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The Newsletter of the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments
Fall 2016
October 6:
TAC Meeting, 10am
CAB Meeting, 7 pm
October 31:
General Policy Board
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Raymond John Wean Building, 10 am
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Welcome to the Fall 2016 edition of On the Move!

There has been lots of activity at Eastgate in the last three months. Read on to see some of what we have been up to, and what we will be working on in the next three months.
Thank you,

Lisa Pompeo
 From the Director ~ Jim Kinnick

As we continue to move forward and build on the momentum that is present in the valley, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the other projects that Eastgate in looking into with our member communities:
  • In Mahoning County, State Route 46 at Mahoning Avenue - Eastgate, in partnership with the Mahoning County Engineer, worked with ODOT to secure safety funds (April 2016) to add a northbound lane and eastbound right turn lane.
  • In Trumbull County, the State Route 82 Ramp at Market Street - Eastgate, in partnership with the Trumbull County Engineer, is working with ODOT to apply for safety funds in October 2016, to re-configure the State Route 82 off ramp at Market Street.
  • In Mahoning County, State Route 46/County Line Road - Eastgate is working with ODOT to apply for safety funds in October 2016, to add a lane from the tapered section of State Route 46 near I-80, through County Line Road in Trumbull County.
  • In Trumbull County, the State Route 46/Market Street Intersection - Eastgate, in partnership with the Trumbull County Engineer and Howland Township, is working with ODOT to apply for safety funds in April 2017, to add turn lanes to the intersection.
  • In Trumbull County, the State Route 46/82 Interchange - Eastgate, in partnership with the Trumbull County Engineer and Howland Township, is working with ODOT to study/review the interchange and corridor to develop conceptual alternatives to advance to preliminary engineering. This project would need to secure future TRAC funding.
  • In Mahoning County, the I-680/Shirley Road Interchange - Eastgate, in partnership with the City of Youngstown, is working with ODOT to review the feasibility of re-configuring the split interchange to improve connectivity and provide truck access to Poland Avenue. This project would need to secure future TRAC funding.
  • In Mahoning County, Mahoning Avenue Bike Path - Eastgate, in partnership with the City of Youngstown, Mill Creek Park, and Youngstown State University, is working to develop a bike path connection from downtown Youngstown to Mill Creek Park. The Clean Ohio Trail Fund is being targeted as a potential funding source for this project.
  • In Mahoning County, State Route 164/I-680 Proposed Interchange Park and Ride Lot - Eastgate is partnering with ODOT to construct a park and ride lot on the southeast corner of the interchange.
These are just the highlights to some of the areas we have been focusing on. As always, we welcome the chance to discuss other improvement opportunities in your community.
Hard to take my transportation hat off!
Regards, Jim

The Clean Ohio Conservation Fund 
Planning. It is an all-encompassing task and sometimes proves to be overwhelming. We plan either because we are naturally inclined to do so or because it is our profession. No matter the appropriate category, now is a good time to put on your "thinking caps" and plan for future water quality initiatives and land preservation opportunities!
The Clean Ohio Fund is in its 11th round and there is plenty of funds available to restore/preserve our region's streams, floodplains, and wetland and/or preserve valuable green/open space. To date, the total funds available for this round is $2,735,388, and with a required 25% local match, just think of the possibilities! Eligible projects for Clean Ohio Projects include those that:
  • Increase habitat protection;
  • Identified as part of a stream-wide or watershed-wide plan (think watershed action plans);
  • Provide multiple recreational, economic, and aesthetic preservation benefits;
  • Preserve or restore floodplain and stream side forest functions (think native revegetation/tree planting projects);
  • Preserve headwater streams (small, but mighty streams); and
  • Restoration and preservation of aquatic biological communities.
Entities eligible to apply for the funds include local government and nonprofit organizations. Past applicants include Mill Creek MetroParks, Trumbull MetroParks, Boardman Township, Howland Township, the City of Youngstown, and Austintown Township Park. Previous projects include land acquisition for park expansion, wetland preservation, riparian corridor protection, and stream restoration.
For more information about the program, contact or Stephanie Dyer at (234) 254-1520 or Tim Yova at (234) 254-1503, or visit the Clean Ohio link on our website.      
Pre Applications Available: September 6, 2016
Pre Applications due at Eastgate: October 14, 2016
Final Applications due at Eastgate: January 13, 2017

Five Applications Move Forward for ARC Funding
The administration of the Fiscal Year 2017 Eastgate Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) program is well underway. The allocation for our Local Development District in FY17 utilizing both Federal and State ARC funding is $865,000. There were five pre-applications selected to move forward to submit a full application in our district. Congratulations to the agencies listed below:


Anticipated LDD Allocation

TRU Commissioners
Liberty Twp.
Youngstown State University
MAH Commissioners
Austintown Twp.
ATB Commissioners
Plymouth Twp.
University Hospital Conneaut
Sub-Total Projects 1-5


All projects under the ARC program must meet at least one of the goals listed below:
  • Goal 1: Economic Opportunities - Strengthen entrepreneurial and business development strategies
  • Goal 2: Ready Workforce - Increase the education, knowledge, skills, and health
  • Goal 3: Critical Infrastructure - Broadband; Access Rd (ADHS); and water/wastewater systems.
  • Goal 4: Natural and Cultural Assets - Strengthen Appalachia's community and economic development potential by leveraging the Region's natural and cultural assets.
  • Goal 5: Leadership and Community Capacity - Build the capacity and skills of current and next-generation

Obligation Report Lists Projects Receiving Funds
Federal law requires Eastgate to publish, for public review, an annual listing of projects for which federal funds have been obligated in the preceding year. The publication is used as a record of project delivery and a progress report for public information and disclosure.

The report indicates that approximately $24.1 million in federal funds were obligated for 62 transportation projects in the Mahoning Valley between July 1st, 2015 and June 30th, 2016.The report is located in the Library on Eastgate's website under the Transportation section. If you have any questions, please contact Stephen Zubyk at 234-254-1513.

Committee Begins Work to Fund Local Projects 
The Program Year (PY) 2017 SCIP/LTIP funding round began in late June when the annual SCIP/LTIP workshops were held at Eastgate, followed by the deadline for PY20717 pre-applications in August. A total of 55 pre-applications from 43 units of local government were submitted by the deadline. The District 6 Public Works Integrating Committee met on September 20th to hear three minute presentations by each of the applicants. The Committee will meet again on October 11th and October 25th to prioritize the projects before making their final selections on November 8th. Successful applicants will have until Wednesday, December 21, 2016 to turn in full applications. The applications will be reviewed during the last two weeks of December. Eastgate staff will deliver the completed applications to OPWC in Columbus in early January 2017.       
In Program Year 2017, the District has $5,069,400 in SCIP grant funding, and the LTIP program has $2,371,000 available for grant projects. Also there is $2,847,000 available in PY16 for loans, which is $400,000 more than last year. The total allocation to District 6 is $10,288,000. Funding for the Small Government Program will be $15,000,000 statewide for PY17, and each District Integrating Committee is permitted to submit five applications for consideration for OPWC Small Government Program funding. In addition, each District is encouraged to submit two alternate projects that will be considered only if one or more of the original five projects is withdrawn or deemed ineligible for funding.

The District 6 SCIP/LTIP e-mail list is essentially complete with at least one contact for each community. However, we would encourage communities to have more than one person on the e-mail contact list. If you would like to be added to the D6PWIC e-mail list, please contact Tim Yova, the District 6 PWIC Liaison at 234-254-1503.  
Document Highlights Continued Commitment on Coordinated Planning Efforts
On August 15, 2016, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by Eastgate's Executive Director Jim Kinnick, and Danial Gracenin, Executive Director of the Mercer County Regional Planning Commission. The MOU provides a framework of how each agency coordinates the transportation planning process in a bi-state urbanized area.

The MOU outlines and defines the roles and responsibilities of the two agencies within their respective planning area and state. A similar MOU had been in place between the two agencies since early 2000 prior to the June 27, 2016, FHWA and FTA's Proposed Rulemaking of the Metropolitan Planning Organization Coordination and Planning Area Reform. Eastgate and the MCRPC have effectively worked together to promote transportation planning in our bi-state region for years, and our MOU ensures our commitment to coordinate and collaborate our planning efforts.

New Online Crash Map
Eastgate recently updated its online crash map. The new map features recent crash data which can be searched by attributes such as crash type, date, location, or community. Popular filters such as alcohol-related, fatal crashes, pedestrian related, and motorcycle-related are premade in easy to use buttons. You can also interactively select crashes by drawing an area on the map, and can view charts that summarize data for your area of interest.
Data is also easy to export to Microsoft Excel or ODOT's ECAT and CAM Tools for further analysis. A tutorial is available within the map that highlights all the features. View the map at www.tinyurl.com/eastgatecrashmap .
Participants Tour the Dams of the Mahoning
There are nine low head dams remaining in the Mahoning River. Nine man made, concrete structures inhibiting the free flow of the Mahoning River. Nine structures that canoeists and kayakers have to safely portage around. Nine remnants of an industrialized era come and gone. Nine barriers that continue to hold the legacy pollutants in their place.

These nine low heads dams were the center of the dam tour Eastgate facilitated on Friday, August 26th for those agencies and community representatives who want to make the Mahoning River great again. The dam tour brought Mayor Glenn Holmes (representing the Mahoning River Mayors Association), Youngstown -Warren Regional Chamber staff, Western Reserve Port Authority staff, and various consultants to the individual dam locations to view each structure. Staff from ODOT District 4 and the Ohio EPA's Northeast District Office joined the tour to discuss mitigation options, and water quality findings for each section of the river. Overall, the tour provided great insight to how the river and its flow would react if and when any of the nine remaining dams are removed.

Requests for Project Information Helps Identify Funding Opportunities
Eastgate encourages its members to submit Project Profiles on a routine basis. Project Profiles allow Eastgate and its many development partners to identify opportunities for funding regardless of the project type.
Project Profiles contain basic information about projects, included contact information, project description, type and readiness, project partners, funding sources, and total project costs. Profiles may be submitted even if they are at the initial conceptual stage. Project Profiles may be submitted here.
Census Statistics Provide Profiles of Communities Nationwide
In September, the U.S. Census Bureau released its most detailed look at America's people, places and economy with new statistics on income, poverty, health insurance and more than 40 other topics from the American Community Survey.

Many states saw an increase in income and a decrease in poverty rates between 2014 and 2015. During that same period, the percentage of people covered by health insurance increased in all of the largest 25 metropolitan areas. The findings are from the U.S. Census Bureau's 2015 American Community Survey, the nation's most comprehensive information source on American households.

Below are some of the local-level income, poverty and health insurance statistics from the American Community Survey that complement the national-level statistics released earlier this week from the Census Bureau's Current Population Survey. The Current Population Survey is the leading source for national-level data, and the American Community Survey is the leading source for community and local-level data. For more information on the topics included in the American Community Survey, ranging from educational attainment to computer use to commuting, please visit  census.gov.
Between 2014 and 2015, poverty rates declined in 23 states. No state saw a poverty rate increase.
Real median household income increased in 39 states and the District of Columbia, with increases ranging from 1.8 percent (Connecticut) to 6.8 percent (Montana). No state saw a decrease in median household income between 2014 and 2015. ("Real" refers to income after adjusting for inflation.)
Additional Annual Releases:
Upcoming: 2011-2015 American Community Survey Five-Year Statistics
On December 8, 2016, the Census Bureau will release 2011-2015 American Community Survey five-year statistics, which are available for all geographic areas regardless of population size, down to the block group level.

About the American Community Survey
The American Community Survey provides a wide range of important statistics about all communities in the United States. The Survey gives communities the current information they need to plan investments and services. Retailers, homebuilders, fire departments, and town and city planners are among the many private and public-sector decision makers who count on these annual results.
Spotlight on Our Members and Partnering Agencies 

Trumbull Transit Unveils New Logo and Website
The Trumbull County Transit Board presented their new logo and promotional materials showcasing the Trumbull Transit System (TTS). The new logo incorporates the phrase "Trumbull County Transit - Moving Trumbull County Forward." The TTS's website link is: www.trumbullcountytransit.org, and can be accessed in the transit section of Eastgate's website.

Their website contains information on the service, upcoming events and meetings, and public documents available to the general public. The Trumbull County Transit System is a joint effort between the Trumbull County Board of County Commissioners and the Transit Board.

Trumbull Transit Board Holds Coordination Meetings
On August 17, the Trumbull County Transit Board held two public meetings to update the county's Coordinated Public and Human Services Transportation Plan. The meeting was designed to collect community input on unmet transit needs, service gaps, existing transportation coordination efforts, transportation coordination challenges, and strategies for improving mobility for residents in Trumbull County. Over seventy participants representing various social, health, non-profit, disabled individuals, seniors, transportation providers, governmental agencies, and individuals who use the Trumbull Transit System attended the meeting to give valuable feedback on the transit needs of Trumbull County residents.  
As part of the planning process, five online surveys can be found on Eastgate's website for public input to update the Coordinated Public Transit Human Service Transportation Plan for Trumbull County. For further information on the status of the coordination plan update, contact Mark Hess, Transit Administrator for the Trumbull County Transit Board.

Ashtabula Receives the Best of County Award in the
Following Areas
The award winners were:
Manufacturing Business Growth and Innovation - Conneaut Leather
Workforce Innovation - Community Counseling Center Supported Employment Services
Service Business Growth and Innovation - Huffman-Mayer Wealth Management Group
George H. Kaull Award for Entrepreneurship - Nate Bissell, Bissell Maple Farms
Community Vitality - Nature Conservancy, Morgan Swamp and Grand River Conservation Campus
Young Economic Development Leader - Jim Hockaday, Conneaut City Manager
Congratulations to Best of County Award Winners!  

Visit Youngstown Live to Plan Your Fall Events!   
The Mahoning County Convention & Visitors Bureau's Youngstown Live website showcases our area, and offers a wide variety of attractions, outdoor recreation, arts and culture, and special events. Visit their website at youngstownlive.com!

Members and Partnering Agencies, please contact us to have your community news or events included in a newsletter! 
Eastgate Staff Highlights

Staff Member Receives Community Award 
Eastgate is pleased to announce that staff member Mirta Reyes-Chapman has been named this year's Distinguished Hispanic Ohioan by the Ohio Latino Affairs Commission (OCHLA). The award recognizes individuals who work steadfastly to ensure their communities become a better place for both Hispanics and the general public.
The Ohio Latino Affairs Commission (OCHLA) and The Ohio State University's Office of Diversity and Inclusion will recognize Mirta at the 36th annual Governor's Distinguished Hispanic Ohioans Awards Gala in October. The event seeks to honor individuals and organizations that have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their professional or community service endeavors, and who serve as role models for the growing Hispanic community in Ohio.
Eastgate would like to congratulate Mirta for her achievement and the outstanding work that she does to better our communities.

The Eastgate Family has a New Member!
Congratulations to Eastgate staff member Stephen Zubyk and his wife Abbie on the birth of their baby girl earlier this month!

Eastgate Staff Sampling in the Yellow Creek Watershed
Eastgate's Stephanie Dyer and Justin Mondok are taking weekly water sample
s in the Yellow Creek Watershed to test for bacteria levels. They will visit six sites within the watershed. The sampling began in August and will wrap-up at the end of Octo ber. Weekly samples are taken and analyzed at the Mahoning County District Board of Health's lab, and once complete, staff looks to use the information to inform the public where the bacteria comes from, and why it might be in the watershed. This is done as part of Eastgate's environmental work plan, and you can also learn more about water quality by visiting the AWARE blogspot at: awarewatershedgroup.blogspot.com.    
Eastgate Participates in the 2016 Ohio Conference on Freight
Eastgate participated in the 2016 Ohio Conference on Freight held on August 22nd and 23rd in Cleveland. This year's theme, Steering Supply Chain Innovation in a Global Marketplace, focused on rapidly changing conditions in consumer choices and how freight must adjust to meet same-day delivery expectations. Other topics included investment in freight infrastructure, drone regulation, and exporting. The conference concluded with a presentation by Gregory G. Nadeau, Administrator at the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Nadeau spoke of trends and the work of the National Freight Policy Council. FHWA is seeking feedback on the draft National Freight Strategic Plan.

Eastgate is working closely with ODOT on the state's update to its freight plan that is required under the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act). The FAST Act has a number of provisions focused on ensuring the safe, efficient, and reliable movement of freight including the establishment of the National Highway Freight Network. Eastgate is also collaborating with regional partners to identify infrastructure constraints and find solutions to first and last mile freight challenges.

Staff Participates in Aspire Appalachia Conference
Eastgate staff  participated in the Aspire Appalachia: Collaborations in Rural Development Conference
held in Johnson City, Tennessee. The conference brought attention to rural communities as the backbone of the Appalachian Region. The people, places, and development potential in these areas are valuable assets that can help Appalachia build a robust and resilient economy. The conference explored how rural workforce development, entrepreneurship, infrastructure development, leadership, and asset development can continue making Appalachia America's next great investment opportunity.  

Conference sessions focused on ARC's strategic plan goals, highlighting examples of investments in rural Appalachia that:
  • Support entrepreneurial and business development to strengthen rural economies;
  • Increase knowledge, skills, and health for a ready local workforce;
  • Increase access to broadband to spur economic activity in rural communities;
  • Leverage natural and cultural assets to increase local economic development potential; and
  • Build leadership capacity to advance community and economic development.
We're Hiring
Eastgate is currently seeking a full-time Planner to assist with the area-wide recommendations including economic, environmental, and transportation planning. A description of the position is available on Eastgate's website.
Save the
Our 2017 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 23, 2017 at the DeBartolo Stadium Club on the campus of Youngstown State University. Look for information to come your way soon!