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HelpHOPELive E-News / Dec 2012-Jan 2013 
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41 Patients Celebrate the Gift of Life
HelpHOPELive is Celebrating 30 Years of Service
Keep Your Online Content Fresh: Update Where People Donate
We've Gone Mobile! HelpHOPELive Launches Phase 1 of our Mobile Website
From Your Patient Services Coordinators: Consider Planning a Raffle

LifeCongrats To Our Recent Transplant Recipients! 
41 HelpHOPELive patients received the gift of life October through December 2012.  

 View recipients: 
Not on one of our lists but should be?  Email me your name and transplant date.  We would be pleased to recognize you on our website.
HelpHOPELive is Celebrating 30 Years of Service!
HelpHOPELive 30th Anniversary Logo

Since 1983, HelpHOPELive has:

  • Helped more than 6,000 patients and families meet their uninsured medical needs through grass-roots fundraising, raising nearly $88 million.
  • Provided more than $73 million to pay for

    uncovered expenses related to lifesaving transplants, and (since 2000) life-changing catastrophic injuries.

  • Provided resources and referrals to more than 25,000 individuals and families.

Funds raised through HelpHOPELive have helped more than 2,200 patients receive a transplant, and to restore independence and quality of life for nearly 700 injured individuals.


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January 4 -
Over 100 people have already donated through our #mobile website. Check us out: visit on your smart phone or tablet.

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December  31 - Longtime transplant client Jerry Cahill features HelpHOPELive via CF Wind Sprints, a popular podcast for the cystic fibrosis community; Endorses HelpHOPELive.

CF Podcast #117 - HelpHOPELive: Assisting the CF Community
HelpHOPELive Executive Director Lynne C. Samson on 
CF Wind Sprints in December.

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December 28HelpHOPELive patient Paula Thrush, of the South-Atlantic Lung Transplant Fund, and friends held a gift wrapping fundraiser (a suggestion from our November eNews) at their local book store. Looks like they had a blast!  View event photo

Don't Forget That We've Moved

Note Our New Address:


2 Radnor Corporate Center

100 Matsonford Road

Suite 100

Radnor, PA  19087





For many of us, January marks the start of new beginnings - a time of year when we find hope that we or things in our lives can change for the better.  At HelpHOPELive, we encourage that hope to live in the hearts and minds of our clients every day, helping individuals and families nationwide to raise funds in their communities to create positive change.


This January marks HelpHOPELive's 30th year of raising funds and hope.  See our impact.  We'll be celebrating this milestone all year round, starting with an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on February 28 at our new office.  Live locally?  Please consider joining us to see our new home, mix and mingle with HelpHOPELive Staff and Board, and to celebrate the important work we do with the help of people like you who choose to HelpHOPELive.  Learn more.


Keep Your Online Content Fresh:
Update Where People Donate 


Sample webpage at

 In January, Amanda Boxtel updated her HelpHOPELive web page to let supporters know they're helping her to achieve her fundraising goal, with $20,000 raised so far toward the purchase of an innovative exoskeleton that will allow her to walk despite paralysis.
Kick off a new year of fundraising by adding new content to your HelpHOPELive web page. It's essential to refresh your web page content to keep page visitors informed and engaged...give them a reason to return to your page. 

When you first get started with fundraising, a HelpHOPELive Patient Services Coordinator works with you to create an appeal letter to your community expressing your medical and financial need.  We offer to post the appeal letter on your HelpHOPELive web page to kick start your online fundraising - But as time goes by, without an occasional update from you, your appeal letter will become out of date and your web page stagnant.  Don't give your supporters a reason to become disinterested in your cause - Update your page regularly. 


Think of how often you update your family and friends with a status post to Facebook, a quick Tweet, text or call.  Doesn't it make sense to check in now and then with your supporters at your fundraising page?  


Think, have you reached an important milestone on your road to recovery? Do you have an upcoming fundraiser, or a new fundraising goal to meet? Keep your supporters informed.  Sign in to the Patient Restricted Area to: 

  • Update your story under Edit My Patient Page
  • Blog about your journey under News & Events
  • Share event flyers under Flyer Library
  • View a list of your contributors to send thank yous under Contributors List; and more.
  • Use the social share toolbar at the top of your fundraising page to easily share your updates via Facebook, Twitter and email.

As always, we're here to help.  If you have questions about how to manage your page, please call us at 800.642.8399 or email    

We've Gone Mobile!
HelpHOPELive Launched Phase 1 of Our Mobile Website

HelpHOPELive's mobile websiteYou can now easily view patient web pages and make donations to a HelpHOPELive fundraising campaign from a mobile phone or tablet.  

Our new mobile website (see screen shot right) is a simplified version of our main website that offers you quick access to popular pages:
Donate NowView Patient Campaign,
About Us. If you can't find what you're looking for on the mobile site, click View Full Site from any page to return to our main site, which is not formatted for mobile devices but can still be viewed with limited function.


We're continuing to improve the mobile site, and will be adding new features within the year.  We are currently exploring a mobile-friendly Patient Restricted Area, where patients, families and fundraising volunteers could manage a patient web page on the go from their mobile device.


From Your Patient Services Coordinators
Consider Planning a Raffle

A raffle is a very versatile fundraiser - you can do it anytime, anywhere.


Here are some quick tips to follow when planning a raffle:

  1. Make sure that raffles are legal in your community.  This may require a phone call to your local municipal government.
  2. Plan to get a great stand-alone raffle item donated.  Some that we've seen: a handmade quilt, a flat screen television, an iPad, a fabulous trip including airfare and hotel, an ATV, a valuable piece of jewelry, or an autographed sports item.
  3. Use the HelpHOPELive Gift-In-Kind to solicit a donated item. Remember that this type of gift is considered a tax-deductible donation for the store and will generate good will in the community.  Feel free to thank the store in your publicity ("Television generously donated by Main Street Electronics").
  4. Advertise your raffle through your connections. Have HelpHOPELive create a flyer. Set up event registration through your HelpHOPELive web page to sell tickets. Share the flyer via your HelpHOPELive webpage, social media sites and email. 
  5. Consider having your raffle drawing at a public event.  Draw the raffle ticket at an event for your fundraising campaign, or a community event (such as a community fun day, church social, or school athletic event).  
Kelly Whitten Friends of 6-year-old Kelly Whitten took advantage of HelpHOPELive's Online Event Registration (available in the Patient Restricted Area) to host an online raffle for a private concert.  View the active fundraiser at

Thinking about a raffle?  Please contact one of us!


We look forward to hearing from you,

Joni, Rebecca, Judy, Susann, Amy, and Amanda



From all of us at HelpHOPELive, we hope you will join us as we celebrate 30 years and thousands of lives.  Stay tuned for more celebratory events to come!



Shannon Shensky   
Shannon (McMonagle) Shensky
Communications Manager for HelpHOPELive
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