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  December 12, 2016

Houston City Council Member Greg Travis

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To our friends and neighbors in District G:
L to R: Kathleen Osborne, Scheduler & Constituent Liaison; Council Member Greg Travis; Sallie Alcorn, Chief of Staff; Mark F. Kirschke, Director of Constituent Services & Communications 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Season's Greetings from Council Member Travis and all of the District G staff. We hope you get to enjoy the holidays with friends and family and that all of your days are merry and bright.
We wish you the happiest of holidays and much peace, joy and prosperity in the New Year!
My Visit to the USS Nimitz (CVN 68)
Recently, my girlfriend Julie and I were fortunate enough to be selected as Distinguished Visitors aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier the USS Nimitz (CVN 68).  The USS Nimitz is a super carrier, one of ten aircraft carriers in the United States Navy.  When we embarked, the carrier was patrolling and conducting training exercises out in the Pacific.  We were very thrilled and honored to be invited as only around 900 civilians are invited each year to partake in these exercises.  Our visit, which I covered at my own personal expense, consisted of two days aboard the carrier  We worked, slept and ate with the crew.  I know the questions being mulled in your minds and yes, the answer is we did indeed do a carrier landing and a catapult take-off from the carrier and lived to see another day.  In fact, they gave us a certificate which attests to the fact that we survived.  You might think this was the thrill of the entire trip, and it was indeed thrilling, especially for someone who flew in the Air Force and had a full 5,000 to 10,000 feet of runway to land upon.  However, the biggest thrill was meeting the crew.  We talked to everyone from the Commander of the USS Nimitz (Captain John Ring) to the Seaman Recruits.
It was this interaction that was the most exhilarating part of the trip.  I always knew America had good people in abundance, but onboard the Nimitz, it is definitely obvious.  There is no one working eight hour shifts--they are all on 16-18 hour days.  Everyone takes pride in their job, no matter how mundane it might appear to an outsider.  Everyone has a role to play and they are all important to the mission.  For example, one crewman I met was a Master Chief who has served 14 years so far in the Navy--and his job, sole job, was to make sure the toilets function properly.  While an important job, it is even more important when you think that he is doing that on a ship that is only 1000 feet long and 250 feet wide, with almost 5,000 people living onboard every day.  Think about that--5,000 people living in an area about three football fields long.  Without proper sanitation, you will have 5,000 very sick people who cannot complete their mission, the mission of keeping us safe here at home. 
The Master Chief loves his country very much and is proud to be serving.  What is even more amazing is that this man very much loves and misses his family who live 1000 miles away.  We might not know it, but they certainly do, when one serves, they all serve.  His wife, a first grade teacher is serving because she is essentially raising three kids by herself.  The three children are serving since they must go through life without their father.  The stress this puts on their life is immense.  And yet, he is happy to serve and his family, while they miss him, are proud of his service.  The stories he told about his family and the way his face lit up when he talked about them said everything I needed to know.  It is no wonder that his two oldest are Boy Scouts soon to be Eagle Scouts.
I started thinking about this ship--a mini-city out in the middle of the ocean, and I got to think about us here in Houston.  Our city has a number of dedicated people doing sometimes mundane, but important jobs. Without them, this city would not and could not function properly.  We don't always see them or what they are doing, but we do see the results, and we certainly would notice their absence. Next time you see a city employee, go up and tell them that you appreciate their service too.
Some final thoughts---whatever might come our way in foreign affairs or world unrest, I will sleep well.  I have seen our people.  I have seen them in action.  I know their hearts and I know their heads and I can say that no matter what comes their way or our way, we are well protected.  We are well served. 
Please join me during the holidays in keeping our military personnel in your thoughts and prayers.
Greg Travis
New Department Heads Confirmed by City Council

On November 30, 2016, City Council voted to approve three new department directors. Art Acevedo is Houston's new chief of police. He served as Austin's police chief since 2007 and began his 30-year police career as a field patrol officer in East Los Angeles. Acevedo speaks fluent Spanish and holds a bachelor's degree in public administration from the University of La Verne and is a graduate of the FBI's National Executive Institute. Acevedo will oversee the Houston Police Department's 5,200 officers and $811 million annual budget.
Samuel Pena will take over as chief of the Houston Fire Department on December 19, 2016. Pena comes to Houston from El Paso where he has been chief since 2013. He joined the El Paso Fire Department in 1995 and has experience as a fire fighter, paramedic, media spokesperson, advanced medical coordinator, combined search and rescue team member, hazardous materials and special rescue task force member and academy training chief. He holds a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and a master's degree in business administration from the University of Texas at El Paso. He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force where he served for four years as an air control specialist. Pena, who also speaks fluent Spanish, will oversee the Houston Fire Department's 4,200 fire fighters and $504 million annual budget.
Tom McCasland will serve as the director of the Housing and Community Development Department where he has been serving as interim director since July. He previously was the chief executive officer for the Harris County Housing Authority and also has experience working for the Bayou Greenways 2020 project and for Vinson & Elkins LLP. He has a law degree from Yale University, a master's degree from Baylor and a bachelor's degree from Hobe Sound Bible College. The Housing and Community Development Department administers over $100 million annually in various federal, state and local programs aimed at providing affordable housing and improving neighborhoods, parks and communities in low- and moderate-income areas.

On December 7, 2016, City Council voted to confirm J. Elaine Marshall as the Presiding Judge of the Houston Municipal Courts. Judge Marshall was first appointed a municipal court judge in 1987.  She assumed the position of associate presiding judge in 2014 and is responsible for supervising more than 20 full time judges and court security officers.  She presides over the city's Teen Court and assisted with the launching of the court's new computer system.  Prior to joining city government, she served as an adjunct professor of law at Texas Southern University and as an assistant Harris County District Attorney.  She graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and obtained her law degree from the University of Texas School of Law.

How Should the City of Houston Spend Your Tax Dollars?

Now is your chance to let city leaders and policy makers know what your priorities are. In 2015, City Council adopted the city's first general plan, . The Plan describes a vision and goals for our community and identifies twelve core strategies representing the city's approach for achieving the vision.
As the city plans its budget priorities for the next fiscal year, we want input from you. What are your thoughts on what the city should be focusing on in the coming year? Please spend a few short minutes taking the survey. It's simple and your input is very important to the budget process.
Take the Survey by the December 16, 2016, deadline:

City Council to Change Rules Affecting Transportation Network Companies
City Council is considering changes to Chapter 46, the city's vehicle-for-hire ordinance, aimed at streamlining and shortening the permit processes for transportation network companies like Uber. Last spring, Uber threatened to cease operations in Houston due to the city's fingerprinting requirements. With Super Bowl LI soon approaching, city regulators worked with Uber to come up with changes to the ordinance favorable to ride sharing companies. Uber plans to stay based on the resulting changes which include eliminating the requirement for drivers to undergo physical examinations and eliminating drug screenings except when complaint-driven or reasonable suspicion of drug use exists. Further, the city has relaxed the dress code for drivers. Fingerprinting and associated criminal background checks will still be mandatory. If passed, incorporating these changes will decrease permitting fees from $200 to $70.

Major Capital Improvements Coming to Bush IAH Airport

On November 30, 2016, City Council approved a $54 million contract with Fentress Architects, Ltd. for the architectural and engineering design services for the Mickey Leland International Terminal at Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston (IAH).
IAH's Terminal Redevelopment Program will include constructing a new 11-gate concourse just west of the existing Terminal C North and reconstructing and integrating the existing Terminal C North and Terminal D into a new single common-use international facility (the Mickey Leland International Terminal).
The expansion of the terminal facilities will also necessitate an enlargement of certain components of the existing Federal Inspection Services facility. The improvement plan will include several enabling projects to serve the newly constructed facilities as well as a new roadway system and airfield improvements, and parking structure for increased parking capacity.
The total cost of the entire IAH Terminal Redevelopment Program is estimated to be $1.4 billion over the next eight years. Funding sources include $87 million from the Airport Improvement Fund (derived from airport operation revenues); $160 million in passenger facility charges ($4.50 per enplaned passenger) and $1.1 billion in debt financing.

Greater Harris County 9-1-1 Emergency Network
On December 7, 2016, City Council voted to approve the Greater Harris County 9-1-1 Emergency Network's 2017 Operational and Capital Budget. The Greater Harris County 9-1-1 Emergency Network (GHC 9-1-1) provides the 9-1-1 infrastructure including equipment, software, maintenance, support and training used by the 49 cities and two counties (Harris and Fort Bend) served by GHC 9-1-1. The 2017 annual operating budget is $46 million and the capital budget is $21 million. The 2017 budget includes a $15.4 million reimbursement to the city of Houston for 173 full-time employees hired for 9-1-1 call taking.
The 9-1-1 service established in 1986 was the first fully enhanced service in the state of Texas. It is the largest 9-1-1 system in Texas and the third largest regional 9-1-1 system in the nation. Over 11,000 calls per day are made to 9-1-1 in the area served by GHC 9-1-1.
All funds to operate GHC 9-1-1 are derived from wireline and wireless service fees. Monthly fees are $.50 per residential line, $.80 per business line, $.87 per trunk, and $.50 per nomadic IP-based connection. Service fees for wireless and prepaid wireless subscribers are prescribed by law: the statewide flat rate for regular wireless is $.50 per subscriber number per month, while the prepaid wireless subscribers are assessed a two percent service fee based on prepaid wireless service purchased by any method.

District G Honors Sylvia Casares, The Enchilada Queen
L to R: Mayor Sylvester Turner, Sylvia Casares, Council Member Greg Travis
Council Member Travis presented a Proclamation to Sylvia Casares, the "Enchilada Queen."  Sylvia founded the first Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen in West Houston in 1998, and since then has expanded with two additional Houston locations. Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen serves traditional South Texas-style Tex-Mex cooking carefully prepared with impeccably fresh ingredients. A signature "Sylvia Twist," the addition of wood fire grilling not found with all Tex-Mex, gives her dishes the unique flavor Houstonians love.  Sylvia was born on the Texas-Mexican border in Brownsville, Texas and began cooking at the age of ten with an acute interest in food, flavors, and taste. Sylvia's boundless energy and skillful hand in the kitchen ensure her restaurants live up to its slogan, "Enchiladas to drive for."  She currently has three restaurants, with locations at 6401 Woodway Dr., 1140 Eldridge Parkway, and 12637 Westheimer Rd..
Sylvia Casares' first cookbook, The Enchilada Queen Cookbook: Enchiladas, Fajitas, Tamales and More Classic Recipes From Texas-Mexico Border Kitchens, was released in November and shares her culinary secrets for her signature enchiladas and many other Tex-Mex dishes. The Enchilada Queen is the perfect guide to cooking your way along the Rio Grande. The book features eighty recipes based on the ones madres and abuelas passed down from one generation to the next in the border towns.
District G honors Sylvia Casares and commends and congratulates her on the release of her cookbook and the
great success of all of her restaurants.
Jungman Library Grand Reopening & Ribbon Cutting
L to R: Rhea Brown Lawson, Director, Houston Public Library; Council Member Greg Travis
On October 13, Council Member Travis welcomed the many guests and dignitaries to the grand reopening and ribbon cutting for the newly renovated Jungman Library. 
The J. Frank Jungman Neighborhood Library, originally constructed in 1975, has been closed for two years undergoing a $6,788,000 major renovation. This project consisted of a complete renovation of the existing 18,530 square foot library. Only the foundation, concrete wall panels and roof structure were reused. The project includes new window wall and storefronts, new roof system, new mechanical, electrical and plumping systems, enhanced electrical power to service a large increase in computer services, new finishes, a new monument sign, and the re-configuration of internal spaces. The new facility contains a quiet room for adults, a children's reading room with space for toddlers, and a gaming area. Additionally, there is a separate area for teens and a meeting space for use by the public. The parking lot, landscaping, irrigation and site elements were also repaired or replaced as required. Please visit the new Jungman to see the new architecture, latest technology and enhanced spaces for all ages.
Thanks to Cliff's Old Fashioned Hamburgers, Beck's Prime, Dish Society, River Oaks Plant House, Starbucks and Minuti Coffee for providing refreshments and food for the event.
Jungman Neighborhood Library
5830 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, Texas 77057
(832) 393-1860
Current Library Hours:
  • Monday, Closed
  • Tuesday, 10-6
  • Wednesday, 10-6
  • Thursday, 12-8
  • Friday, 1-5
  • Saturday, 10-5
  • Sunday, Closed  
District G Construction Project Updates

Please refer to our September 8, 2016 District G Newsletter for project maps and streets segments affected by these projects:
Below we have provided a brief summary of the major milestones of Drainage and Streets & Traffic projects scheduled in District G. Questions on any of these District G CIP Projects should be directed to the PWE CIP group at 832-395-2090 or

M-410001 - Potomac & Nantucket Area Drainage and Paving
Project will replace storm drainage and roadway in the following locations: Nantucket and Potomac between San Felipe and Westheimer, and Inwood and Burgoyne between Briarmead and Fountain View.
Status as of 12-5-16:
*WBS #: M-410002-0001-3
*Consultant Firm: United Engineers, Inc.
*Design Contract Award Date: 5-14-14 (actual)
*Design Notice to Proceed: 5-23-14 (actual)
*Preliminary Engineering Report Approval Date: 12-10-14 (actual)
*Planned Design Completion Date: 12-22-15 (actual)
*Planned Advertisement Date: 4-28-17 (expected)
*Construction Contract Award Date: 8-23-17 (expected)
*Targeted CIP construction FY: 2019
M-000247 - Nottingham Drainage and Paving
Two public engagement meetings have been held to discuss this project. Over 700 comments were submitted to PWE. With regard to the left turn lanes, PWE is considering various options for limiting additional turn lanes. A comprehensive traffic study of the area is ongoing, including an in-depth review of left turn movements along this stretch of Kirkwood. PWE officials state that once the study results are available, they will issue a project information update with additional information. PWE staff is also reviewing feasible options to minimize encroachment into the medians and are awaiting more detailed traffic and tree studies. Studies are also ongoing to evaluate neighborhood recommendations regarding the proposed bike lanes. For additional information, please visit the District G homepage ( ) and under Nottingham Drainage and Paving Project (M-000247) select "Updated Project Information (Response from PWE) dated 11/2016."  We have been informed by PWE that they will be sharing the results of these studies and making their recommendations to our office during he first couple of weeks in the new year.
Status as of 12-5-2016:
*WBS #: M-000247-0001-3 (Nottingham; Sub-Project #1)
*Consultant Firm: CivilTech Engineering, Inc.
*Design Notice to Proceed: 4-6-05 (actual)
*Preliminary Engineering Report Approval Date: 2-6-06 (actual)
*Planned Design Completion Date: 7-5-17 (expected)
*Planned Advertisement Date: 11-17-17 (expected)
*Construction Contract Award Date: 3-21-18 (expected)
*Targeted CIP construction FY: 2018
M-000247 - Yorkshire Drainage and Paving
Status as of 12-5-2016:
*WBS #: M-000247-0002-3 (Yorkshire; Sub-Project #2)
*Consultant Firm: CivilTech Engineering, Inc.
*Design Notice to Proceed: 4-6-05 (actual)
*Preliminary Engineering Report Approval Date: 2-6-06 (actual)
*Planned Design Completion Date: 4-8-16 (actual)
*Planned Advertisement Date: 4-14-17 (expected)
*Construction Contract Award Date: 8-9-17 (expected)
*Targeted CIP construction FY: 2018
N-000798 - Memorial Drive Paving and Drainage (Kirkwood to N. Eldridge Parkway)
The Memorial Drive reconstruction project is currently ongoing with substantial completion scheduled for July 23, 2018.
The District G website contains links to most of the information that is important to residents and local business owners:   Probably the most useful item is the progression schedule, which shows the currently anticipated phasing of this project. At this link, you will also find contact information should you have a comment or complaint.
N-000386 - NSR 454A Tanglewood (sub-project #1)
Status as of 12-5-16:
*WBS #: N-000386-0001-3
*Design Contract Award Date: 5-29-13 (actual)
*Design Consultant: AIA Engineers, Ltd.
*Design Notice to Proceed: 6-3-13 (actual)
*Preliminary Engineering Report Approval Date: 12-2-13 (actual)
*Design Completion Date: 12-13-16 (expected)
*Construction Advertisement Date: 3-3-17 (expected)
*Construction Contract Award Date: 5-31-17 (expected)
*Targeted CIP construction FY: 2017
Comments: 90% submittal distributed for review on October 24, 2016, and awaiting comment and revision.
N-100017 - Gessner Street Paving and Drainage (Buffalo Bayou to Richmond Ave)
As originally proposed by PWE, this project consisted of three sub-project and would have widened Gessner from its existing four lanes to six lanes and constructed a bridge along Westheimer (grade separation).
The current plan from Westheimer to Buffalo Bayou is to maintain the four lanes, to complete some minor concrete panel replacements, to close a couple of the esplanade cuts for better traffic management, and to completely reconstruct the intersection with Briar Forest.
Status as of 12-5-16:
*WBS #: N-100017-0001-3
*Design Contract Award Date: 12-14-16 (expected)
*Design Consultant: Reynolds, Smith & Hills, Inc.
*Design Notice to Proceed: 12-27-16 (expected)
*Preliminary Engineering Report Approval Date: 4-24-18 (expected)
*Design Completion Date: 6-4-19 (expected)
*Construction Advertisement Date: 9-20-19 (expected)
*Construction Contract Award Date: 1-8-20 (expected)
*Targeted CIP construction FY: 2020
N-100023 - Dairy Ashford Paving and Drainage (Memorial to Buffalo Bayou)
The proposed project would widen the existing four lanes to six lanes, replace traffic signals and upgrade storm sewers and utilities as needed.
Status as of 12-5-2016:
*WBS #: N-100023-0001-3
*Consultant Firm: HNTB Corporation
*Design Contract Award Date: 6-1-16 (actual)
*Design Notice to Proceed: 6-3-16 (actual)
*Preliminary Engineering Report Approval Date: 1-9-17 (expected)
*Planned Design Completion Date: 1-8-18 (expected)
*Planned Advertisement Date: 4-6-18 (expected)
*Construction Contract Award Date: 7-16-18 (expected)
*Targeted CIP construction FY: 2020
N-100029 - Kirkwood Paving and Drainage (Buffalo Bayou to Westheimer)
This project will reconstruct Kirkwood Road from Buffalo Bayou to Westheimer Road in two sub-projects and add substantial in-line detention underneath the new roadway. The first sub-project goes from Buffalo Bayou to Briar Forest Drive, the construction of which is currently anticipated to begin in FY2018. The second sub-project goes from Briar Forest Drive to Westheimer Road, the construction of which is currently anticipated to begin in FY2020. 
A public engagement meeting has been held and the comment period ended on October 29, 2016. PWE staff is currently evaluating all comments in order to provide a project information update.
Status as of 12-5-2016:
*WBS #: N-100029-0001-3
*Consultant Firm: Walter P. Moore and Associates, Inc.
*Design Contract Award Date: 4-29-15 (actual)
*Design Notice to Proceed: 5-20-15 (actual)
*Preliminary Engineering Report Approval Date: 2-15-16 (actual)
*Planned Design Completion Date: 9-11-17 (expected)
*Planned Advertisement Date: 2-2-18 (expected)
*Construction Contract Award Date: 4-25-18 (expected)
*Targeted CIP construction FY: 2018

Upper Kirby Construction Updates

Westheimer Reconstruction: Kirby to Buffalo Speedway
Temporary widening along the south side of Westheimer has been completed and crews have begun mobilizing on the north side of the street just west of Kirby. Storm work will begin here over the next few days moving west toward Buffalo Speedway.
New concrete paving will immediately follow the storm sewer installation on this first phase of work roughly between Kirby and Bellemeade. The roadway will be reopened as the project rolls west. Work on this first section will likely run between now and late January when crews will demobilize and reopen the entirety of Westheimer for the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. Around February 7, 2017, crews will return working from Bellemeade towards Buffalo Speedway. Crews will then switch to the south side of the roadway and begin pavement installation working east toward Kirby.
There are also two main storm sewer lateral lines on this project that will be constructed on Bammel and Sackett between Westheimer and Alabama. Work will continue on these streets while crews have demobilized Westheimer around the Super Bowl. Crews have been working over the past week to make initial storm sewer connections in the Alabama roadway at Bammel. Having completed this first piece, work will move north along the west side of Bammel impacting one half of the roadway. It should take approximately three months to complete work on Bammel and restore the impacted roadway, at which point, crews will move work to Sackett.
Timing on this project has been coordinated closely with Lamar High School as it will also be undergoing a large construction project during the same period. Lamar will be using Westheimer for bus pickup and drop-off during its construction, and so, it will be important for Westheimer work to progress fast enough to flip work to the south side of the road from Buffalo Speedway past the school by June. This will allow the contractor to cross the school over the summer months when there will be no bus or student traffic to contend with.
Westheimer Reconstruction: Kirby to Shepherd
Westheimer work between Kirby and Shepherd has been substantially complete for months now, however, has not been closed out due to the prolonged delay of overhead pole removal on the south side of the street. While Comcast facilities remain on the poles, Center Point Energy has completed their removal of overhead power and have topped the poles above the telecom lines. Comcast has not provided a concrete timeline on the completion of their removal, but once they are off of the poles, Upper Kirby will remove the poles so that final back of curb work can be completed. It is expected that the contractor needs approximately two weeks to restore the areas impacted by the poles.
Work will resume next week at the intersection of Kirby and Shepherd, however, where signal arm extensions are being installed to shift signals to their final locations over the lanes. Once the signals have been inspected by the City, the temporary poles and all overhead wires at the intersection will be removed and the ramps and pads at the corners will be restored.

Both of these ongoing construction projects are being conducted by the Upper Kirby District. For more information on Upper Kirby construction and related activities, or for construction related issues or concerns, please contact Travis Younkin at 713-524-8000 or  

Houston Bike Plan

The final draft of the Houston Bike Plan is complete and is moving towards the public hearing and adoption process.  You may view it here:
Next steps will include City Council's consideration of proposed ordinance changes to Chapter 33 to enable adoption of the Bike Plan and    provide the process by which it will be reviewed and amended in the future.   You can find more information on proposed Chapter 33 ordinance changes at Following Council's consideration of these proposed ordinance changes, there will be a public hearing on the Bike Plan at the Houston Planning Commission and consideration of the Plan itself by City Council.  
Please visit  to sign up for email updates about the Bike Plan.

Out and About in District G

Council Member Travis was honored to join Mayor Turner, other city council members, and the Greater Houston Partnership trade delegation on a trip to Mexico City.  While there, they conducted a number of meetings including a meeting with leaders of Mexican-American energy companies and government officials in Mexico City.  It is hoped that the new connections made will lead to increased business and trading opportunities with Mexico.

On November 23, 2016, Council Member Travis joined Mayor Sylvester Turner and several other city council members to help serve a Thanksgiving feast to formerly-homeless residents at Rittenhouse New Hope Housing. The residents used to reside on Houston's streets, but were provided housing and supportive services through The Way Home, Houston's collaborative, housing-focused, homeless response system.

On Thanksgiving morning, Council Member Travis rode on the City of Houston's float in the 67th Annual H-E-B Thanksgiving Day Parade in downtown Houston. Olympic Gold Medalists Simone Biles and Simone Manuel served as the Grand Marshals of the parade.  Thanks to H-E-B and all the great sponsors who make his event possible.
Council Member Travis participated in the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting for the Square at Memorial City, a wonderful new outdoor venue at the Memorial City Mall located on the west side of the mall between the Cheesecake Factory and Maggiano's Little Italy.
On November 8, 2016, Council Member Travis served as the keynote speaker for this year's Comcast Veterans Day Breakfast. Comcast's Veterans Network, known as "VetNet," is a program which actively recruits veterans to work for Comcast. Council Member Travis is a veteran pilot of the United States Air Force and always enjoys meeting and speaking to our veterans.

Santa Tracker

Santa Claus has been spotted in several spots in District G!  You may take a photo with Santa Claus at Memorial City Mall where he will be with his elves at St. Nick's Park, located in the Dillard's wing. From December 10 to 24, Monday through Saturday from 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. and Sundays from 11:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. and Christmas Eve from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Pet nights are Monday and Tuesday from 5:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Visit  for more information.
Have breakfast with Santa at 024 Grille in Memorial City on December 17 and 18, seatings at 8:00 A.M. and 10:00 A.M. For children age birth to 12 years old, the cost is $15, and for children 13 and older the cost is $25.  Call 281-501-4350 for reservations or more information.
Make a date with Santa at the Galleria. Visit  to book your appointment to take photos with Santa.  Santa will also be a frequent visitor to the Nordstrom wing, Level 1. Visit  for more information. Also, pet photo night is Sunday, December 11 at 7:00 P.M. Register at