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May 2012



News from IASO


Welcome to IASO's May Newsletter. We have had lot's of developments and exciting news to share with you, please see our highlights below:  


  • New Scope School in Kuala Lumpur for 2012;

  • Registration for Scope School Cambridge is now open;
  • Call for posters for our Obesity and Mental Health Conference in Toronto;
  • Applications to attend our 10th and 11th STOCK Conferences;  
  • Latest articles of obesity in the news; 
  • New SCOPE Fellows;
  • IASO paper: Link between population inequality and child obesity prevalence; 
  • ENERGY study - first results published;
  • Liver congress discusses obesity and public health;
  • WHO consultation on NCD targets and working partnerships;
  • Deputy Editor position for Clinical Obesity;
  • New articles published in Obesity Reviews and Pediatric Obesity;
  • Join our LinkedIn group. 


Event News


SCOPE Schools

With the launch of our new international obesity education programme SCOPE (Specialist Certification of Obesity Professional Education) we are working hard to provide everyone with access to our face-to-face intensive courses. 2012 sees IASO hold SCOPE School in Cambridge - UK, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia and Delhi - India!  


The SCOPE School in Kuala Lumpur taking place on 2nd June 2012 will be particularly exciting as the faculty will consist of selected members of the International Scientific Committee of IASO's International Congress on Obesity. The half day course entitled, New Concepts in Obesity: an update from the Scientific Committee of ICO2014, will take place in the beautiful surroundings of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. For your chance to attend and earn 2 SCOPE Points towards SCOPE Certification, register today! 


SCOPE School will be returning to Cambridge, UK in August and registration is now open. This year the SCOPE course in Cambridge covers a wide range of topics to enable attendees to manage all aspects of a patient suffering with overweight or obesity and associated co-morbidities. The programme brings together experts from across the world to address the assessment, treatment and prevention of obesity. View the full programme here.


We are also planning to hold a SCOPE School in Delhi, India between the 23rd and 25th November 2012. Further information on the programme and how to register will be available soon... keep your eye on the IASO Events page.   



Hot Topic

Hot Topics

Obesity and Mental Health, launched last month, is shaping up to be an exciting event. Our aim is to provide participants with a sound understanding of the scientific and methodological issues in obesity and mental illness research and practice. We are now accepting abstracts for poster presentations, but the deadline is drawing close. Please submit your abstract to hottopics@iaso.org by Friday 11th May 2012. 


To guarantee your place at the conference please register now!

Registration deadline: Friday 8th June 2012.    




  stock small

Stock Conferences

IASO is running two Stock Conferences in 2012. Stock Conferences are a series of 3-day meetings initiated by IASO in 2002 to commemorate the lifetime research contribution of Dr Mike Stock. The aim of the meeting is to bring together a small group of specialists, including a number of junior researchers, to discuss a focused obesity-related topic. The 10th Stock Conference - 'Harnessing the Beneficial Properties of Adipogenic Microbes for Improving Human Health' will be held in Prague on 12th-14th October. The 11th Stock Conference - 'Brown Adipose Tissue - a human anti-obesity tissue?' will be held in Montreal on 2nd-4th November. Places for both events are strictly limited and based upon successful application. To apply to attend either of these events please see the website for further details: http://www.iaso.org/events/stock-conferences/  


Further information on all of our events and how to register can be found at: http://www.iaso.org/events   

Obesity in the News


Latest articles of obesity in the news...


Please note that all external links are provided for information only, their inclusion is not indicative of IASO endorsement.


Scotland: Fizzy drink consumption down, fruit consumption up (May 1st, 2012)

The survey 'Health Behaviour in School Aged Children' found that the consumption of fizzy drinks had halved in children and adolescents between 11-15 years of age over the last decade. While the consumption of fruit has increased Scottish 13 year olds still rank 28th in the 39 countries surveyed.


Sleep protects from genetic risk of weight gain (May 1st, 2012)  

The twin study found that sleeping less than seven hours made individuals twice as likely to have heritable increased BMI as those sleeping more than nine hours.   


New evidence highlights impact of BMI on Ischemic heart disease risk (May 1st, 2012)

The study involving 76,000 individuals evaluated the causal relationship between BMI and heart disease. They found that a 4 kg/m2 increase in BMI over life course resulted in around a 50% increase in risk of developing ischemic heart disease.


Click headlines to see the full story.


To see more of the latest articles of obesity in the news please visit: http://www.iaso.org/news/obesity-news/ 


SCOPE Fellows


IASO has selected four SCOPE Fellows for 2012, recognized for their contributions to the field of obesity management:

Christoph Ebenbichler, Austria

Francis Finucane, Ireland

Piotr Kocełak, Poland

Albert Lecube, Spain


Congratulations to these accomplished experts!


Read more information on SCOPE Fellowship...  



We are also pleased to announce that SCOPE e-learning is off to a great start! The e-learning modules have attracted health professionals from around the world, and registrations are on the rise each day. Stay tuned for information on new video modules launching soon!


IASO paper: Link between population inequality & child obesity prevalence

In a paper jointly authored by staff from IASO and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, an analysis of data from 22 European countries found that greater inequality in household income is positively associated with both self-reported and measured child overweight prevalence.


The paper suggests that social policies concerning the distribution of wealth have an effect on the absolute levels of ill health, as reflected in child obesity, and that profound structural changes based on population-wide social and environmental interventions are needed to reverse child obesity levels.


Download the paper... 


ENERGY study - first results published!

The first results of the cross-European study of energy-related behaviour in children aged 10-12 have been published in PLOS-One. The study of seven countries found Greece topped the league, with 20% of all 10-12-year-olds obese, and a further 30% overweight. Lowest levels were found in Norway where only 4% are obese, and a further 15% overweight. The paper is open access and available here.


'We found children in Greece have the lowest levels of sports activities, children in Hungary watch the most television, children in Belgium sleep the most, and children in the Netherlands consume the most sugared drinks,' said project leader Professor Johannes Brug, of the VU University Medical Center of Amsterdam.


The research is supported by a €2.9m grant from the European Commission, and includes pilot testing interventions to reduce sedentary behaviour in children. IASO will be assisting the project in the dissemination of the results with a briefing for policy-makers.


Results will be presented as a satellite meeting on May 9th, at ECO2012. Entry to the symposium is free of charge, but please register in advance with Claire Mercer at cmercer@iaso.org.


Further details can be found at http://www.iaso.org/site_media/uploads/ENERGY_brochure.pdf 


Liver congress discusses obesity and public health

The annual meeting of the European Associations for the Study of the Liver (EASL) held in Barcelona in April had a special session focussing on public health. IASO's Policy Director, Professor Tim Lobstein, presented a review of the United Nations' activities on non-communicable diseases and the need for further work to strengthen UN member states' action in tackling obesity.

WHO consultation on NCD targets and working partnerships

IASO-IOTF have submitted responses to the World Health Organization's call for comments on their proposed targets for reducing non-communicable diseases in the next decade, and also their proposals for working with stakeholders and partners to develop policies and monitor action. Please see the comments from IASO-IOTF on the IASO website




Clinical Obesity...



Career opportunity with Clinical Obesity...


IASO is looking to recruit a Deputy Editor for our journal Clinical Obesity. IASO welcome applications from those working in the field of obesity. Please download the job description for further details.


Closing date is Friday 1st June 2012. 


View the latest Clinical Obesity issue here.





Obesity Reviews Volume 13 Issue 5...


A message from Professor David York, Editor-in-Chief...



The May edition of Obesity Reviews contains 6 reviews and a letter that should provide interest for all members of IASO and others working in the 'Obesity' field. Men are frequently underrepresented as subjects in obesity research despite their propensity to store intra-abdominal fat with its associated health risks. Hence the systematic review by Young et al on the effectiveness of interventions in males on weight loss and its maintenance is particularly pertinent reading. The second systematic review (Sui et al) provides new insight into the efficacy of Chinese medicine and acupuncture for the treatment of obesity and suggest it has similar efficacy but fewer side effects than the non-surgical treatments available in western countries. The third review, again a systematic review (Pelone et al) analyses the financial costs of childhood obesity and its burden on various different types of health care systems. There has been a great deal of basic science research on the role of endothelial dysfunction, inflammation and oxidative stress in the etiology of both obesity and type 2 diabetes and this has been validated by studies in adult humans. The review by Montero et al extends the insight into childhood obesity, reviewing the literature that supports the presence of similar changes while considering the beneficial and preventive lifestyle strategies to reverse these responses. The topic of inflammation is also the subject of a short "letter to the editor" from Gerard Ailhaud that questions if obesity is actually an adaptive response to inflammation. The association of physical mobility limitations with increasing body weight is the focus of another systematic review by Backholer and colleagues that highlights the graded increasing risk with increasing weight. The final review is a meta-analysis of the relationship between GI symptoms and obesity that highlights the significant association of obesity with upper abdominal pain, gastroesophageal reflux, heartburn and other symptoms.


Readers are also alerted to a "soon to appear" new virtual supplement on the Wiley website: www.obesityreviews.net, this one bringing together all of the reviews that have been published in the last 18 months in relation to the beneficial effects of bariatric Surgery on weight, diabetes and other comorbities.



Obesity Reviews May 2012 Issue 




 Pediatric Obesity...


A message from Prof. Michael Goran, Editor-in-Chief...  



A new issue of Pediatric Obesity will be published in June. Issue 3 for this year contains 1 review, 7 original articles and 2 brief reports. The review paper focuses on role of family-health professional interactions in childhood obesity (read more here). Other highlights include an article examining the utility of using text messaging in obesity treatment and another looking at covert marketing of unhealthy foods to children. Both papers are also freely available in pdf format through the journal website.


Submit your paper today to Pediatric Obesity...



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