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June 23rd, 2011
Field and Stream
The Drake
Bill Konway

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Summer has arrived here in northern Michigan and we've been busy. Kevin and Steve made their annual move to Beaver Island at the end of May. On Memorial Day weekend we hosted a media outing on Beaver Island, bringing some of the leading fly fishing journalists and bloggers from around the country for four days of big carp, trophy smallmouth, beautiful water and a responsible number of adult beverages. 

Below you can check out some of the great writing and photography that resulted from the media outing. Several of the pictures in this newsletter were taken by Tim Romano. 

Steve and Kevin still have some great dates left for big carp and smallmouth on Beaver. If you've never experienced Beaver Island, you're really missing out. A truly amazing and unexpectedly exotic place.

And not to forget about trout, the hex hatch has been pushed back by cold weather and lots of rain here on the Pere Marquette so if you want to see some giant mayflies and the giant trout that eat them, we still have some great trout dates available for the rest of June and July. And don't forget about mousing!

We hope to see you soon.

     Good fishing.

Field and Stream
Kirk Deeter and Tim Romano from Field and Stream's Flytalk blog (among other publications such as the Fly Fish Journal) joined us on Beaver Island for the media outing. In addition to several nice blog posts and videos (each one of those is a different link, check all four out), they also put up a fantastic web feature lobbying for Beaver Island to be included on the list of "best flats fishing in the US."   


JP Lipton, aka roughfisher, also joined us for the outing. is probably the coolest carp/rough fish blog on the web right now. Here's a recap post he put up about the outing. Here's another post including some cool candid shots of the crew. And finally, here's a post about the "pre-party" in Traverse City before the outing. Yes. We had a lot of fun on this trip. It's hard not to in the summer in Northern Michigan.
The Drake 
Will Rice is an associate editor at the Drake Magazine. He is also a carp fanatic. By the way, he's competing in the Denver Carp Slam for the third year in a row if you're interested in sponsoring him. He has already posted a great short piece on Beaver Island on the Drake's homepage, but expect a print piece as well in the Fall issue. 
Bill Konway

Bill Konway, freelance photographer extraordinaire, came up to Beaver and got his first carp on the fly rod. It was a beast. He also took a lot of awesome photos, two of which are rumored to be appearing in print soon. You can see some others over at his blog.

Don't forget the trout!
Lest we be cursed with bad trout karma for life, we'd better mention that the Pere Marquette has been giving up some giant browns as of late. Justin was up from Indiana last week and stuck this monster on a white Conrad Sculpin. The hex hatch has not even come close to peaking yet. Should continue to be good for the next two weeks. Mousing has been off to a good start as well and will only get better as the summer goes on. Check up on our river reports over at Third Coast Fly 
Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.   We appreciate it.  Please feel free to drop us a line with any questions or comments you might have.  We'd love to hear from you.


Kevin, Steve, Matt, and Jory

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