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Since the launch of our newly updated site in August, we've had over 1 MILLION licenses, of which over 700,000 licenses are for Free Use on YouTube! We've been averaging over 100,000 licenses each month - thanks to all of you! 

With almost 200,000 new users registering on since the relaunch, 70,700 of those new users registered in the new year! Thank you!!!

We add new music and new composers from around the world to the Freeplay Music library daily so keep checking back for newly uploaded music to use in all of your YouTube videos and more! Don't forget we've now stream-lined our entire licensing process!
With our constant adding of new composers and artists into the Freeplay Music catalog, we've uploaded over 650 volumes of brand new music since the relaunch of in August!! 

We've expanded our genres to everything you can possibly think of, from cinematic, rock, electronica, blues, soundtrack all the way to industrial, funk, nursery rhymes, quirky and opera so all of our users can have as many possible categories to search through. We pride ourselves on our quality of music as well as having great relationships with our composers! 

We also offer an exclusive agreement to all of our composers, now allowing them higher revenue participation. If anyone is interested in the benefits of becoming an exclusive composer, how it works or would like to know more about it please call us or email for more info! If you would like to submit your music for possible consideration into the Freeplay Music library, please click here!
Also, feel free to listen to our latest playlist with the newest music uploaded on here!
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Featured New Music

Another great selection of smooth ambient soundtracks from Owen Phillips. Bright tones offer a light and feel-good vibe, providing a pleasant experience. Chilltronic Volume 6 will help you relax, and bring a warming aroma to your next production. Quality sounds, simply orchestrated for optimum chill. Make sure to check out all the earlier volumes in the Chilltronic series as well, and stay on the look out for more to come.

More punchy hip-hop tracks from Jose Arias. Musically simple, but with a unique sound that Arias is known for. Each track in Bangin Beats Volume 18 has several different versions, with varying tempos and arrangements. Similar to several of Arias's previous volumes, this collection will give you even more options to choose from. Another solid volume.

An eclectic blend of electronic music with a variety of other styles. Each of these tracks creates a wonderful and unique mood to fill in the sonic space for you next production. Mostly laid-back and grooving, with a few odd-balls, to really provide character for your project. Cafe Fused Volume 1 is a new direction for long time free play composers Mar N Dean, and they will not disappoint. Great sounds balanced with thoughtful arrangements. A must listen to volume.
Composer Joi Veer returns with another Indie Volume to add to the Freeplay Library. Humble vocals unfold over a fun collection of pop/rock tracks that are exploding with lively energy. Veer has a unique vocal timbre that can become quite addicting, offering catchy melodic hooks alongside articulate verse narratives. Present Day is a sign of great things to come. Uplifting songs that will brighten your day, and bring some life to your next production. Please also see his Pop Rock Vol. 5 album for all of the instrumental versions of the tracks from "Present Day."
Industry News

Audiam Raises $2M to 'Get People Paid' for Use of their Music on YouTube

New York startup Audiam Inc. has raised $2 million in Series A financing to "get people paid" for the use of their music on YouTube, according to its founder and CEO, serial music industry entrepreneur Jeff Price. 


Mr. Price, who earlier founded TuneCore Inc. (and left in July 2012 amid controversy) eschewed traditional venture capital this time and raised funds from big names in music, instead.


Audiam's backers include rock and punk stars Jason MrazJimmy Buffet and Bad Religion's Brett Gurewitz, along with Scott Schreer, the composer of the NFL on Fox theme song and founder and CEO of TuneSat Inc.; the Los Angeles management firm GSO Business Group; an artist manager and promoter who books the Hollywood Bowl, Bill Silva; and serial tech entrepreneur and angel investor Jonathan Siegel.


Mr. Gurewitz, also the founder of record labels Epitaph and ANTI-, said he invested in Audiam because the company is solving a "data confusion" problem that hampers the ability of creative professionals to make a living in today's digital market.


According to Mr. Price, Audiam's technology "bridges the gap between music publishers and tech companies" like Google Inc. GOOG +1.61%, which owns YouTube.


Audiam lets musicians, publishers or labels upload their songs and all rights-holder information into a giant database that checks YouTube for videos making use of their songs. It then authorizes use of the song and automatically assesses revenue owed from the YouTube views.


Audiam handles licensing and administration, collecting money owed from YouTube, and taking a 25% fee before paying out the rest to artists.


Big independent music publishers like Imagem, representing musicians like Pink Floyd, Daft Punk and Irving Berlin, are hiring Audiam already, though the company only launched in the U.S. in July 2013.



Composer of the Month:
 Joi Veer

Joi Veer is a Freeplay composer from NJ. He has several rock volumes of music in the library. He first became involved in the music industry as a professional drummer. He played and recorded original music in the NY/Tristate area before turning to songwriting and becoming a singer and still play drums on his recordings. Joi used to play gigs in the late 70s/early 80s before making his first real performance at a club called Trax. 


He now composes, records and performs on a wide variety of genres: rock, pop orchestral, quirky, kids, and singer-songwriter. He performs all the guitars, drums, vocals (on vocal tracks) and occasionally shares percussion duties. He has also co-produced his last 2 collections as well as his newest 12-song collection: "Present Day."


Joi's favorite singers are Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Petula Clark and John Lennon just to name a few. His favorite genres are rock, pop, and the various hybrid forms, including world beat and African music. He is influenced by everything he hears - music that he likes and music that he doesn't care for. "Whatever seeps in, seeps in." 


Joi decided to put his music into the FPM Library because he had seen an ad for artists on After a conversation with our CEO he had a great vibe and singed on, saying that it's been "one of the best business moves I've ever made." 


In the music industry, he would love to see more coexistence between different genres on the charts and getting their due radio airplay. He also thinks "development deals" for new artists would be a smart thing to b ring back. Overall, he is delighted that he's an artist who does music exclusively for TV/Film. Joi is also passionate about Avid Editing which he does for television, and most importantly, a devoted father of 8 year old twins. 

As per Freeplay's Terms of Use, Freeplay offers free network synchronization to all BMI / ASCAP & SESAC, national network content broadcasts in exchange for music cue sheet compliance. 

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