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February 2015

Bid Farewell to 2014
Welcome 2015!


As insurance professionals, you can celebrate a historic year of successes having ascended through numerous key healthcare reform changes. From health plan design modifications, to increased reinsurance fees and wellness program incentives, 2014 won't be forgotten. Welcome 2015, as ACA presents continued substantive impact specifically to large employers with the shared responsibility penalty and related reporting requirements.

We work in a complex industry that requires advanced knowledge and education. EBPA can boast of professionally dedicated members who additionally happen to be a great people to be around. EBPA provides quarterly educational opportunities with necessary continuing education credits (CEs), and also includes networking with your peers and a healthy lunch. In less than one day at our annual seminar, you may earn five CEs; enjoy breakfast, lunch and so much chatter among members that the seminar chair has difficulty getting everyone back in their seats for the next session!

So let your colleagues know about the training and intrinsic value of EBPA at a truly nominal cost. Learn more at You can't get this sitting behind a computer working alone on another CE.

It's my pleasure to have worked along side a great board of directors in 2014. Thanks to each of you for your contributions and collaborative efforts, and to Andie Dowell who served as board president.

We've made a smooth transition to this year's board and our first meeting provided a vigorous conversation and exchange of ideas for renewed events. We are always open to your recommendations for CE topics, encourage your involvement on a committee, as well as interest you may have in becoming a 2016 board member.

Look for the EBPA Golf Tournament at a different time of year. Golf Co-Chairs, Matt Baki and Joan Carter are planning a September event and more details will be communicated throughout the spring and summer. This year, your purchase of mulligans along with EBPA's matching contribution will help support New House, a domestic violence shelter in the KC metropolitan area. This is an important event to our sponsors, members and charitable cause, and will be a fun experience for all.

Finally, please mark Friday, February 13th on your calendars for the first 2015 EBPA luncheon and CE at the DoubleTree Hotel. We are excited and honored to host Matt Condon, CEO - Bardavon Health Innovations, LLC as our guest speaker. Matt's topic is "A Healthy Workforce: How Workers' Comp and Wellness programs Go Together". We look forward to seeing you.

The 2015 board wishes you a healthy and prosperous year.

Denise Lambert
EBPA President 

A Healthy Workforce:  How Workers' Comp
and Wellness programs Go Together
February 13, 2015
Time:   11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
Where: DoubleTree Hotel, Overland Park, KS

Our speaker for this luncheon meeting is Matthew Condon, J.D./MBA, CEO of Bardavon Health Innovations, LLC. A licensed attorney, Matt is recognized as a national thought leader on Business, Entrepreneurialism and the Health and speaks throughout the country about the nexus between data, healthcare, and industry.

"Wellness" has run the risk of becoming an irrelevant after-thought within the Corporate-Suite world due to poor planning, poor management, and most importantly - an inability to produce transparent ROI's.

If we are to manage workplace injury, healthcare cost, and cultural aspects of our companies in meaningful ways - we must expand the definition of wellness to incorporate AND integrate the entire spectrum of our companies' dollars that are lost through ineffective, or inexistent, wellness initiatives.

Most safety professionals are interested in the health of the workforce as it relates to doing the job, and have some workers' compensation related responsibilities, but the ability to complete the essential functions of the job is both a health and wellness issue.

This presentation will outline how new wellness initiatives can benefit the full continuum of a healthy workforce by integrating the job requirements into the wellness program. Most importantly, this presentation will outline a meaningful return on investment for workplace wellness programs.

The registration fee is $36 for members and $46 for nonmembers. One hour of CE credit is available for Kansas and Missouri. Only 2014 and 2015 members are eligible to receive the CE credits. There is a 48 hour cancellation policy.
2015 Membership Dues Are Now Due

Your 2015 membership dues are now due.  Just login to your profile on the web site,, and pay them today!
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2015 Board of Directors

Denise Lambert
Vice Pres
Tracy Johnson
Melissa Henrich
Jenny Gilmore
Public Rels
James Winne
Social Chairs
Joan Carter
Matt Baki


Stacy Wells

Laurie Stowe
Amy Angotti Bilbo
Pres Emeritus

Andy Dowell

February 13

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