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April 2011



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IASO's StanMark project raises standards...


IASO's project on standards for marketing food and beverages to children (StanMark) has developed a set of principles for reducing children's exposure to commercial messages that encourage excess consumption of 'junk' food. An open stakeholder meeting of the EU-funded StanMark project held in Brussels in March saw the launch of a set of summary standards aiming to reduce the risk to children of over-consumption of foods high in saturated and trans fats, sugar and salt as a result of cross-border marketing.


Taking the WHO Recommendations as its guide, the standards propose to reduce exposure and power of marketing messages for those foods seen by children due to cross-border marketing. Taking a risk-reduction strategy and applying high standards, the Stanmark project proposes:


�         Marketing of such foods must avoid all techniques with special appeal to children and adolescents.


�         Products which can be promoted should be only those products which conform to national and international dietary guidelines supporting WHO's Global Strategy to prevent obesity and chronic disease.


�         The age of a child should be based on persons who have not yet reached an age when they are legally considered to be competent to protect their own welfare.


�         Particular attention should be placed on settings where children gather, where authorities are in loco parentis, where authorities set an example of good practice.


�         Those responsible and accountable include all those who have a 'duty of care' as participants in the marketing process, including media distributors, web hosts, service providers.


�         Brand marketing should avoid mixed messages given by brand names with mixed portfolios of products: brands should not be promoted unless a healthy product range is the dominant feature of the advertisement.


The meeting heard that responsible marketing means marketing to the highest standards of health protection and health promotion. Tim Lobstein, IASO's Policy Director, said that cross-border standards support all member states implementing the WHO recommendations, and protect children in those states where regulations are not in place or enforced. Universal standards make international monitoring simpler. The meeting also heard that restrictions on marketing could equalise competition between food producers and potentially assist smaller enterprises and those producing healthier food products.


For the full set of presentations from the Stanmark meeting, see http://bit.ly/feNQFx


For more information on the Stanmark project, see http://bit.ly/fq9yec



IASO provides target outcomes for UN Summit on NCDs


IASO is drafting a set of recommended Outcomes for the UN General Assembly's Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases to be held in New York later this year.


The Summit will be the second ever high-level meeting of heads of state to address health-related issues, the previous one being concerned with HIV/AIDS. It will be held over two days, 19-20, September 2011.


IASO is drafting a set of outcomes for the meeting, and is expected to include proposals such as:


         Cross-departmental obesity and nutrition strategy units in every government

         Cross-agency food security, environment and health coordination in the UN

         An international code to protect children from food and beverage marketing

         Government-set targets for industry to reduce salt, sugar, trans fat and saturated fat


         Increased surveillance of food supplies, diet and health status

         Universal access to baby-friendly hospitals and nutrition-friendly schools


A preliminary meeting is being held in Moscow, April 28-29, where IASO will be represented by the IASO President, Professor Philip James.


Further details in the next IASO Newsletter...



Healthy maternal and child weight


A conference held by the UK Nutrition Society in April 2011 will hear about the hazards of excess body weight in expectant mothers, the health hazards of obesity in childhood and the need for more to be done to reduce obesity among children.


IASO's Policy Director Tim Lobstein will outline the raised levels of complications in pregnancy and delivery among obese mothers - including evidence that infant mortality is significantly higher - and that weight gain in pregnancy is also a predictor of complications. The prevalence of raised blood pressure, blood lipids, and pre-diabetes indicators among overweight children will be noted, and Dr Lobstein will call for stronger measures to reduce the incidence of obesity among children - including controls on marketing of energy-dense foods and beverages, strong school and pre-school standards, and improved surveillance to detect the effects of policies - especially if these are not equally effective across different socio-economic groups.


Details from Tim Lobstein at tlobstein@iaso.org


Obesity in the News

Latest articles of obesity in the news...

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For obese seniors, dieting and exercise together are more effective at improving physical performance and reducing frailty than either alone.


If you dream of weight loss, try having a good sleep (March 31, 2011)

Weight loss is usually linked to changes in diet and exercise. But if you really want to shed those pounds you should also consider altering your sleep patterns, a study claims.


Obesity and alcohol misuse costs NHS �140m in Wales (March 31, 2011)

Obesity and excessive drinking are costing the NHS in Wales more than �140m each year, according to research.


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We are pleased to announce that the first issue of Clinical Obesity is published todaClinical Obesity Journaly!!



Please see links below of IASO papers included in this issue: 


Review of current guidelines on adolescent bariatric surgery

Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of paediatric bariatric surgery: a systematic review

To see more articles online from this issue please click here


IASO Upcoming Events...

The 3rd Scope Summer School will be held at Downing College, Cambridge, UK from 28th to 31st July 2011. IASO has received an educational grant from The Howard Foundation to support Scope Summer School 2011. The interest in the Summer School course and the scholarship itself was very high and IASO received a record number of 70 applications.


The SCOPE Committee have completed the assessment of all the applications and a final decision has now been made.  In their assessment, they noted that the applications were of a very high quality and all worthy of a grant and therefore deemed it important to consider the need for a balance in terms of nationality, discipline and seniority when making their decision. 


We are pleased to announce the 15 successful candidates listed below:  

As'ad Suryani, Indonesia

Babjakova Jana,Slovakia

Elian Viviana-lulia, Romania

Frolova Elena,Russia

MacNaughton Sheila,UK

Malhotra Anita,India

Moghrabi Mona,Oman

Neyestani Tirang,Iran

Nicoloff Asparuh, Bulgaria

Panduru Nicolae, Romania

Rezazadeh Arezoo, Iran

Sirbu Anca, Romania

Vikram Naval, India

Wassef Jacqueline,Lebanon

Yusof Nisak, Malaysia


To participate at Scope Summer School register now and save up to �150!!

Early bird registration rate: �650

Deadline: payment to be received by Friday 15th April 


Scope 2011 - BDA Logo 


Scope Summer School 2011 has been endorsed for CPD by the British Dietetic Association (BDA). The BDA Centre for Education and Development (CED) provides quality assured education and continuing professional development programmes for dietitians and dietetic support workers.  The CED currently offers courses, the Professional Development Award, the Re-entrants Programme and a range of CPD modules. Find out more about BDA


BDA endorsement applies only to the educational content of the learning activity.


For further information and how to register for Scope Summer School 2011 please visit our website

stock small  

IASO will also be hosting the 9th STOCK Conference in Budapest, Hungary from November 11th to 13th. The aim of the Stock conferences is to bring together world leading experts to discuss a focus related topic. This year the topic will be: Obesity: Lessons from Evolution and the Environment



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Deadline: Friday 3rd June 2011



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Other Events

18th European Congress on Obesity

The European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) and the Turkish Association for the Study of Obesity (TASO) are pleased to invite you to the 18th European Congress on Obesity (ECO) - which will take place in Istanbul, Turkey from May 25 until May 28 2011.


Participating in ECO2011 will enhance your knowledge and give you the opportunity to learn from leading European and global experts in this and related fields.  The ECO2011 scientific programme features invited presentations in the form of Plenary Lectures, Review Sessions and Expert Workshops.  They received a record number of abstracts which have been allocated to Oral and Poster Sessions.  To underline the importance of posters at the ECO, the ECO2011 Organising Committee will host a Posters Networking Reception on 26th May. 


The ECO2011 scientific programme can be viewed here


IASO is a confirmed exhibitor of ECO2011 - Please find us at Stand 10


For full registration details please click here 



ASMBS reduced


28th Annual Meeting of the American Society for

Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)

June 12 - 17, 2011

Orlando, USA


NEW This Year!

Emerging Technologies Event: Experience the Latest Devices, Technologies and Techniques in Bariatric Surgery during the Emerging Technologies Event!

Researchers, developers and inventors invite you to experience hands-on, personal interaction with their latest work. Do you know what's next in Bariatric Surgery?

Great Debate in Bariatric Surgery: This interactive session invites you to present your views on the hottest topics in Bariatric Surgery today!

Bariatric Surgery in Latin America Post-Graduate Course


MORE Quality ASMBS Programs!

Courses designed for BOTH Integrated Health Professionals and Surgeons

Hands-on skills labs including SILS, Robotics, Sleeve, Suture and Endoscopy

Symposiums, Debates and Interactive Sessions!


HOT Topics!

Low BMI AdolescentsPatient Safety Coding Sleeve Behavioral Health Nutrition Labs



Register Now!  www.asmbs2011.org



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