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Since the launch of our newly updated site last August, we've had over 1 MILLION licenses!! Over 800,000 licenses are for Free Use on YouTube! We've been averaging over 100,000 licenses each month - putting us on track for our 2nd million in license before the year is out, thanks to all of you!!

With a quarter of a million new users registering on since the relaunch, nearly 100,000 of those new users registered in the new year! Thank you!!!

We add new music and new composers from around the world to the Freeplay Music library daily so keep checking back for newly uploaded music to use in all of your YouTube videos and more! Don't forget we've now stream-lined our entire licensing process!
With our constant adding of new composers and artists into the Freeplay Music catalog, we've uploaded over 700 volumes of brand new music since the relaunch of in August!! 

We've expanded our genres to everything you can possibly think of, from cinematic, rock, electronica, blues, soundtrack all the way to industrial, funk, nursery rhymes, quirky and opera so all of our users can have as many possible categories to search through. We pride ourselves on our quality of music as well as having great relationships with our composers! 

We also offer an exclusive agreement to all of our composers, now allowing them higher revenue participation. If anyone is interested in the benefits of becoming an exclusive composer, how it works or would like to know more about it please call us or email for more info! If you would like to submit your music for possible consideration into the Freeplay Music library, please click here!
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Featured New Music

A fun collection of grooving soundtrack music covering a wide variety of styles. Mostly simple arrangements, but with warm tones and rhythmic feels to really set the mood. Smooth Grooves Volume 4 offers high quality production music that will bring a distinctive sonic timbre to your next production. Various synth sounds combine with traditional instruments, to a provide a truly modern sound. Make sure to check these tracks out to find just the right mood for your purposes.

Light and whimsical, these tracks are all over the map in terms of instrumentation and feel. Fun melodies flow over simple musical beds creating quirky background music for many applications. Quirky Soundtracks Volume 3 will bring a lively flare to your next production. With each track in this volume varying so much, make sure to really listen to each one and find just the mood for your needs.

Simply arranged hip-hop tracks with a punchy electro style. Solid drum beats are the backbone for most of these tracks, with sparse piano and synth parts creating chill atmospheres on top. Electro Hip Hop Volume 3 keeps it simple, focusing more on timbre and feel than technical complexity. Simple musical motives often repeat, adding to the overall vibe of the track. Great sounds, artfully arranged to set the mood. Definitely check these out.
Industry News

Coachella 2014: Pharrell Taps Jay Z, T.I. Usher for Another Guest-Filled Set

Following his set at last week's Coachella Festival, fans wondered if Pharrell Williams could possibly have any more surprises up his sleeve. After all, his hour on April 12 included sit ins from Gwen Stefani ("Hollaback Girl"), Nelly ("Hot in Herre"), and Snoop Dogg ("Drop It Like It's Hot"); anyone else would either have called in all of their favors or have the same ones returned in their second week.


Not so for Williams: his emminently likeable set was propelled by a phalanx of multi-cultural dancers, a spot-on band, Williams' winning, charming personality, and another onslaught of special guests, with only one repeat: Busta Rhymes, who blasted his way once again through "Pass The Courvoisier Pt 2."


But other than that, it was newness in the guest department. Rapper T.I. appeared first, reprising his roll in this summer's chart-topper, "Blurred Lines." He was followed by Clipse frontman Pusha T ("Grindin'"), R&B hitman Usher, who sang the Pharrell-written "U Don't Have to Call," and main man (and perrenial Coachella attendee) Jay Z, who joined Pharrell for an extended cameo on "Frontin'," "Excuse Me Miss," "La La La (Exuse Me Miss Again)," and "I Just Wanna Love U (Give it 2 Me)."




Composer of the Month:
 Jose Arias

Prolific composer Jose Arias has a significant collection of music in the Freeplay Music library. His music is an assortment of eclectic tunes, each with its own flavor. He has laid-back grooving, hip hop styled, ambient, dance-infused, glitchy electronic, punchy tracks! All of the Bangin Beats volumes are a collection of hip hop beats that feature big, punchy sounds and an avid use of vocal samples. 
Each track has its own individual style and an original feel you won't find anywhere else. On his Trans Alarm Volume 2 album, it contains a set of repetitive electronic tracks packed with punchy rhythmic pulses and chaotic synth filling in the space. On Modern Electronic Volume 3, Jose has energetic synth sounds that propel each track forward, with a use of vocal samples to give a more distinct sound. On Electro Hip Hop Volume 1 there is more of an electro influence on each track, giving them that futuristic sound quality. With Electro Hip Hop Volume 2there are several different variations of each track, which gives plenty of options for you to find just the right one for your purposes. Please have a listen to his music below!  
Bangin Beats Volume 8                          Bangin Beats Volume 16
Bangin Beats Volume 9                          Bangin Beats Volume 17
Bangin Beats Volume 10                        Bangin Beats Volume 18
Bangin Beats Volume 11                        Cosmic Tronic Volume 4
Bangin Beats Volume 12                        Electro Hip Hop Volume 1
Bangin Beats Volume 13                        Electro Hip Hop Volume 2
Bangin Beats Volume 14                        Modern Electronic Volume 3
Bangin Beats Volume 15                        Trans Alarm Volume 2


As per Freeplay's Terms of Use, Freeplay offers free network synchronization to all BMI / ASCAP & SESAC, national network content broadcasts in exchange for music cue sheet compliance. 

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