August 10, 2017

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United Way Season of Caring
On Aug. 22, the Duck Pond will be the site of a volunteer project that will launch a departure from the United Way of Dane County's traditional fundraising campaign.

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EVCO Plastics
Renovations at DeForest facility will double EVCO's space, improve operations, and enhance the work environment for employees.
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Libby Gill
Succeeding in today's ever-changing business climate requires leaders to place as high a priority on people and performance as they do on process and procedure. Is your organization prepared for the new normal of constant change? On Oct. 18, Libby Gill, former executive at Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, and Turner Broadcasting, will share key leadership strategies to ignite bold leadership in your organization to create engagement, inspire purpose, and drive action
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Spencer X. Smith
#SocialBiz  By Spencer X. Smith    
Kyra Kudick
Open Mic  A guest blog by Kyra Kudick            
Andrew Wells
Open Mic  A guest blog by Andrew Wells, et al        


IB Seminar One of the most important tasks facing a leader is building an effective team that can propel the organization toward its goals. However, teamwork isn't easy and there are a myriad of stumbling blocks that can affect a team's productivity. At the next IB Seminar on Aug. 30, Dr. Patrick Jackson will share strategies to facilitate team building within your organization and cultivate a results-driven collaborative environment.
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IB Poll
Do you agree with a state senate idea of setting deadlines for Foxconn to create the 13,000 jobs it has promised in exchange for $3 billion in incentives?
A. Yes, before the state gets in bed with Foxconn using taxpayer dollars, we need assurances those jobs will get created.
B. No, even if job projections fall short, this deal is still worth it for the state.

To cast your vote, click here and then scroll down to the IB Poll on the right-hand side of the page. 
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Results from last week's poll question:
Congressional Republicans say they are unified on a tax reform plan. Do you believe them?
No, that's what they said about health care "reform."   
Yes, they'd better be, or it could spell RIP for the GOP.    

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