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    Fall 2015    
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Board of Directors
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How Can You Help?
  • Make sure your church pastor and office staff knows about Good Neighbors.

  • Call GN when you need help.

  • If you encounter a neighbor who is struggling, please refer them to Good Neighbors.

  • If you are not in a position to give your time and talents to Good Neighbors, please consider making a financial contribution. All donations are tax deductible.

  • Attending Good Neighbor benefits and fundraising activities 

Good Neighbors is a 501(c)3 community ministry. Our mission is to help lift our Blount County neighbors out of a temporary crisis.

Good Neighbors provides resources to maintain and/or increase the ability of our neighbors to cope with the challenges of everyday life. We do this in an atmosphere of love and respect, building partnerships through which Christ's love can grow and by advocating for social justice within Blount County. Good Neighbors is funded by local area churches, individuals, BCEAC, United Way and other civic groups. 


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Available at the office or at these Alternative Gift Fairs:
First United Methodist Church 804 Montvale Station Road, Maryville
Sunday November 8th  9am until 2pm
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 Sunday November 22nd 11:30am to 1pm     




9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
   Please call    865.681.5420

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From Where I Sit...
  Lisa Blackwood, Executive Director  
I am enjoying this great fall weather even though I know winter is looming. The crisp air and the beautiful leaves are a reminder of the changing seasons and the great artist who provides the color splash.
 It has been an exciting month here. Preparations for the Spirit of Good Neighbors Awards, opportunities to share about poverty in our own community, Octoberfest, coffee sales, community events and other activities abound. Most importantly, we are blessed by the time we spend with our neighbors, the face to face time spent listening, caring, sharing and guiding. There are simply no words to adequately describe how our staff feels about this time. There are days when we feel the weight of someone's crisis and struggle to prepare a plan for resolution. Sometimes we ponder the situation beyond closing time and continue working for a day or two. It takes several of us together to come up with a solution. There are times when the solution is simple and the answer is quick. Each neighbor is given our best efforts and assistance.
Over these last few months we are seeing more and more neighbors never seen in the past. That is good news as it also means that those we have helped in the past are making it ok. At times we see a neighbor who has not been here for several years and tell us they are grateful they have not been in need for such a long time. That is progress and confidence, problem solving on their own. Yay!
We love checking in with our neighbors and finding that they are doing well; new jobs, car repaired, family situations are better and hearing they are so glad they found out about us. Knowing that we care enough to check in. Relationships are important to confidence and growth!    
So, come alongside us and help our neighbors. How? Pray for the GN staff; pray for those in need; tell someone you know who is struggling; tell your pastor about us. Of course you can also donate your time and/or your resources. Life is a journey, sometimes easy and sometimes hard. It's fall. What change are you making?
Just pondering...   Lisa


Stories of Hope &
                 Changed Lives...
Several years ago we had a partnership with a Vision Group in Knoxville and we were able to send our neighbors to them for assistance with glasses. Following an exam, the neighbor was fitted with glasses and walked out seeing much better. We were devastated when we lost that opportunity due to a change in company policy. Recently United Way referred a neighbor to us who needed an eye exam. Through this experience we found VISION USA. Our first neighbor was patient as we learned the ropes and completed the necessary paperwork. All application and verification had to be done on-line. Our neighbor was completely unfamiliar with computers and was unable to complete the forms. Forms could not be mailed or faxed. Once the paperwork was sent, we received a confirmation email quickly and our neighbor was given an Optometrist to work with. He had a limited time to make the appointment but that was done by phone. What a blessing to have access to vision care once again.
Just imagine..... you move to Tennessee, specifically Blount County because you are offered a better job with the same employer. Things look great and you move your family here. Your husband gets a job at a local plant and things are looking really good. And then it happens, all at once...... there is a lay off at the plant and the "better" job is not really better. After arriving you find that your certification from the other state is not enough and you have to take tests. Studying for the test is difficult because you are not allowed to bring the material home (it's confidential) to study. The tests keep coming every month and on the last one you fail by one point. Oh my...... now what!?!! First you find that you can't retake the exam for 12 months and you can't keep your job unless you passed so you are now out of work as well. Two college degrees in the household and finding jobs has become a nightmare. Savings are spent trying to make ends meet. Finally you lose your apartment and are living in your car. It appears that your life is falling apart. Then a spark of hope..... promise of a new job for both. Reality sets in, there are uniforms to press and baths that need to happen and a good night's rest in a safe place would really make a difference. Who might help? Enter Good Neighbors...... when Bonnie and Jim came in, referred by a church, they were worn out and filled with anxiety. They had no idea if GN could help at all. It turns out that we could help in amazing ways! First we did manage to provide shelter for a few days so that they were in a safe place and were able to have basic needs met. Then we referred them to the local food pantries and Welcome Table to help with meals. And most importantly we were able to refer the through Family promise to the Rapid Re-housing Program where they were able to secure an apartment and utilities. Encountering this couple a few weeks later was a blessing. Settled in an apartment, working and planning for the future with big smiles..... fabulous!