An Update for Friends of Highfields · July 8, 2015
Judge Garcia Gives Leigha a Second Chance

   Leigha knew she could talk to her mom about anything. But, at age 15, when she told her mom that she drank, smoked marijuana and skipped school, her mother wasn't happy.

   In fact, "she was disgusted with me," Leigha said.

   When she had to go to court for her truancy, she knew it was her chance to turn things around. Judge Garcia told her she needed to pick an alternative high school to attend - and that she would have to write a letter to the school to get accepted.

   "I was hoping I got accepted to Ingham Academy so I could turn my life around," she said. "I probably wouldn't be anywhere if I didn't write that letter."

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When Domestic Violence Comes Home

   Alissa had seen first-hand the effects violence and emotional disturbance can have on children and families. She worked at Catherine Cobb Domestic Violence Shelter for five years. But when it began to happen in her own family, she was facing a familiar situation from an unfamiliar position.

    Alissa had just moved into a new house with her young family and fiancé. They were happy - but her 10-year-old son, Jordan, wasn't. His father was in prison and the new house and family didn't sit well with him.

   "I wasn't going to school," Jordan said. "I was fighting with my mom and sister. I was yelling and breaking things."

   He went to counseling, spent a weekend at an out-of-home placement and was put on Prozac. But his violence continued to escalate. One day, Jordan held a knife to himself - and then to Alissa. Alissa went to Community Mental Health and was referred to Highfields' Family Preservation Program.

Board Profile: Anethia Brewer
Program Committee Chair Loves to Help Kids
    As a teenager, Anethia Brewer was fascinated with the Kennedys, politics, and with how organizations formed. She decided early on that she wanted to go into public administration.

   In college, another interest developed: helping kids. She began working at youth camps during her summer breaks. When she completed her master's degree in organizational development and labor management, she began working at Starr Commonwealth, a residential treatment program, similar to Highfields, in Albion.

   The stories she learned there left a big impact on her. She was shocked to hear about how some of the kids grew up. She remembers one boy in particular.

   "I became very attached to one student from Flint," she said. "The only reason he ended up at Starr was he was stealing from the corner store to feed his family. His mom was a drug addict."

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