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October 2011



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International Congress on Obesity 2014...

The planning for the 2014 International Congress on Obesity (ICO) is well underway and it promises to be an excellent meeting with cutting edge, high quality talks given by the leading researchers, clinicians, and policy makers in the world, as well as featuring exciting new research from early career scientists and lots of opportunities for those who attend to network at an international level.


IASO are working closely with the Malaysian Association for the Study of Obesity (MASO) in planning ICO and Chris Trimmer, IASO's Executive Director, recently met with Prof Ismail Noor and members of MASO's Council on a trip to Malaysia after the very successful Asia Oceana Association for the Study of Obesity's (AOASO) Congress which was held in Manila in August this year (photo below). IASO's ICO International Scientific Committee led by Prof Paul Trayhurn will be working with MASO and AOASO to invite key speakers who will integrate the Asia-Oceana perspective into the International flavour of the meeting making ICO 2014 particularly attractive to researchers all over the world.


One of the important outcomes of the meeting in Manila was AOASO's strategy to expand their activities in Asia. IASO is committed to work with AOASO in achieving these aims as obesity in Asia is becoming an even bigger challenge in many ways than obesity in Europe or North America.

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Keep your eye on this newsletter for all the most up to date information on ICO 2014 and set aside the date in your diary now so you don't miss the most topical and relevant meeting covering all aspects of obesity in the world.





UN High Level meeting on NCD's...

IASO's Professor Shiriki Kumanyika attended the UN High Level Meeting on non-communicable diseases in mid-September - a major event over 2 days which brought together over 130 nations including 34 heads of state, along with over 200 civil society groups. The final text of the Resolution (available at: http://www.un.org/ga/search/view_doc.asp?symbol=A%2F66%2FL.1&Lang=E) was strong in some of the language but considered by some to be weak in terms of actual commitments and follow-up tasks.


IASO will now work with the NCD Alliance in their 'Prevention Working Group' chaired by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) in London to identify issues that need further work. IASO is concerned that progress on cross-border issues (e.g. children's exposure to marketing) are not lost when member states take forward the Resolution, and with other civil society groups we want to see progress towards a clear procedure for dealing with commercial conflicts of interest in NCD strategy development.



Marketing to children - a BBC report...

IASO's policy director Tim Lobstein participated in a BBC radio programme on advertising foods and beverages to children. This is available for on-line listening at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0150dt3



FP7 ENERGY project...

IASO is organising the meeting of researchers and policy makers to assess the outputs of the EU-funded ENERGY project (see: www.projectenergy.eu) on interventions to promote reductions in sedentary behaviour in children. We expect to hold the meeting in March or April 2012. Look out for more information in the next IASO Newsletter.


Obesity in the News


Latest articles of obesity in the news...


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Malaysia: Rise in type 2 Diabetes cases alarming (October 4th, 2011)

Dr Kumari of the Malaysian Diabetes Association recently presented that there has been an increase in type 2 diabetes cases due to the link between obesity and type II diabetes, and that Malaysia leads in the prevalence of obesity in Southeast Asian countries.


Australia: US expert ecourages Australia to tax soft drinks (October 4th, 2011)

Prof Brownell from Yale University presented in Canberra that the government should opt to tax soft drinks as they do cigarettes. Taxing cigarettes have been shown to be effective in reducing smoking and he suggests that there is no reason to believe a similar tax on high sugar and fat foods would not be equally effective.


Scientists find children almost triple risk of high blood pressure by being overweight or obese (October 3rd, 2011)

Scientists found that around 5% of normal weight children were classified near or at 'too high' blood pressure compared with around 14% of those who were either overweight or obese. 


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To see more of the latest articles of obesity in the news please visit: http://www.iaso.org/news/obesity-news/ 



Clinical Obesity...

   COB COVER                             

Volume 1 Issue 2-3 has now been published! View all articles online.


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We are keen to attract submissions on clinical research papers that may include pharmacological obesity-related disease, treatment, trials and research; bariatric surgery; psychological aspects of obesity, provision of care relating to all health care professionals. 


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Obesity Reviews... 


The editorial board of Obesity Reviews has taken the decision that manuscripts providing information solely on national prevalence of obesity will no longer be accepted into the journal. The journal will continue to accept for review papers that provide more comprehensive reviews that compare prevalence in relation to specific groups, regions etc or show novel or previously unrecognized changes. This change in policy will be reflected in a new Aims and Scope for the journal that we will publish in the next IASO newsletter when the final wording has been agreed. 


Obesity Reviews Volume 12 Issue 10...


A message from Professor David York, Editor-in-Chief...


OBR COVERThe October edition of Obesity Reviews is a bumper edition with 6 reviews together with an in volume supplement of 4 papers on Fat Metabolism. There are systematic reviews of parental role in management of overweight/obese preadolescents and adolescents (Shrewsbury et al), post-partum weight retention in Asian females (Cheng et al) and on the validity and reliability of measures of sedentary behavior in children and adolescents (Lubans et al). The fourth review (Joseph et al) explores the connection between physical activity and eating behavior and suggests they share a common neurocognitive link that relates to executive function which may be important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the current obesogenic environment. The role of Glucose-dependent Insulinotropic Polypeptide in the pathophysiology of obesity and type 2 diabetes and its potential as a target for pharmacotherapy is reviewed by Paschetta and colleagues. The pathophysiology of triglyceride metabolism and adipocyte dysfunction in relation to obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease are reviewed by van de Woestijne et al in a manuscript that should be of equal interest to basic scientists as clinicians. The "in volume" supplement includes 4 key papers from a meeting organized by the Product Research Group of Lucozade on Fat Metabolism and includes reviews of nutrition supplements that increase fat metabolism, factors that regulate fat oxidation in human skeletal muscle, the relevance of increased fat oxidation for body weight management and the search for compounds that stimulate thermogenesis from the labs of Jeukendrup (UK), Kiens (Denmark), Astrup (Denmark) and Dulloo (Switzerland) respectively. Again, I hope there is something of interest for everyone who has a professional interest in Obesity and its comorbidities.


Obesity Reviews October 2011 Issue  


Pediatric Obesity...    



POB COVERDedicated to pediatric and childhood obesity, view Volume 6 Issue 5-6 now online. Also published this month are 2 supplements on the 4th Scandinavian Pediatric Obesity Conference (SPOC 2010) and the PERISCOPE Project: Workshop on Physical Activity and Indoor/Outdoor Environment in Kindergartens - view supplements.


As the journal undergoes various changes with it's new name, design and move of publisher to Wiley Blackwell from 2012 look out for other new features including a free 'In This Issue' article and free Virtual Issues that collate content on key topics of interest.


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