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     Poet Rainer Maria Rilke once wrote: "I tell you that I have a long way to go before I am . . . where one begins. Be at the beginning, always be a beginner. " 
And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been . . . but first a little of the tale-end of last year!



" There is always the possibility of a little pleasure concealed at the bottom of the cup!"

 -Old Spanish Proverb


The Rain In Spain Does Not Fall Mainly On The Plain . . .


It falls mainly in Asturias. . . despite the fact that it was very rainy and cold for the first 23 days, despite the fact that I got an infection in my left eye-lid that had to be lanced and then when I couldn't see to paint the sun decided to make its appearance, this trip to northern Spain was beautiful. I was with good people, far better than I could have imagined, they possessed  ideas that were refining and expansive. I have never felt a greater sense of remorse at leaving a place than I did when it was time to leave the city of Oviedo and Spain. You know you have been some place special when the people you are leaving are more emotional about your going than you are to leave them.



At first I thought the soul of Spain was in its art. But the soul of Spain is in the people . . . the art they create is an expression of the life they live on the land.

I discovered an earthy Spain where heritage, religion and passion mix like the dust and wind that cross the mountains of Asturias and Leon, always repeating the journey anew as if it had never occurred before. It is as if one slept through time, the feeling is ancient.

I felt that I found Hemingway's Spain, the Spain from For Whom the Bell Tolls. It survives in Asturias and Castilla. I experienced it from Oviedo to the Basque country near Hondarribia to the mountains of Leon in a little village called LaMata on a Sunday afternoon.

I saw the faces of Hemmingway's characters Pablo, Pilar, Maria and the old man played out over and

over again in 21st century Spain. Twelve centuries of heritage does not betray the Spanish soul. You see it in the faces of the people you meet, and they wear it with justifiable pride.



I took a 10 K hike with Jose and the boys to Covadonga, situated in

the mountains of Asturias. The first king of Asturias, Pelayo, began the Reconquista there in 716 AD. The Reconquista came its'

conclusion in 1492 . . . the year Columbus discovered America. In Covadonga one realizes you may easily be standing on the very ground walked by the great king.  A humbling thought for a person whose country is not even 300 years old.








The Exhibition

I've never been more proud of being an American then when the paintings of my fellow pastel artists were completely displayed on the Guest Country Wall of Honor in Oviedo.

Jason Chang, Lorenzo Chavez, Doug Dawson, Alan Flattmann, (William Hosner - delegation chair), Jenny M. Lin, Kim Lordier, Richard McKinley, Elizabeth Mowry, Sally Strand and Duane Wakeham.




Without question Jose del Riego and the ASPAS (Pintores Pastelistas Espanioles) team ran a first class exhibition. There was continuous press and media coverage. So much so that for a brief while I thought Woody Allen him self might make an appearance . . . there is a statue of Allen in Oviedo.

The exhibition was very well viewed. I witnessed numerous groups going through for the entire duration. Both university and high school groups (sometimes as many as 40-50 students at a time) were given educational chaperoning. As well, there was a number adult groups from neighboring cities that requested and received tours.

With 27 countries represented and the United States being given the distinction of Guest Country of Honor, the exhibition set an attendance record of over 6,500 in the 2� weeks it ran.








Speech at Opening Ceremony

II Bienal Internacional de Pintura al Pastel in Oviedo, Spain in November 2013


Thank you Jose . . . good evening Mr. Mayor and good evening ladies and gentleman.

It is a privilege to be here tonight in this great city to represent the United States delegation to II Bienal Internacional de Pintura al Pastel.

Oviedo is the jewel of northern Spain and we are pleased to have the distinction of Guest Country of Honor in this prestigious exhibition. Among our delegation are 6 Pastel Society of America Hall of Fame Honorees . . . the highest honor achievable in the art of pastel in America. 


Our artists come from all across the United States, from Oregon and California, from Colorado and Michigan, from Louisiana and New York City.

And tonight we are in good company, with not only some of the best pastel art in Spain, but from around the world . . . 27 countries in all.

We humbly take our seat among them as comrades in the art of pastel.

The strength of a nation matters, but the spirit, which informs and controls that strength matters just as much.
In Spain the mission of art has remained inseparable from its spirit over the many centuries.


I have never been more aware of that then on my visit to Spain this trip.

From the murals of San Isidoro in Leon, to the great museums of Madrid, to Bilboa, and this evening right here in Oviedo . . . everywhere one looks Spain is art!

Jose del Riego and his ASPAS team have worked tirelessly and we owe them and the city of Oviedo an incalculable debt of appreciation.

Thanks to their efforts new bonds of friendship, across national boundaries, have already begun.

In conclusion I will tell you that there are 3 things I hold close to my heart here in Spain,

First is the art . . . next is the cuisine . . . but closest of all will always be the people of Spain!  -Gracias Espania!


-W. Truman Hosner, United States Delegation - Guest Country of Honor




     Hondarriba by W. Truman Hosner -SOLD                             Cabo de Penas by W. Truman Hosner

Spain Exhibition Entries



If you know me at all you'll know why I have to love a country where the word for pastry is "pastell".


There were renewed personal relationships, like Jose del Riego and his family; lovely wife Maribele and two talented sons; Jesus and Guillermo.  They decided to roast a turkey on Thanksgiving Day so that their American guest would feel welcomed being so far away from family. Heaven only knows where they found a turkey it definitely isn't the national bird! The hospitality continued when I was introduced to Jose's father Jesus, mother Pilar, and his two sisters Mercedes and Maria. Pilar treated us all to what Jose assures me is the best Fabada Asturiana in Spain.














I have never been in a place were so many new friendships were formed.

Rafa & Carmen Cabo, Bora Lombardia, Miguel & Pruden Zabala, Sara Iglesias, Oscar Jimenez, Ruben Belloso, Vicente Romero, Gonzalo & Jesus Rodriguez, Michael Monaghan and wife Nieves Alvarez . . . the names just go on.

From Russian painter Victor Braginski and his wife Tanya to Spanish painter Aurelio Rodriguez and his wife Barbara, to artist Nancy Yang, whom I first met in Taiwan, the exchange of artistic information remained diverse and expansive. 




  Max Altekruse

It took twenty years, but I finally secured a compliment on a figurative work from my friend and mentor Max Altekruse (you'll remember that Max studied with the renowned Frank Reilly at The Art Students League in NYC). Prior to this the most he would say was: "Well you're getting it . . . keep going."


With Sweetness Unabated by W. Truman Hosner





 Richard Mckinley 

Richard Mckinley is a Pastel Laureate with the Pastel Society of the West Coast, he is a Hall of Fame Honoree at the Pastel Society of America in NYC and he is a friend and professional associate whom I hold in esteem. I have admired his work from the beginning of my venture into pastel. C. S. Lewis once said to a graduating class at Oxford: "If in your working hours you make the work your end, you will presently find yourself all unawares inside the only circle in your profession that really matters. You will be one of the sound craftsmen, and other sound craftsmen will know it."



The Pastel Pointers Blog by Richard Mckinley



Pastel Artists Who Inspire | William Truman Hosner

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 11:05 PM PST


There are some paintings that linger in our memories like a favorite song, playing over and over again. I saw one such painting at the annual Pastel Society of America exhibition in New York City this fall. As I entered the Grand Gallery in the National Arts Club and began my tour, I was again reminded of just how far the medium of pastel has come. Each painting was fascinating, but as I arrived in the back portion of the gallery and glanced to my right, a certain painting immediately captured my full attention. At that moment, the  exhibition was relatively quiet with only a few observers quietly strolling through, but there was a group of admirers huddled in front of this painting. Even at a distance, I could recognize whose work it was: William Truman Hosner (Bill to his friends)


Winter's Trimmings by W. Truman Hosner 


As I made my way closer to the large (24�36 inch) pastel landscape, titled Winter's Trimmings, I could see why the group had gathered. It was stunning! Bill decided years ago to forego photography and instead work directly from life, and his devotion to plein air painting is evident in the sensitivity and luminosity of his paintings. I was first introduced to his work in 2000 when he won the top award in the Pastel Journal's Pastel 100 competition. I have since seen his technique evolve from a softer application into the direct (alla prima) bravura that can be seen in his work today. Bill describes it this way: "During a painting session, everything is always changing. The light is constantly modulating and then my painting slowly evolves, becomes dynamic; it pulsates energy and exuberance."

Bill has earned Master Pastelist designation with the Pastel Society of America and is a Distinguished Pastelist with the Pastel Society of the West Coast, and has received numerous international awards and accolades throughout his artistic career. His plein air adventures take him across the world from his home state of Michigan to European destinations. Two years in the planning, Bill recently organized and delivered the works of a delegation of 11 American pastelists to Oviedo, Spain, as the Guest Country of Honor at the Pintores Pastelistas Espanoles International Salon (ASPAS), on view November 21 through December 7, 2013.

"I have been making art in one form or another for over 40 years. Ultimately, the years have led me to try and put any pretentiousness aside and give commonplace things a sense of poetry. I seek a noble vision of mankind, of nature . . . what you see is part of my journey." - William Hosner


None of us create art in a vacuum. All of our senses are constantly being stimulated by outside influences. Having had the opportunity to see the pastel works of Bill Hosner will have a profound effect on any pastelist. Observing his application technique, masterful compositional design, ability to capture the luminous effects of light, you will have a hard time getting his song out of your head. To learn more about the artist, you can visit his website at www.williamhosner.com.
*Reprinted with permission of F&W Publishing, all rights reserved.


The Butler Institute of American Art

The Butler Institute of American Art:

SelectedWorks From the Pastel Society of America's 41st Annual Exhibition.

December 15, 2013 through February 23, 2014

"Winter's Trimmings" has been included in this exhibition. 


The Mockingbird Gallery - Bend, Oregon 
I Am Excited and Pleased to Announce a New Affiliation:
At the end of this year, I placed my work with the Mockingbird Gallery in Bend, Oregon. The Mockingbird has a well-established reputation for carrying some of the best contemporary realism in this country and abroad. Proprietors Jim and Nathalie Peterson are well versed in their knowledge of collectable art and present a great respect for collectors and artists alike. Jim puts it this way: "Our job is to work for our artists, finding and connecting them with the best possible collectors who will appreciate and value their work." 


I personally respect what Jim and Natalie have accomplished with the Mockingbird Gallery and it is an honor for me to take a place with the high level talents that they represent.










Weekend of May 9th, 2014  Mockingbird will host 

Meet the Artist  with W. Truman Hosner



In the Mountains Above Covadonga 11x14        by W. Truman Hosner

 This work is available through Hosner Studio LLC

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