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There is no structural pests that can cause more fear than the dreaded termite. The prevention and treatment of them causes homeowners immense fear, stress, and confusion.  In recent years the understanding of the termite has progressed considerably and so have the treatment methods.


How Do You Know If You Have Termites?

Termite Wood 

Termites, by their nature, are hard to find. Thriving in hard-to-reach, inaccessible areas, they eat your home from the inside out. Although there may be only a few indications of termite activity, take a closer look at these warning signs:

  • Watch for the "swarm" of winged termites during the day or evening and often after rainfall from February to March, in most areas of the country.
  • Check in or around windows and doorframes for termite evidence (wings, etc.)* Look for "mud tunnels" in or around the foundation, under windows and on walls.
  • Tap baseboards and floors to see if they sound hollow -    a possible sign of termite infestation.
  • Examine window sills and walls for dead termites or termite wings.
  • Blistering on sheetrock.

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Conventional Treatments

drill termites

Conventional methods of preventing and treating for termites included creating a barrier around the home with a chemical referred to as a


This was done by applying a liquid chemical to the soil and the structure around the perimeter of the home in order to block all routes of potential entry.  Termites will be either killed or repelled by coming into contact with the chemical

termiticide barrier 

There are many obstacles in trying to create the barrier as many termite entry points are inevitably left untreated such as behind walls and under floor coverings. It is also difficult to uniformly treat and wet the soil areas to achieve a thorough covering. A typical barrier treatment usually involves hundreds of gallons of pesticides being injected into the soil alongside the foundation, within walls, and beneath slabs. 

We do however have an easy to understand how to guide under our free advice section on our websites for the DIY.



Baiting And Monitoring

baiting and monitoring

The industry's first generation bait systems brought a pioneering concept to the termite control market. They presented a new way to control termite colonies that was more effective and less invasive. However, it soon became apparent that those first generation bait systems had a variety of challenges.


Now, the Advance Termite Bait System and Firstline System offers a new generation bait system that addresses the challenges presented by first generation baits. Baiting and monitoring does not involve invasive drilling into foundations and structures. It is environmentally friendly with extremely low toxicity to humans and pets. It can also be used in situations where the structure being treated is in close proximity to water wells or bodies of water.  It also makes it easy for homeowners to monitor termite activity as the monitors are ideally checked once a month for termites.



Now there are no more excuses. While previous bait systems had challenges that resulted in slow or poor performance, pest control professionals across the country are experiencing hits as quickly as 15-45 days and fast colony elimination with the newer baiting systems.


Termite bait stations and monitors can be combined with any of the new non-repellant liquids. It truly is the best of both worlds.





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