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November, 2012
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Trying Something New
Gary Huber
Those of you who have been following my art career for some time are aware that my newsletters tend to be pretty newsy and infrequent with lots of links to images on my web site that may or may not go where intended. Paragraphs tend to be randomly formatted and may become jumbled together depending on your email reader settings.

This mess just had to change sometime and now seemed  as good a time as any to tackle the job. I'm not 100% committed to using this software yet but am giving it a good shakedown. I'd like to hear from any of you that are on the receiving end to know how you like it.

Hopefully if it works well enough I can improve on it in the months and years ahead.
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A Dramatic Flair Montana Show Big Success
Colors of Fall, a show of fine art in Great Falls, Montana debuted to a large and enthusiastic crowd in September. I had a 10x10 booth displaying over 20 paintings of all sizes. The people visiting the show were mostly from the local area but were very knowlegable about art in general and seemed to appreciate my quiet style. A Dramatic Flair at the left was one of the popular pieces as were others that had the appearance of Montana.

The seven hour drive home to Buffalo took me down Clyde Aspevig's valley which unfortunately was largely obscured by smoke from the many forest fires burning in the northwest. Now that winter is nearly here the fires have gone out and we have our beautiful clear blue skies back!
Stonkers 2009
Stonkers 2009 - John Roush, Mike Ray, Gary Ozias, Norbert Nagel, Lorenzo Chavez, Gary Huber, Steve Woolery
Colorado Paint-out Friends
I had a good time and got several nice pieces painted in the Breckenridge, Colorado area in late September. The group I was with calls itself, "The Stonkers," which signifies "very good" according to British artist David Curtis. It's always our goal to paint at least a stonker or two during the week. We've painted together in the same area for the past four years. I don't think we've ever been there when the color was as brilliant as it was this year. As an added plus we had snow on the high peaks for heightened drama.

Endorsed by Experts, 2012
photo by Steve Woolery
It's a great time for reflecting on the past year as we talk art practically non-stop and share our favorite new art book acquisitions. Typically we get out every day and paint a couple pieces, followed by dinner and viewing an art DVD or two. Our group consists of seven friends from across the country and all agree it's one of the art social and educational highlights of the year.

Keep an eye on my web site over the winter to see studio work done from studies made on this trip.
Into the Aspen Grove Recent Awards
This has been a very flattering year for me with regard to award recognition. Early in the year my little 7x5, Gentle Meanders, was chosen in the Western Spirit Art Show as the Best Miniature. That was followed with First Place in the Richeson 75 Pastel Exhibition. Winter Glade received 2nd Place in a members' show in Grand Junction, I got the Juror's Award from Elizabeth Mowry in the Northwest Pastel Society's national show and a Merit Award in the juried members' show of the Pastel Society of the West Coast. The coup de grace came with the Purchase Award in the 63rd Wind River Valley Artists' Guild show. My autumn aspen painting shown above, Into the Aspen Grove, has joined their permanent collection displayed at the Headwaters Art Center in Dubois, Wyoming. This is a year to remember for me and I will be ever grateful for these honors.
Bighorn Sunrise Bold Inspiration from Edgar Payne
I had the thrill of visiting the Edgar Payne exhibition in Pasadena, California earlier this month. Part of the great impression it makes is from the large size of so many pieces in the show but it's a lot more than that. For anyone unfamiliar with the artist, he was one of the pioneering California painters of the early to mid 20th century, traveling deep into the Sierra Nevada Mountains by horseback to capture evocative renditions that he later translated into powerful studio paintings. Bighorn Sunrise, the painting at left, is one of my own that was certainly inspired in part by Payne's work as well as others.

One thing I would say is he was not afraid to design and paint boldly! The man was no Milquetoast when it came to flinging paint. I came away inspired to think, design and paint boldly and more appreciative than ever of his great little book, Composition of Outdoor Painting. The catalog for Payne's show is available at the Pasadena Museum of California Art.
Winter Glade Study Upcoming Events
There are two shows I'm participating in this holiday season. The first is a 6x6 show in Idaho Falls, Idaho, called Tight Focus, sponsored by the Pastel Society of the Northern Rockies. All paintings in the show are of the same size: six inches square. The show will be held in Blake G. Hall Gallery and runs from Nov. 10 through Jan. 5, 2013. If you're looking for a special holiday gift, this show has lots of jewels including the piece on the left - a study from which a large painting was done which won an award in Grand Junction.

The second show is the 21st National show of the Pastel Society of New Mexico in Albuquerque. It's the first time I entered that show and I am honored to have had two paintings accepted. More details of these shows are available on my web site.
My Bookshelf The Bookshelf
I've just ordered two new books for my art book collection and there's one I recently received that I want to tell you about.

The newest are a brand new book about Utah artist, LeConte Stewart and an older collectible title, Grupp´┐Ż on Color.

LeConte Stewart Masterworks can be found on Amazon. Here's some info on him.

The third book is a new one just printed about the life and art of Joaquin Sorolla, the iconic Spanish artist of the 20th century. It too was ordered through Amazon and is titled Sorolla, the Masterworks. For anyone wanting to know more about these two historical artists, I can definitely recommend these books.

The book by Gruppe I'll have to wait to comment on until I've actually seen it. It's only available used and is probably more interesting for artists than the art collector although it should be interesting to see how one of the preeminent 20th century American impressionist painters thought about color.
Social Networking
After ten years creating art, seven of them as a professional, it seems about time to improve communication with my collectors and art friends. This newsletter is one step in fulfilling that resolution and I hope you give me some feedback on how it's working for you.

In addition I've begun posting some information on my web site in the form of a blog. I'm hoping to expand the subject matter there to include more all-around art interest.

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Upcoming Events

21st Annual National Pastel Painting Exhibition, Pastel Society of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, Nov. 2-25, 2012
Tight Focus, Pastel Society of the Northern Rockies, Idaho Falls, ID, Nov. 10, 2012-Jan. 5, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving
Thanks for reading my newsletter. Remember that this is something new for me and I'd love to get some feedback. All my contact info is below but this link will take you directly to the contact page on my web site.

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