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Tell Me Your Story of God Asking You to Be Brave!

Being Brave for Breast Cancer Radiation

First, thank all of you who prayed for me to finish Mentoring for All Seasons: Women Sharing Life's Experiences and God's Faithfulness. I did send the manuscript off to the publisher with the most amazing stories of both mentors and mentees, from tweens to dying, of God working in the lives of women who walked along side each other with Christ at the middle of their relationships. Every story caused me to pause and praise God that the women sharing their stories were brought together in M&M relationships at just the right times in their lives. I pray many will continue to mentor and become mentees through the various seasons they encounter in life, and their stories will inspire others to become M&M's too. The book is due out fall, 2017.

Now for what's on the horizon next. . . after I clear off my desk from the last two books, and follow up on all the "to-dos" waiting my attention . . . I do have another book the Lord has impressed on my heart. This one involves looking at brave women of the Bible to encourage women of today to be brave in their life circumstances. And here's where I need your help again. Many of you shared your stories in the last two books, and your willingness to let God use your experiences to His glory may be just what another woman needs to read when she picks up the book.

So would you tell me how, when, and where God has asked or enabled you to be brave spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally . . . what's your brave story? I would love to hear it. You can email me @
ahw@sbcglobal.net for more information and a few simple guidelines.

For the brave women who have experienced, or are experiencing, breast cancer, we're running a special on Dear God, They Say It's Cancer: A Companion Guide to Women on The Breast Cancer Journey, starting now through October 31st on our website shop. 

The leaves are falling and the colors are changing here in Idaho. I hope you're enjoying this seasonal change and the majesty of God's glorious creation wherever He has planted you.

About His Work,

PS: I'm now receiving stories for another new book! Yes, it's true. Do you have a story of a time when you had to be brave? It can be any kind of braveness. Contact me for more information.

PSS: New Blog Post: 
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PSSSSS: Read the
Author Interview with Lindsey Bell about her book,  Unbeaten: How Biblical heroes rose above their pain...and you can too, and a chance to win a free copy.   

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As many of you know, I'm a three-time breast cancer survivor, and I just had another scare in June with a MRI driven biopsy--not fun. But praise God, it was just fibrosis from the three previous surgeries. I'll always live with the threat of cancer, so I'm empathetic to the shock, pain, threat, loneliness, and yes fear. Which is what prompted me to write the book I wished I had going through this battle myself. I receive comments from readers, "It's as if the Lord and you are walking right beside me."

If you have a friend going through breast cancer, or you're in this battle--whether newly diagnosed or several years past or still in it--I wrote this book for you, or if you have a friend with breast cancer this would be a great gift. We're running a special on our website for October, and I personalize and sign every book. Together let's pray for a cure, but until then . . . let's pray for all the women around the world who have heard the devastating words: "You have breast cancer."

Here's what one Amazon reviewer wrote, and I love that she said I mentored her:

I discovered this resource while searching for something for others though I too was in the midst of cancer diagnosis. In denial, it was awhile before I picked it up to read. What a gift He had given me in the book. Janet became quickly a mentor, friend and confidante all at once and I welcomed this gift God abundantly provided. I jumped the pages back and forth choosing timely topics. I found myself resonating with most her words and experiences though my cancer took a different path in treatment. I found hope and encouragement. I found myself entrenched in her words accepting as normal feelings I had questioned. I lived for months with this book always nearby and relied upon. Five stars, no doubt!
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Our  testimony this month: 
Hi Janet,
Just want to give you a heads up that we are starting this Sunday having sign-ups for our Sept. 11 Orientation Coffee, so we'll be ordering handbooks within the next couple weeks. God blessed our January Mentoring Cycle, and we are looking forward to seeing what He does in September.  Thank you so much for all the work you did to share this ministry with other churches.  We couldn't have done it without you, and God is using your work here with our ladies. Have a blessed rest of the week.


               Mentoring Tip            
"As a Mentor: Listen well... As a Mentee: Have an open heart and mind."     

This month our first grandchild went off to college. A new season for him, for his parents, but also, for his grandparents. I remember thinking that people who had grandkids in college...well they were getting pretty old ... both the kids and the grandparents LOL. Now that's us!

We're so proud of his achievements and honors and know college will be a blessing to him, and he will be an asset to his chosen college and field. And we'll cheer him on all the way!

I remember when he was born and Dave was a little nervous about "how to be a grandpa." I told him, "Just wait till you hold him for the first time, and God will take it from there." And God did exactly that. Grampa Dave was a natural! Now, eleven grandkids later, it's who we are . . . we love the cherished life season of Grammie and Grampa Dave.
  author2Meet An Author
How Biblical heroes rose above their pain...and you can too.
What led you to write Unbeaten?

Plain and simply...my own heartache. For about three years, my husband and I begged God to grant us a healthy baby. But instead, we faced miscarriage after miscarriage after miscarriage. I struggled to understand how a God who loved me wouldn't step in and help me when I begged him to do so. This book is the result of that struggle and the questions I asked God.

I knew that if I was asking these tough questions, there were a lot of other Christians asking them too, and I wanted to provide a safe place for believers to address them and work through some of their pain.
What are some of the questions you're referring to?

Many Christians, when faced with tough situations, ask ...
Why does life have to be so hard? Does God hear me when I pray? And if He does, why isn't He doing anything? Does He even care?
What are the most important lessons you learned while studying the Bible as you prepared to write this book?

For some reason, many of us grow up thinking there are certain trials God won't allow into our lives. Then, when these things happen, we don't know how to handle them.

The most important lesson I learned while writing this book is that God never promised us easy lives. Instead, He promised He'd be with us through the hard.

Even when our circumstances might suggest God is no longer with us, He promised He would remain. I learned that just because we can't see God or feel Him doesn't mean He's no longer with us. There's a lot more going on around us than our earthly eyes can see.

Another thing I learned is that I don't have to allow Satan to steal my joy. Even if God chooses not to fix my situation, I can still be UNBEATEN.
What makes this book different than other books that are written about pain and suffering from a Christian viewpoint?

This book is designed as a devotional and Bible study in one, making it perfect both for individuals and for groups. There are reflection questions, prayers, journal activities, and ideas for further study for individuals to work through alone. But there are also discussions questions written specifically for groups. At the end of each week is a short video to provide application and remind readers what they've read throughout the week.
Lindsey Bell is the author of the Bible study and devotional, Unbeaten , and of the parenting devotional, Searching for Sanity . She's a stay-at-home mother of two silly boys, a minister's wife, an avid reader, and a lover of all things chocolate. To learn more about Lindsey and her writing and speaking ministry visit Lindsey's website where she writes weekly about faith, family, and learning to love the life she's been given.
If you would like to enter a drawing to win a copy of Lindsey's book Unbeaten,  please contact me.
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