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To God Be the Glory!
I've been working on the publisher's copy edits for my new book releasing in September,
Mentoring for All Seasons: Sharing Life Experiences and God's Faithfulness. As I've reread so many amazing M&M stories of women's lives deeply enriched by growing in their spiritual maturity in all seasons of life, it still amazes me that God would use me twenty years ago to start
Woman to Woman Mentoring. I had no idea what I was doing. I only knew the Lord had said, "Feed my sheep" and I said OK! God took it from there.

This month, I received the following testimony from Peggy Chamberlin of her church Woman to Woman Mentoring Ministry's 16-year anniversary! I share it with you as Peggy and I hope it will encourage those without a mentoring ministry at your church to consider helping to start one, and for those with a mentoring ministry to keep going!
Hi Janet,
We are celebrating our 19th mentoring event in April, and 16 years of Woman To Woman Mentoring Ministry at Cascade Community Church in Monroe, WA.

Prayer has endured as the vital core for our ministry creating an unwavering foundation to build upon and grow.

Leading the way have been six amazing women who have remained committed, faithful and devoted for many years. Our team meets monthly to pray, encourage and enjoy fellowship and friendships that have continued to flourish these past 16 incredible years.

The Woman To Woman Mentoring Resources are invaluable and will provide all the essential materials necessary to implement the Woman To Woman Mentoring Ministry in any church.

A Mentor Testimony
The mentoring ministry has given me a sense of belonging-like coming home. As the mentor I have been continually blessed by my mentee.

I have purpose and a gift of loving and being loved. Peter says to love the brethren sincerely and deeply. The Mentoring Ministry offers a means of doing what we are called to do.

I believe with all my heart that God continues to be glorified in and through the Women's Mentoring Ministry.

A Mentee Testimony
The love shared with me has changed my life forever.

The M&M's of Cascade Community church's Woman to Woman Mentoring Ministry made a beautiful video to share the blessings of mentoring. Go to their website to see how they use it to welcome women to join the ministry. Enjoy!

Woman to Woman Mentoring at Cascade 
Woman to Woman Mentoring at Cascade

Thank you Janet for writing these materials.
All Glory to God!
Peggy Chamberlin,
Coordinator of Women's Mentoring Ministry
Cascade Community Church 

Wow what a blessing Peggy's testimony and video are to me and I pray inspirational to you. I just heard of another Southern California church in their 12th year of Woman To Woman Mentoring also.

I would love to hear your mentoring stories to share with other churches in this newsletter. What's going on in your mentoring ministries?   

Also, if you've been thinking of sending me a story of how God strengthened, encouraged, and inspired you to do something you never thought you could do, but with God's help you did it . . . I would love to receive that story for my next book. I've had some health issues that have slowed down the writing, so I'm still receiving stories. Please send to
ahw@sbcglobal.net to inspire other women that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them.
About His Work,

PS: Remember ALL
Woman to Woman Mentoring Resources are now available only at our website shop Books always personally signed by Janet. Be sure to order your Mentor and Mentee Handbooks in time for me to sign each one!

PSS: No new blog posts on the website this month, but here is a blog I did for Crosswalk.com that will help you when you don't know what to say or do when someone is suffering. 10 Ways Not to Help a Sufferer  

PSSS: Read the
Author Interview with
DiAnn Mills about her book, Deep Extraction, and a chance to win a free copy.  

Praying For Your Prodigal Daughter
Hope, Help, & Encouragement For Hurting Parents 

What to do with a child who has walked away from the Lord, or is not living out her faith, or maybe is not a believer yet? Janet gives hope to parents of sons or daughters who have gone astray

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MANY CHRISTIAN PARENTS THROW UP THEIR HANDS or suffer from guilt based parenting...neither of which helps the daughter. Based on Janet's own testimony of praying for over six years for her former prodigal daughter, Kim, she offers hope to parents in what may seem like a hopeless situation.

Praying for Your Prodigal Daughter chronicles Janet's realization that only God could bring back her daughter and the journey of praying daily for Kim's salvation and God's will to be done in her life. Their story, as told by Kim and Janet, of God's redemption in both of their lives, along with the stories of many praying mother's and former prodigal daughters, will give hope and encouragement to hurting parents of prodigal daughters. Janet also shares practical tips to help parents and families cope with the trauma of having a prodigal daughter or sibling.

Each chapter has discussion question designed for use as a family or support group, and Janet encourages families to pray and receive support together. There is also space to journal and cry out to the Lord at the end of each chapter. The Appendix includes "Forty Days of Praying Scripture for Your Daughter" and a Prayer & Praise Journal.
I Would Love to Speak at Your Event!

To contact Janet
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Woman To Woman Mentoring


This Months featured
Woman To Woman
Mentoring Ministry Testimony 

See opening story!  
               Mentoring Tip            
Setting goals for the M&M relationship, establishes purpose for the relationship.

"The Case For Christ"
A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus  

It's become a tradition now to take our young grandchildren to see a newly released faith-based movie on Easter afternoon.

This year we went to see "The Case For Christ," the true story of Lee and Leslie Strobel. Lee, an atheist skeptic reporter for the Chicago Tribune, became frustrated and irritated with his wife becoming a Christian and set out to disprove the reliability of the Gospels and Jesus' resurrection. Instead, Lee's thorough investigation proved the truth that Jesus Christ lived, died, and was resurrected.

Even though the kids are only eight and eleven, they were excited to go and understood the principles of the movie. It gave us some great talking points with them. For example, eight-year old Sienna said, "I thought they were going to get a divorce." Which gave us the opportunity to talk about how the wife showed unconditional Christ-like love to her husband, even when she was a new Christian and her husband was still a rebellious atheist.

I highly recommend this movie and when you go, take a younger person or even an unbeliever with you.
  author2Meet An Author
  Deep Extraction

I enjoyed Deep Extraction and stayed up too late several nights reading this well-written page turner.

Why do you write romantic suspense?

The world is a dangerous and unpredictable place. No matter where people live, violence can creep into their lives. They are afraid and looking for answers. I write romantic suspense that shows characters who are dedicated and trained to protect others. More importantly, one or more of my characters solve their problems and reach their goals with a Christian worldview. My stories offer hope-hope in God and hope in law enforcement to protect the innocent. I also write romance to show how the gift of love is given to special people.
How did you begin writing?
I wrote from the time I could hold a pencil but not seriously until 1996 when my husband challenged me to write a book. He suggested I quit my day job to see if I could get anything published in the next year. During that time, I approached writing as a full time job. I wrote articles, short stories, and devotionals. Several were published. By learning the craft, practicing techniques, attending workshops and conferences, and working through lots of rewrites, I sold my first book. It was published in 1998. My husband continues to be my best cheerleader and my best editor. His support, encouragement, and prayers are an intricate part of in my life.
What do you do for fun?
I enjoy cooking and baking. I find it another source of creativity. I also roast my own coffee beans-what a treat to try new varieties and experiment with roasting times. Gardening is a another creative venue. And I have three beautiful grandchildren to spoil and enjoy.
To learn more about DiAnn, her books and her writing/speaking ministry visit her website.

If you would like to enter a drawing to win a copy of DiAnn's book Deep Extraction,
please contact me.
About His Work,
AHW Ministries 
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