Greetings Alchemists!

We hope you all had a nice holiday season and that 2013 has kicked off to a great start! 

2012 was a busy year for Glass Alchemy, thanks to all of you!!  We have increased our production capacity and built a second frit crusher to make sure we can keep up and get ahead of demand. As a result, our frit product line will be growing throughout the new year, starting with the addition of Double Passion and Portland Gray frit!!

Please read on for details on the 12th annual We Love Our Customers Sale and new color releases, including Eclipse, our new black, and the much anticipated Jackpot...
We Love Our Customers Sale 

Save the Date for this year's We Love Our Customer Sale!!

When and How to Order:
The sale will run from February 14th-28th. Sale prices will go live on glassalchemy.com at the stroke of midnight Pacific Time on the 14th. You can also phone in your order starting at 9am PT on the 14th by calling 503.460.0545.

Sale Items:
All sale items will be located in the Outlet section of our website. Sale items will include extra low prices on Occasional Quality glass, super low prices on discontinued items and Cheap Thrills! We will be adding sale items to the Outlet section between now and the start of the sale.
New Color Options!!! 

We are excited to release two new killer colors that are great additions to our color palette - Eclipse and Jackpot!  What's not to love about a new stable dense black and a super sparkly sparkle color!?!

Eclipse, 9977 is Glass Alchemy's next generation black. This true black maintains a smoky black color when pulled down to 1mm.  Described by many as "bullet proof", Eclipse does not contain any chrome, so graying and checking are not a major concern.
Jackpot, 4598

Do you love using Paparazzi for layering but wish you had a version that was a denser green with more sparkle?  Well, then Jackpot, 4598 is the color for you!  Jackpot is a super sparkle that is based on the same technology as Paparazzi, so it is stable, workable chrome based sparkle.

Upcoming Events Sponsored by Glass Alchemy
Arizona Project Glass Alchemy is proud to sponsor the upcoming Arizona Project for the second year running. This event will take place in Tucson from Feb. 6-9th and is designed to bring glass artists together and promote growth in the Glass Age.

The SGAA's annual Flame Off Competition will be taking place on Friday, Feb. 8th.  Glass Alchemy is excited to continue our SGAA support of this great event.  Be sure to check out this year's competition, which will be taking place at the  Rialto Theatre in downtown Tucson.

Atomic Kumquat
Atomic Kumquat is a  black light reactive color that has come out of retirement for a limited time!!  This old school color is new and improved with less air, more UV reaction and better working properties.

Quantities are limited, so get this color while you can!

Skull by Akihisa Izumi 
New Frit Colors! 
We are excited to announce the release of two new frit colors - Double Passion and Portland Gray!! Be sure to keep your eye on Glass Alchemy's frit selection throughout 2013. We have a lot of new frit colors lined up!

Double Passion Frit