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Hey FPMers! Here's what's going on at Freeplay Music:

Since the launch of our newly updated site in July, we've had over 650,000 licenses and over 500,000 of those licenses are the Free Use on YouTube licenses!! We've been ranging a little over 100,000 licenses each month!!   

We've had over 200 million page views on as well! That means our site gets an average of 80,000 page views daily!! And over 125,000 users have registered on since the relaunch of our site!! 

We add new music and new composers to the Freeplay Music library daily so keep checking back for newly uploaded music to use in all of your YouTube videos and more! Don't forget we now have stream-lined our entire licensing process!
With our constant adding of new composers and artists into the Freeplay Music library, we've uploaded almost 500 volumes of brand new music since the relaunch of in July!! 

We've expanded our genres to everything you can possibly think of, from electronic, funk, blues and soundtrack, all the way to nursery rhymes, ambience, quirky and opera so all of our users can have as many possible categories to search through. We pride ourselves on our quality of music as well as having great relationships with our composers! 

We also offer an exclusive agreement to all of our composers, now allowing them higher revenue participation. If anyone is interested in the benefits of becoming an exclusive composer, how it works or would like to know more about it please call us or email for more info! If you would like to submit your music for possible consideration into the Freeplay Music library, please click here!

If you're interested in listening to some of our hottest new tracks that have been recently uploaded, please check out our playlist of the best of the best here! Also, be sure to listen to our Holiday Playlist here!
And don't forget to check out the following TV shows with Freeplay Music placements: Talking Dead, Walking Dead, HostagesMike & Molly and The Big Bang Theory!!

We're even featured in an internet commercial for one of the world's biggest boy bands, One Direction! It's for their fragrance 'Our Moment.' Check it out here!

Please feel free to give us your feedback on our site or send in any questions/comments to

Thanks for using Freeplay Music! :)   

Featured New Music

This eclectic collection of soundtrack music will help to set the mood for your next cinematic adventure. Simple, easy-going music that'll sit nicely in the background, while contributing to the feel and mood of the overall production. Cinematic Moods Volume 2 won't blow you away with complexity and innovation, but will provide the appropriate attributes for a number of situations. Cool, diverse sounds within thoughtful arrangements; check it out.

Bangin Beats Volume 14 contains few different tracks, but each track offers a number of variations to give you a more custom fit. Of the five original tracks in this volume, each one is available at three different tempos; with each track then containing several more options, including underscore and no drum versions. These tracks have a punchy, electronic/hip-hip sound with a minimalist approach. Simple beats with a lot of space. An original sound you won't find anywhere else.

Beautiful singer/songwriter styled songs from artist Janie Barnett. Warm soothing vocal,s expertly delivered, accompanied by well designed arrangements that enhance the flowing emotion. Brklyn Visuals sets a high bar for both production quality, as well as song composition skills. Each song has a character of its own, while still holding together as an album. A truly inspiring collection of music that just sounds right. A must listen album, don't pass this one by.

Industry News

Bruno Mars: Billboard Artist of the Year

Jukebox Hero: How did Bruno Mars become Billboard's Artist of the Year? He grabbed hold of the album and single charts and never let go.


It's a few days before the Grammy Award nominations are announced, and Bruno Mars is shaking off predictions with an easy laugh. Eventually, he'll score four noms-including record and song of the year for "Locked Out of Heaven" - but for the moment about all he wants to say is, "It's nice to get dressed up and take your lady out."


In part that's because right now Mars is processing another achievement: Billboard's top artist of the year for 2013. Kicked back on the arm of a gray sofa inside West Hollywood's Quixote Studios, the singer/songwriter/producer-wearing dark blue jeans, a red and black plaid shirt and black Vans, no socks-is also the first male to claim the title since 2008. As he thanks Billboard for the honor, the smiling Mars ruminates, "What makes you artist of the year? Can we throw 'best jump shot' in there?"


During a year defined by mainstream breakouts (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Imagine Dragons), pop divas (Taylor Swift, P!nk, Rihanna, Katy Perry) and retro R&B (Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke), Mars' artist of the year nod may come as a surprise. But as if on a stealth mission, the adventurous "Unorthodox Jukebox" commanded a steady presence on the Billboard 200 following its No. 2 debut last December. Remaining in the top 20 every week since then through the Sept. 14 issue, the Atlantic album hit No. 1 in its 12th week. To date, Unorthodox Jukebox has sold 1.8 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.




PJ Slattery is a Freeplay composer from NJ. He first got involved in the musicbiz playing bass up and down the East Coast in Punk and Hard Rock bands which eventually evolved into him scoring elements for a bunch of film trailers. He's influenced by old Italian and European mystery movies of the late 60's and 70's called Giallos.   


"Freeplay Music has a groundbreaking business model on a real accessible level," said PJ on why he wanted his music in our library. He has also received many messages from people who thanked him and used his music in "family films, weddings, etc which are different than the normal music placements."


He plays Funk and Soul music live in a group in Portland, where he currently resides. His favorite music is Frank Zappa, Ennio Morricone and Rush. Besides music, his other passions are his three children and exploring the outdoors. 


Please check out a few of his volumes listed below!!

As per Freeplay's Terms of Use, Freeplay offers free network synchronization to all BMI / ASCAP & SESAC, national network content broadcasts in exchange for music cue sheet compliance.

Want to know if you qualify? Please contact us at  



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