June 22, 2017

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Salary negotiation
More people fear asking for a raise than public speaking, but getting what you feel you're worth doesn't have to be an uphill battle as long as you've prepared for the negotiation.

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Capitol Boat Club
Capitol Boat Club, Madison's alternative to boat ownership, hosted its official launch party Friday, June 16 at its dock behind Mariner's Inn.
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Time is running out to register for this year's Dane County Small Business Awards, being held on the morning of June 27 at the Sheraton Madison Hotel. Come join us as we celebrate this year's award-winning companies located right here in Dane County. Space is limited, so register today by calling 608-262-3909 or online at go.wisc.edu/dcawards.

Spencer X. Smith
#SocialBiz  By Spencer X. Smith     
Terry Siebert
Leader to Leader  By Terry Siebert         

Donna Gray
The Gray Area  A business blog by Donna Gray        

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Whose fault is it that Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is exiting the Obamacare exchange in Wisconsin?
A. The Republicans. They've undermined Obamacare from the very start.
B. The Democrats. Obamacare is collapsing because it's fundamentally flawed.

To cast your vote, click here and then scroll down to the IB Poll on the right-hand side of the page. 
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Results from last week's poll question:
What do you make of President Trump's hint that a major new employer is coming to Wisconsin?
Typical Trump boasting. Is it in a dying industry like coal, too?   
He would not have said this if it weren't a done deal.    

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