August 31, 2017

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Contracted Leadership
When faced with a leadership void, local companies can turn to Madison-based Contracted Leadership for experts who will embed themselves in the organization and temporarily lend their skills to help right the ship.

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Attendees to the latest IB Seminar learned strategies to facilitate team building within organizations and cultivate a results-driven collaborative environment.
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Martha Sullivan
Exit Stage Right  By Martha Sullivan    

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How will you be spending the long Labor Day weekend?
A. Working. Business never sleeps, so neither will I.
B. Traveling and contributing to the local economy somewhere in the Badger State.
C. Relaxing at home and dreading the return to work on Tuesday.

To cast your vote, click here and then scroll down to the IB Poll on the right-hand side of the page. 
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Results from last week's poll question:
What do you think of Tony Evers' chances to become Governor of Wisconsin?
Very good because he can expose Walker where he is weak - on education.   
Not so good because after luring Foxconn here, Walker is a re-election lock.    

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