourth and Alum.  (This lot is big enough to accommodate everyone.)  The parking lot in the rear of the studio is for teachers and staff only.  Thank You. Please respect the parking areas in front of our neighbor's homes.  
Palmerton and Lehighton Halloween Parade!  
Mark your calendars dancers and be sure to support these events! Students are asked to wear the DWK warm-ups or DWK logo wear. 
Our studio will be participating in the: 
 26th Annual Palmerton Halloween Parade (Oct. 15)
  47th Annual Lehighton Halloween Parade (Oct. 21)
Line up at 3:30
Parade start at 4:00  
for both parades. 


Any Dancer who achieves  three flat splits will be in our honorary Banana Split club!  A bulletin board in our lobby will display all of our split club member names who will be awarded a split club metal at our award banquet as well as a coupon for free ice cream from our friends at Corner Cone in Lehighton! Achieving three flat splits just got a little sweeter!

Dancers Of the Month
SEPTEMBER:  Sophie Thigpen, Jordyn Negley, Sophia Maslanka, Zoe Rodgers, Gia Lorenzo, MaKenna Jacobs & Julia Kupillas

Happy Fall!   
Let the dancing begin! 
Costume measurements and selections are now complete.  Class costume reveals will be late October. Please see Ms. Sue if you missed your class costume reveal. The costume book with all of your showcase details are listed. It includes price & required shoes.  
Tights and garment bags are included!!  
Mark your calendars dancers and be sure to support these events!  The Palmerton Halloween Parade is Sunday October 15th and the Lehighton Halloween parade is Saturday October 21st. Both parades bring the community together and we are honored to be a part of both events!   We will be dancing in the streets and our tiny dancers are welcome to join the fun as they lead in the DWK wagon brigade. Don't forget to decorate your wagon or stroller.   Students are asked to wear the DWK warm -ups or DWK logo wear. If you do not currently have the logo wear, anything Blue or White will do.  To order your NEW DWK sparkle warm up, please click the link below. We have a new online store! Return by the Deadline October 12th. for Christmas delivery.     
Hair buns boring?   
Not at DWK!   
October 9th through the 12th!

We have had some original and unique creations last season including elephants,  pumpkins, turkeys, puppy dogs and more!  The staff and I can't wait to see the ideas you come up with this year.  Please don't forget that you need to be able to dance with your creation.  Prizes to be awarded with the grand prize winning a basket full of hair products.
We are excited to announce that we have officially expanded to three spacious studios with locker rooms and an additional student waiting area!  We added a new baby changing area and NEW DANCE CAM for parents and students to watch all three  studios simultaneously.
NOTE: Pictures or videos of dance classes, routines, or any choreography cannot be displayed on social media without the express written consent of Kimberly Semmel. Thank you!       
Dance Shoe fittings!
Dance shoes too small? The next complimentary shoe sizing will be October 2nd through the 5th in the front lobby before or after your regularly scheduled 
class time. 
We have class!
DWK will have class Monday October 9th, Columbus Day.
We are CLOSED Oct. 25th!   
We will close for Lehighton Trick or Treat Night.
How do I sign up for the Daddy/Daughter Dance?
Dads, stepdads, grandfathers and/ or other significant men in the dancers lives, will now register through Signup Genius.  Families will receive notification through email.  The Sign up deadline is October 26, 2017.  The cost to participate is $99 (Includes rehearsals, dress rehearsal,dancers costume, tights and dads tie)  
Additional sibling cost is $65. 
The participation fee is non refundable.  Your specific rehearsal times are listed on the Daddy/Daughter email.  Thank you for your interest.  This number is a hit at our showcase each year. 
2018 DWK T-Shirt on Sale! 
Our 2018 season T-Shirts are now available to pre-order! The shirts are available in hot pink or grey and in round neck or V-neck style. We are also offering grey hoodies!
Order forms are available at the front desk.  Deadline is October 12th  for holiday orders.
(pricing includes name on back) 
Shirts $20-$23 
Hoodies $35-$38

At DWK we go to great lengths to keep you informed and up to date.  
*You will receive the "Dancers Pointe" monthly newsletter e-mailed to you. It is our goal to make your dance journey the best it can be.  This newsletter is just one of the ways we can make your "DWK experience" organized and exciting.  
*Facebook, Instagram, Website and Lobby displays.
*"Production Handbook" - printed and available at the front desk in a beautiful parent/student information folder.  
*Questions - We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your dancer or our programs.  Let us know if we can help in anyway! 
A Friendly note from our business office...
Please remember that families who have registered online will have registration & class payments deducted by the first of each month. Please see Ms. Sue if other payment arrangements need to be made.  
Questions?  Please call our business office at     610-377-4884
Class Payments  
All done electronically!  Tuition is easily deducted by the 1st of each month.  No late fees, no need to rush to the studio to deliver your tuition payment.  Life just got a little easier! If you prefer not to do electronic payments, you still have the option to pay annually or provide a series of post dated checks for the season. Payments are due by the 1st of each month for your discounted tuition.  10% will be added after the 1st unless prior payment arrangements are made and fulfilled.   
We will gladly honor yearly discounts if paid on or before September 1st.Thank you!    
Costume Fundraisers
If you wish to participate in the Pizza Como ticket costume fundraiser or the Rosa's Holiday pie fundraiser, information will be available at the start of fall classes or by clicking the link below. Rosa's Pies are delivered to the DWK studio Sunday November 19, just in time for the holiday. Money is earned toward your account balance for every pizza or pie sold.  Students earn $2 on every pie or pizza sold.  Fundraisers are not mandatory. 

Kimberly Semmel and Brittany Semmel 
Dance with Kim School of Performing Arts