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February 2012



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Have you registered for IASO's one-day workshop which is focussing on techniques to help health professionals talk to their patients about their weight and motivating them to achieve their goals? If not, don't wait too long. For more information on the programme and how to register for this great value meeting please click here.


A quick reminder - now is the perfect time to sign up for SCOPE at the reduced rate of only �175. This rate will finish at the end of February so get in quick before the launch in March.


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Specialist Certification of Obesity Professional Education (SCOPE)

Launch of SCOPE e-learning programme delayed until March 2012!


You deserve our best and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we take a little bit longer to guarantee that our best is what we deliver. The extra time will allow us to make sure that the SCOPE e-learning programme offers you a fantastic learning experience, with both content and an online environment that exceed your expectations. As March approaches we will keep you updated on the new launch date.


In the meantime we have uploaded some snippets from a few modules so you can take a peek at what the system will offer when we launch. We are also excited to extend the discounted registration fee of �175 until the end of February - sign up now to save at www.iaso.org/scope/certification/registration/



Please contact Ange Aikenhead at aaikenhead@iaso.org should you have any questions. 


ENERGY Project



€3 million ENERGY project - what has it found?


IASO is organising an open meeting to discuss the outcome of the EU-funded ENERGY project on obesity prevention in children, to be held in Lyon on May 9th, just before the opening of ECO-2012. For more details please see the brochure.


The meeting will release the results of a survey of over 7000 children showing that

* Children in Greece have the lowest levels of sports activities

* Children in Slovenia are most likely to skip breakfast

* Children in Hungary watch the most television

* Children in Belgium sleep the most

* Children in the Netherlands consume the most sugared drinks


The meeting will also release the results of a new intervention to reduce sedentary behaviour in children aged 10-12 years old, conducted in five countries and involving over 1000 children.


There is no charge to participate in the ENERGY meeting but spaces are limited. Please send your name and contact details to cmercer@iaso.org requesting a reserved place at the ENERGY meeting.




Clinical Obesity...




All 2011 content published in this newly launched journal is freely accessible via any library that choose to 'opt-in' to the free access.

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Please submit your clinical research papers via our online peer-review system.








Obesity Reviews Volume 13 Issue 2...


A message from Professor David York, Editor-in-Chief...


OBR COVERThe February edition of Obesity Reviews contains six reviews that cover a number of aspects that should be of interest to clinicians, basic scientists and to those working in Public Health. The first manuscript (Katzmarzyk and Lear) is a systematic review of the effects of physical activity on risk factors for chronic disease. It suggests the effects are only modest while highlighting the difficulties in determining the independent effects of physical activity from those of weight loss. The second paper is another systematic review (Mesas et al) on the relationship between a wide range of eating behaviors such as snacking, skipping breakfasts, consumption of fast food, and excess body weight. The third review (Kalupahana and Moustaid-Moussa) discusses the role of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) as a whole and specifically the adipose tissue RAS in the links between obesity, inflammation and insulin resistance. This is followed by a review (Cheng et al) that highlights the rapidly developing research on iron metabolism and obesity, this review being a systematic review of the literature on iron status and obesity in human obese populations. A Public Health perspective is provided in the fifth paper (Shill et al) that looks at the ways in which state governments view the potential use of government regulations to promote healthier food environments through regulations in marketing or service sectors or in the production and retail sectors. Finally Doak and colleagues present a report from ILSI Europe that highlights the importance of age standardization in comparing obesity prevalence data within the Europe and present a number of new maps based upon this age-standardized data.


Finally, just a reminder not to forget to check out our online virtual supplements that can be viewed free at www.obesityreviews.net.


Obesity Reviews February 2012 Issue





Pediatric Obesity...


POB COVERThe February Issue of Pediatric Obesity under it's new name and look has been published with Wiley Blackwell!!


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Submit your best work to the leading journal in the field, via our online peer-review system.



Event Programme 2012


Hot Topic


IASO will be holding two Hot Topic Conferences this year. 'Let's Talk About Weight' is jointly hosted with the Royal College of Nursing and will take place on 14th March in London. Register today to secure your place. Our second conference, 'Mental Health and Obesity' will be held in June in Toronto and is jointly hosted with the Canadian Obesity Network.  






SCOPE Summer School will be returning to Cambridge in late August. We are also planning to develop the SCOPE sessions and take them to India and Kuala Lumpur later this year!! Keep an eye on our events page for further details. 








IASO are also organising two STOCK Conferences for 2012. 'Harnessing the beneficial properties of Adipogenic Microbes for improving human health' will be held in October and our second hot topic conference, 'Brown Adipose Tissue: An Anti-Obesity Issue?' with take place in November. 





Further information on all of our events and how to register can be found at http://www.iaso.org/events/ 


Obesity in the News


Latest articles of obesity in the news...


Please note that all external links are provided for information only, their inclusion is not indicative of IASO endorsement.


China: Disc degeneration more common in the overweight and obese (Feb 1st, 2012)

A recent study has found that with elevated BMI there is a significant increase in the extent and global severity of disc degeneration.


Overeating to please (Feb 1st, 2012)

A recent study has identified a group of 'people pleasers' people who despite not being hungry feel unable to turn down food that is offered to then in an attempt to make those offering the food more comfortable.


Australia: Diabetes rates double in 20 years (Feb 1st, 2012)

New report suggests diabetes rates have risen from 1.5% in 1990 to > 4% today. The report indicates this may be due to the increasing rates of obesity, decreasing rates of activity and poor dietary habits.


Click headlines to see the full story.


To see more of the latest articles of obesity in the news please visit: http://www.iaso.org/news/obesity-news/ 




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