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Dec  2015

Holiday Reception
Cardiovascular Health
Dedicated to Our Community 
Date:     December 3, 2015
Time:     3 - 5 pm
Where:  DarkHorse Distillery
              11740 W. 86 Terr, Lenexa, KS
Fees:     $50 for members
              (includes drinks, snacks and CE)

Join us for our annual holiday event on December 3rd. There will be one hour of Continuing Education as well as a reception at the DarkHorse Distillery.

Our speaker will be Dr. Tracy Stevens from Saint Lukes Health System.  She will discuss the latest innovations in cardiovascular health, life saving technology that can be incorporated into the work place and home, and various community initiatives.

TRACY L. STEVENS, M.D. is a Board Certified Cardiologist with Cardiovascular Consultants, P.A. and is on staff at Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Missouri.  She is Professor of Medicine at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine. Dr. Stevens completed her Cardiology Fellowship at Mayo Clinic, where she was also the National Institutes of Health Cardiovascular Research Fellow.  She received her M.D. degree at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine Advanced Standing Program in 1990.
2016 Slate for EBPA Board of Directors
Ballots will be distributed at the December 3rd meeting for next year's board of directors. The slate being proposed is listed below:
President - Tracy Johnson, MedTrak Services
Vice Pres - Stacy Wells, Meritain Health
Secy/Treas - Matt Baki, Tria Health
They will be joined by the following chairs:
Membership      - Dan Meylan, Allied Insurance 
Editor                 - Joan Carter, Meritain Health 
Seminar             - Michelle Tagg, Preferred Health Professionals 
Legislative         - Melissa Henrich, Hays Companies 
Bylaws               - Amy Angottio-Bilbo, Kansas City Life
Social Chair       - Holly Schwind, MekTrak Services
Public Relations - Jim Winne, Tria Health 
Pres Emeritus    - Denise Lambert, Saint Luke's Health System 
Dues Notices

Watch your emails for dues notices and invoices. They will be going out in mid-December. The board is pleased to announce that there will be no increase in dues.
2016 Schedule

We will start the 2016 year off with a luncheon meeting in February. Watch your emails for further details. The board has its planning meeting in January. Please feel free to contact any of the board members with ideas for additional events and speakers.
Happy Holidays from the Board

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Board of Directors

Denise Lambert
Vice Pres
Tracy Johnson
Melissa Henrich
Michelle Tagg
Public Rels
James Winne
Social Chairs
Joan Carter
Matt Baki


Stacy Wells

Laurie Stowe
Amy Angotti Bilbo
Pres Emeritus

Andy Dowell

Past Presidents

1987-88    Vince Peyton
    1989    David J. Kiblen  
    1990    Sandra Ruder 
    1991    Pat Bolin  
    1992    Timothy Dorr 
    1993    Jim Walter 
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                Jack Lowry 
    1995    Jim Wolf 
    1996    Mark Whiting 
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    1998    Marlene Riley 
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    2002    Denise Koch 
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    2004    Andrew Carter, Jr. 
    2005    Kevin Bur 
    2006    Scott Mitchell 
    2007    Susan Young 
    2008    Brenda Beachey 
    2009    Michelle Ohlde 
    2010    Ramona Farris 
    2011    Dawn DeCelles 
    2012    Matt Tritz
    2013    Judy Wood
    2014    Andie Dowell

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