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April 2012



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Welcome to IASO's April Newsletter. We have lot's of exciting news in this issue including:


  • SCOPE e-learning has launched;

  • ENERGY project holds special symposium at ECO2012;
  • ToyBox first results published in Obesity Reviews supplement;
  • Stronger advocacy to promote public health;
  • Norway considers advert action;
  • Clinical Obesity call for papers;
  • New articles published in Obesity Reviews and Pediatric Obesity;
  • View the latest 'Mental Health & Obesity' progamme, our Hot Topic event in June;
  • Registration for our 10th and 11th STOCK conferences opens tomorrow;
  • Latest articles of obesity in the news;
  • CHEM report on chemical exposure.
SCOPE e-learning has launched...


IASO launched the SCOPE e-learning environment on 28th March, designed for health professionals who manage obese patients, and are looking to update their knowledge or partake in professional development. The response from health professionals internationally has been overwhelming, so visit us online to see what the buzz is about!


Sign up for free and take advantage of our online features, including:


  • Modules - a portfolio of obesity management modules
  • Networking - forums giving you access to like-minded health care practitioners around the world
  • Professional development - a facility to track your SCOPE and CPD points (including those you have earned at SCOPE courses in the past), and print certificates
  • Certification - registering online and completing e-learning modules is the first step to earning SCOPE Certification a qualification that recognises expertise in obesity management 


More features and modules to come!


Lots of ENERGY at ECO!

As a partner in the EU-funded ENERGY project (www.projectenergy.eu), IASO is delighted to be helping to host a special symposium at ECO2012 to announce the final results of the research.


Under the title €3 million ENERGY project - what have we found? the symposium will present data from a cross-sectional survey of over 7000 children in seven European countries, along with the outcome of a pilot intervention study aimed at exploring  sedentary behaviour in over 1000 children aged 10-12y. Invited commentaries on the results will be given by Prof Wolf Ahrens, Prof David Crawford, and head of Nutrition Policy at the Ministry of Health, France, M Michel Chauliac.


The symposium will be held on the morning of May 9th, before the opening ceremony for ECO. Registration at ECO is not required. Entry to the symposium is free of charge, but please register in advance with Claire Mercer at cmercer@iaso.org.


Further details can be found at http://www.iaso.org/site_media/uploads/ENERGY_brochure.pdf


Open up the TOYBOX!


As a partner in the EU-funded ToyBox project (www.toybox-study.eu), IASO is delighted to welcome the first results, which are published in the most recent Obesity Reviews supplement.


The study focusses on preschool age children, and notes the rise in overweight among this age group in the European Region, ranging from 10-12% of children in northern Europe to over 25% in southern Europe, and rising to 38% among young girls in Spain. The research team found a lack of coherent policies for nutrition and physical activity in kindergartens and nurseries in many countries, with risks of excess sedentary behaviour from TV viewing, and over nutrition from diets rich in energy dense snacks and sugary drinks. A summary of the results is given in the ToyBox Newsletter here.


The full set of the Obesity Reviews supplement articles can be read here


ToyBox is part-funded by the European Community under the 7th Framework ProgrammeEU flag. Sole responsibility for the project lies with the participating organisations; the European Commission is not responsible for the use that may be made of any material arising from this project.


Advocacy for action

A meeting of heads of NGO-sector organisations representing heart, cancer, diabetes and nutrition in Western Australia discussed the need for stronger advocacy to persuade governments to take action to promote public health.


IASO's Dr Tim Lobstein, an adjunct professor at the Perth-based Curtin University Institute for Public Health Advocacy, led a workshop on the challenges facing advocacy organisations for improving dietary health. The issue was picked up by regional TV and newspapers and helps to support the Australian Public Health Association's calls for traffic light nutrient labelling on foods and restrictions on junk food advertising to children.



Norway considers advert action

Advertising to children was also on the agenda of a meeting of the WHO European network on Reducing Marketing Pressure on Children, held in Copenhagen.


Speaking at the meeting, IASO's Dr Tim Lobstein highlighted the weaknesses in self-regulatory approach to advertising controls, and the rising use of new forms of media, with many children aged under 10 using smartphones, Facebook and online computers in their bedrooms. The Norwegian government announced a consultation on introducing stronger statutory regulation, and the Scottish government called on the UK to implement a ban on junk food TV advertising before 9pm.




Clinical Obesity...



Call for papers...


Clinical Obesity is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing high quality translational and clinical research papers and reviews focussing on obesity and it's co-morbidities. We would like to welcome you to submit your best work to Clinical Obesity. Our key interests are:


* Patient assessment, classification, diagnosis and prognosis 

* Drug treatments, clinical trials and supporting research
* Bariatric surgery and follow-up issues
* Surgical approaches to remove body fat
* Pharmacological, dietary and behavioural approaches for weight loss
* Clinical physiology
* Clinically relevant epidemiology
* Psychological aspects of obesity
* Co-morbidities
* Nursing and care of obese patients
* Regional prevalence studies and ethical papers

View the latest Clinical Obesity issue here.





Obesity Reviews Volume 13 Issue 4...


A message from Professor David York, Editor-in-Chief...



The April edition of Obesity Reviews contains 7 reviews that will hopefully provide interest and insight to all of our readers and subscribers. Childhood Obesity is recognized to be an increasing problem in many countries so the review (Borys et al) of the multicountry, multifaceted approaches taken through the Ensemble Pr�venons l'Ob�sit� Des Enfants (EPODE) initiative provides informative insight into the methodological approaches that are being used to combat the challenging problem. The various beneficial outcomes of bariatric surgery have been highlighted in a number of recent editions of Obesity Reviews. In this edition, Rao et al report a systematic review of the changes in insulin resistance that follow the various types of bariatric surgical procedures and review the potential mechanisms that might underly the improvements in insulin sensitivity. The systematic review by Lachat et al shows what we have probably always assumed but never actually have seen proven, that eating out of the home is a risk factor increasing energy intakes and decreasing micronutrient intakes. The role of epigenetic factors and the ability to predict potential suceptiiibility to becoming obese and diabetic has been an area of increasing focus in recent years. Brisbos and colleagues have undertaken a review to identify factors in early childhood (< 5 years) that might predict obesity in adulthood. They identify a number of factors including maternal smoking and weight gain during preganacy, early growth patterns, maternal BMI and father's employment (SES status) as markers of risk. Weight variation after chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer has been identified as an indicator of poor prognosis. Gad�a et al review this literature and consider the potential mechanistic relationships between the factors regulating weight and those affecting the outcomes of chemotherapeutic approaches for early breast cancer. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is now a major liver disease, its prevalence increasing with the obesity epidemic. It may lead to cirrhosis and hepatic carcinomas so understanding the etiology and pathophysiology of this condition is important. Tian et al review the roles of sex hormones in NAFLD and identify the importance of estradiol as a protective factor in healthy men. Our final manuscript (Guti�rrez-Fisac et al) in this edition is a report of the ENRICA study on the prevalence of general and abdominal obesity in Spain. Hopefully, this quick review of content has wet a few appetites to get to the website or wait for the delivery of your copy.


Obesity Reviews April 2012 Issue 






 Pediatric Obesity...



A new issue of Pediatric Obesity is out this month which contains one Editorial on pediatric fatty liver disease, ten new original papers, and three short communications. Several of these papers are highlighted in the new Editor's choice area of the website and are available in pdf format. The Editorial on pediatric fatty liver disease which is the topic of several of the new papers in the April issue can be viewed here. Another highlighted paper examines the relationship between gestational weight gain and predicted changes in obesity in offspring in early infancy, see here. A third paper of general interest is titled 'What would Batman eat', and this paper examines novel strategies for priming children to make healthier food choices.


Submit your paper today...







Hot Topic

March saw IASO and the Royal College of Nursing hold our first joint event, 'Let's Talk About Weight'. The conference was a huge success and received excellent participation from all delegates. We received tremendous speaker and programme feedback. IASO would like to take this opportunity to thank the Royal College of Nursing on this successful partnership and look forward to working with them again in the future.




IASO is joining forces with the Canadian Obesity Network (CON) to hold a Hot Topic Conference on 'Mental Health & Obesity'. This event will be held in Toronto, Canada from 26th-28th June. Download the programme and view our extensive range of speakers.




Registration for SCOPE Summer School 2012 will open next week. This year's Summer School will take place at The Moller Centre, Cambridge from 31st-2nd September. Keep an eye on our website for full registration and programme details.






stock small



Registration for both the 10th and 11th STOCK Conferences opens tomorrow. Register early to guarantee your place and receive a discounted rate, visit http://www.iaso.org/events/ for full registration details.  




Further information on all of our events and how to register can be found at http://www.iaso.org/events  

Obesity in the News


Latest articles of obesity in the news...


Please note that all external links are provided for information only, their inclusion is not indicative of IASO endorsement.


Study: Researchers identify gene that may prove useful Diabetes therapy (April 2nd, 2012)

Researchers discover the gene inside fat cells with a powerful response to sugar. By manipulating the gene they found the animals were either more prone to or protected from diabetes.


Dieting during pregnancy may increase future risk of obesity and diabetes for new-born (April 2nd, 2012)  

The study identified that risk is increased if mother diets around the time of conception. 


Fast food linked with depression (April 2nd, 2012)

A new study involving over 9000 participants highlights the link between fast food consumption and depression. The author suggests that these foods should be limited due to the implications on mental wellbeing.


Click headlines to see the full story.


To see more of the latest articles of obesity in the news please visit: http://www.iaso.org/news/obesity-news/ 


CHEM Report on Chemical Exposure...

New report suggests chemical exposures may play a role in obesity. A new line of research suggests that exposure to certain man-made chemicals in our environment can play a role in the development of obesity. While obesity is a known risk factor for diabetes, evidence is growing that chemical exposures are also implicated in diabetes. A new report, 'Review of the Science Linking Chemical Exposures to the Human Risk of Obesity and Diabetes' was launched on March 20th by the UK charity, CHEM Trust.  Written by Professors Miquel Porta and Duk Hee Lee the report summarises the current state of the science and is freely available on CHEM Trust's web site (www.chemtrust.org.uk). CHEM Trust would like to stimulate informed debate about this issue and printed copies of the report are also available on request.



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