Greetings Alchemists!

We hope you are all enjoying the start of summer and getting to play in the sun. When you retreat indoors, you will be happy to know we have a number of new offerings for you to play with when you fire up your torch.

Those of you who attended the DFO got a sneak peak at what the Alchemists here at Glass Alchemy have been working on. 

This newsletter contains information on new frit colors - Rasta Gold and Really Teally!!  The official release of Purple Rain, an update on Lemon Drop and a preview of Soft Boro™- a new COE system we are introducing into the world of colored borosilicate!!

Read on for all the details!!
Purple Rain, 7692

Purple Rain We are excited to announce that Purple Rain, 7692 is here to stay!! This color started out as a Revolution 33� color a few years ago.  We got some requests for it over the past year, so we decided to make a small run of this color.  The response was overwhelming and this color has now moved into permanent production!!

Over the past week, we have been shipping this color out to our resellers. They are stocking up and gearing up for your orders.   

Soft Boro™

Have you heard of Soft Boro™? Glass Alchemy is committed to exploring the world of borosilicate glass and Soft Boro is a COE system we are exploring.  For all of you out there who own furnaces and wish the glass would stay softer longer, Soft Boro is the ticket.  It is still a borosilicate glass, but has a COE of 51, which means it takes less heat to heat up and it will retain its heat longer.  


At this time, we are not making a formal announcement around product availability, but we did want to share the news that we are exploring a new aspect of borosilicate glass.  Around the time of the DFO, we had a number of artists visit the Glass Alchemy factory to play with this new glass.  We will continue to work with the community as we work on developing this new product line.   

Boromax Layered Tube   
Our line of Boromax Layered Tube is growing!! Resellers are now stocking up on a clear encased Jackpot tube.  This tubing sparkles like no other and is stable under clear encasement. 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on special tube pulls, which will feature unique and hard to find color combos!!

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New Frit Colors!!  
We are continuing to expand our frit palette with the introduction of two new colors: Rasta Gold, 302 and Really Teally, 544.
Rasta Gold
We will continue to expand our frit palette over the coming months.  If there is a color you would like to see in frit, let us know.  The more we hear from our customers, the better!!

Really Teally

Lemon Drop!

After the sneap peak of Lemon Drop at AGE, you have all been really excited about the future this color brings. We sold a limited quantity at the  DFO.  Our plan is to work on finalizing the Lemon Drop formula, so we can release it as soon as possible.

Stay tuned...