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December 2011 
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Challenge Match
Women's State Tournament Workers
Bowl for Free????
Challenge Match
Fun Times in Muskegon

On Sunday, September 25th the Greater Muskegon and Grand Rapids Bowling Association held their 36th Annual Match Game at Sherman Lanes (in the past this was just the women's organization, but last year we added the men's association too). Once a year the Associations get together to bowl, have fun, and build friendships with each other's association members. The goal of the match game is to challenge each other for a traveling trophy, a decorated toilet seat for the woman and a decorated plunger for the men!! Total pin fall determines the winner. This year the GR women brought the toilet seat home (it is on display at the Association office), but left the plunger behind for the Muskegon men. We would like to thank all those that joined in this year which includes the board members along with house representatives. After bowling, the associations enjoy a nice luncheon provided by the host association and give out a few door prizes. It's a great way to build camaraderie with the other bowling associations. Thanks to Shirley Avery who was in charge of organizing this year's event for a job well done. It was a fun and friendly competition. Better luck next year gentleman!!   

Women's State Tournament Workers for Westgate
Anyone wishing to work in the office for the Women's State Tournament is asked to contact Fran Reus at 616-862-0682 or e-mail  her at You must be able to operate a calculator and have some computer experience.  It has also been suggested you have a good working knowledge of bowling procedures and rules.
Congratulations to...
Congratulations to Kim Becker who had her 1st 800 series at  Spectrum Lanes during the Women's 500/600 Tournament.   This event is 4 games across 8 lanes.   An 800 series is hard enough to do on one pair of lanes little lone moving after  each game.   Kim had  games  of  258/ 288/ 279 for a 825 series. 


Also congratulations to Bryan Eaton who had his 1st 800 series at Sparta Lanes during the Coors Invitational Tournament,  again this was moving to a new pair  of lanes after each game.   Bryan's 853 series included back to back 300 games.  Great bowling!!!





Well here we are ready to start a new year.  Where has the time gone?  As we aproach the new year "2012"  both the Men's and Women's State Tournaments will be starting.  Entries are still available for both.  The men's tournament is in Monroe and the women's will be held here in Grand Rapids.  Entries are available in the bowling centers and on our website at which has a link to both the Men's & Women's associations.  Please help support our state tournaments.  Also we will be running the Mixed Doubles tournaments in January - start thinking about getting a partner! 
We hope everyone has a safe & happy holiday season.
Carole Morgan & Fran Reus
Greater Grand Rapids USBC Association
2012 Michigan Women's State Tournament
The deadline for entereing the 2012 Michigan Women's State Tournament is just around the corner---January 9, 2012.  We would like to have every woman's league in Grand rapids represented in the State Tournament. 
Bowl for Free???
Yes, you can.  We need to maintain a list of 75 - 100 women who would be willing to bowl as a substitute in the State tournament.  You may sub an unlimited number of times in team event and doubles.  (You may bowl singles only once.) You are not required to reimburse the original entrant.  (However, that would be a very classy act of kindness.) Please --- if you want to bowl but cannot field an entrie team on your own --- or ---if you are already entered and would be willing to be a sub, call the Grand Rapids Association office at 616-530-8195 or email us at:  All we need is your name and phone number.  That's it!
Be a part of one of the largest women's state tournaments
in the country! 
Thank You Grand Rapids Members!
Tournament participation is up! Bowlers, we are half way through our bowling season.  We have already provided you with 6 events of tournament competition.  Thank you for your support of these events.  Often we are asked "What do I get for my membership fees?"  Well, the answer is simple.  You get as much out as you put in.  If you do not take advantage of the opportunites that are available to you as a certified member, that is your decision, your choice. 
The Officers Jamboree had 57 entries, the same as last year. 
The Adult/Junior Doubles Tournament had 86 entries --- a 26% increase! 
The Women's 500 Club Tournament had 34 entries --- a 62% increase. 
The Women's 600 Club Tournament had 62 entries --- a 17% increase! 
The Seniors Tournament had 222 entires --- a 7% increase!
The Optional 800 portion of the 700 Tournament had 52 entries --- 2% increase! 
You still have opportunites ahead of you this season.  The Mixed doubles Tournament is in January.  The Youth City Tournament is in March and April. And the Adult City Tournaments are also in March and April.  Take advantage of one of your membership benefits.  Bowl in a Grand Rapids certifed event.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!! 
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