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"Responding in a Christ-like way to our neighbors in need"
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By The Numbers ...
January -November 2016

Neighbors Served
Amount disbursed on behalf of Neighbors
3782 Volunteer Hours Given
6046 Number of Calls Received
482 Follow up Calls Completed
520 Neighbors Seen for the First Time!
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How Can You Help?
  • Make sure your church pastor and office staff knows about Good Neighbors.

  • Call GN when you need help.

  • If you encounter a neighbor who is struggling, please refer them to Good Neighbors.

  • If you are not in a position to give your time and talents to Good Neighbors, please consider making a financial contribution. All donations are tax deductible.

  • Attend Good Neighbor benefits and fundraising activities 

Good Neighbors is a 501(c)3 community ministry. Our mission is to help lift our Blount County neighbors out of a temporary crisis.

Good Neighbors provides resources to maintain and/or increase the ability of our neighbors to cope with the challenges of everyday life. We do this in an atmosphere of love and respect, building partnerships through which Christ's love can grow and by advocating for social justice within Blount County. Good Neighbors is funded by local area churches, individuals, BCEAC, United Way and other civic groups.



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During this season we wait. 
We prepare for a new year.  
We prepare our hearts for those who cross our paths.
We prepare for the coming of the Christ child and for the reminder that we are to see Him in every encounter, in every face and life.

May you find still moments to reflect and to love our neighbors
Merry Christmas!

The Volunteer Staff, the Board of Directors and Lisa Blackwood 

2016 Board Members
Eric Weatherbee, Chair
Diana Curtis, Vice Chair
Cynthia Freeman, Secretary 
Stuart Hammond, Treasurer
Suzie Cutshaw
Tanya Jones
Barbara Foster
Bryan Irwin
Reese Wills
Virginia Hardwick
Dan Young
Michelle Nuchols
Jim Snyder
Sarah Thaemert
Susanna Waters



9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


1741 Triangle Park Drive 

Maryville, TN 37801

   Please call    865.681.5420

for an appointment  


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Good Neighbors of Blount County



From Where 
I sit.....

My, oh my it has been an interesting season in our community.  There have been so many tragedies and heartbreak for our neighbors.  It seems that everyone is experiencing stress and even numbness as we deal with all that has happened.  Every day our neighbors come in and tell us about how the ripple effects have included them or their families in one of the events around us.  Having lived in Blount County my whole life, I do not remember ever experiencing anything like this!  

But from all this heartache comes much good.  Because we are located in the Red Cross building/disaster response warehouse, I have had the privilege of answering the door to find deliveries coming from strangers in the Savannah area who drove all night to bring supplies, local residents with large cashier's checks (they don't want anyone to know who they are -that's not the point), small bills wadded up in little rolls, couples who bring checks with the statement: "My brothers in Sevier County are hurting", carloads of water and snacks and stuffed animals for comfort....  It is heartwarming and helps shake the worry and sadness from my heart.  The real story here is that we live in a community that steps up and helps our brothers and sisters in need.  Whether it be empathy for those who are struggling to make ends meet and provide the basics of life, for families who just don't have the funds to provide a few presents under the tree, for the homeless who are trying to stay sheltered and warm on these cold, rainy days or for the many who just can't feed their families, meet medical expenses and manage to keep everything paid so they are not evicted or have their power turned off.  We are seeing so many families or friends moving in together to share expenses.  While that sounds great in some ways, too many people in a small setting makes for quick tempers and no privacy.
We are closing in on the end of 2016 and so we pause to think about the families we have been in ministry with -  our neighbors, their landlords and utility companies, our staff, many in the community as we told the story in varied settings, through music at the "Lean on Me concert", through a fun run at the "Moonlight Mile"  and through celebrating our local Good Neighbors with recognition and awards.  It has been a great year even with the difficulties that life throws at all of us.  Through November GN has served more than 1100 families (almost 3000 individuals) and have directly assisted neighbors (paid to landlords, utility companies, pharmacies, etc.) with more than $107000.  Our volunteers have joyfully served by giving nearly 4000 hours of their precious time.  Information and referrals have been shared, prayers have been lifted, tears and smiles have blessed us and families have been treated with dignity, respect and kindness.  The blessings are humbling and many. 
So from where I sit - is everything right with the world?  No, simply put no.  However, we continue to respond to God's call and continue on our mission of "providing assistance - sharing hope - and empowering lives".  It's what we do, what we will continue to do and every day we are reminded of our potential to challenge the hurts and comfort the hurting.
Just pondering....................so blessed...........  
Merry Christmas!                     Lisa


Stories of Hope
Making A Difference in Our Neighbors' Lives
Melissa has been living in her car for many months, just her and her dog.  She has been working two jobs and has been saving to move into an apartment.  Hours have been reduced at one of her jobs which reduced her savings.  Realizing that situation was not going to get better, she found another job and has two full time jobs again.  She has been blessed that a friend has helped her take care of her dog and offered her a night on the sofa from time to time.  Good Neighbors was able to work in collaboration with the Rapid Rehousing program and helped her get into a new home.  The sideline blessing is that she will be in the same neighborhood with her friend who will assist with her dog on days when she is unable to go home between jobs.  GN believes she is off to a great start!  It is amazing how success comes  together! 

Louis is a single father with sole custody of three children.  He lives in public housing and has had no problem meeting his obligations in the past.  Unfortunately he lost his job and is struggling to pay his rent.  He is actively pursuing new employment but he fears fall break will make that more difficult since he has sole responsibility for the children.  Public housing is very strict about late rent and he is concerned he will be evicted.  Good Neighbors committed to paying a portion of his rent and also referred him to the Family Resource Center for assistance.  It was also discovered that he had been communicating with his landlord via email.  The coach spoke with him about the impact of speaking with his landlord face to face over email.  After several phone calls with the FRC and the landlord, Louis' rent was significantly reduced for October (based on income) and will be adjusted once again when he secures employment.  In the end, GN nor the FRC assisted with rent because it was taken care of through that direct communication with the landlord.  Educating through modeling and guiding is important and makes a real difference.  Louis was also pleased to learn about Welcome Table where his family can receive a delicious meal without preparation or clean up!  A much needed break for this parent!

Do you know what to do if your power is cut off and you have never even made a late payment?  Add to that being a very recent widow and you will clearly understand Vivian's story.  Since her husband passed away she has been trying to  determine how to navigate access to the pension and other benefits for which she qualifies.  There have been multiple roadblocks and it seems that she is almost there only to find that the utility company can't wait any longer.  No power, no water.....  oh no!  
On the advice of a local church and the utility company 
Vivian made an appointment and came in to Good Neighbors. After meeting with a coach, receiving referrals and resources and problem solving the power was restored and Vivian will hopefully have her financial situation in order.