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New Year, New You?
As we greet everyone with "Happy Blessed New Year," which I pray for all of you, what is the significance of a new year? Some feel it's a fresh start, but that's only possible if we've dealt with the things that might be carrying over from the past year. We may need to ask God's forgiveness for our mistakes and repent and do things His way, in the New Year. For others, it's a time to set new goals and resolutions, to make changes and do things differently in the New Year. Or some see no real significance . . . just a new date to remember. Even today, I saved this article as January 2017! It does take a while to recognize that last year is over, and ready or not, a new year has begun.

But will there be a new you?

I'm not going to discuss goals and resolutions because I wrote about those in several of the blogs listed below. I hope you'll read them if you haven't already. But I think we would all agree that the only way to make significant and measurable changes in our life, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental is to ask God's help and seek accountability. Life changing accountability is often part of mentoring. In Mentoring for All Seasons , I offer pointers for the Mentor and the Mentee on page 77, "Keep Me Accountable."

I know we could each tell a story of trying to make major life changes on our own without the help of God and trusted confidants and how hard that was, maybe impossible. Every time I sign Woman to Woman Mentoring Resources going out the door to churches throughout the country, I smile with a happy heart because I know that women's lives are going to change, for the better, in that church. There will be M&M's learning and growing together, and testimonies of changed lives, relationships, circumstances, goals, motivations . . . .

Today, we're inundated with the world's culture trying to redefine the roles of men and women. Feminists denounce conservative issues and roles of men and women, as if that's going to make them happy and fulfilled. Watching their angry, and sometimes vile, rhetoric tells you the opposite is true.

Nowhere in their discussion is anyone speaking up for God's plan for men and women who He created in His image. Who is quoting Titus 2:1-8? Is the church discussing cultural issues from God's perspective? Is it any wonder women are confused today as they listen to Satan's lies instead of God's truths!?

I implore you to reach out to other women in your church and communities. Let this be the year that mentoring becomes intentional in your church and in your life. Let it truly be a New Year that leads to a New You based on sharing God's ways to counter the world's ways.

I hope I hear a collective "Amen!"
About His Work,
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Mentoring For All Seasons 
Sharing Life Experiences and God's Faithfulness
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Mentoring for All Seasons helps answer questions like these:
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- Why does God want us to mentor one another? 
- What are the blessings of mentoring?

Through true stories from mentors and mentees in life seasons from tween through death-along with the author's personal experiences, helpful tips, Scriptures to study together, and biblical mentoring relationship examples-Mentoring for All Seasons encourages women to be intentional about sharing their life experiences and God's faithfulness with other women.

One reviewer on Amazon says about the book:
"Janet Thompson did an incredible job putting together a collection of mentoring stories that not only shows the importance of being a mentor but the successes of those being mentored. I was privileged to be included in "Mentoring for All Seasons" as both mentor and mentee. Having a mentor to guide us through life's ups and downs releases us from isolation and gives us hope and having someone to mentor allows us to use our own successes and failures as an example....and a reminder of how blessed we truly are. This book is a must-read for young and old and inspires everyone to reach out and help one another."  

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               Mentoring Tip             
 " If accountability is the focus or goal of the relationship, a mentor needs to carefully and thoroughly discuss accountability parameters with the mentee."
Mentoring for All Seasons:Sharing Life Experiences and God's Faithfulness
Last November, Grampa Dave got a phone call from our 9-year old granddaughter, Sienna. She needed to interview a veteran and write a report. I laughed and cried as I read what she wrote. My favorite part is how Grampa Dave Thompson role modeled to her his faith in God, his legacy of all 11 grandchildren knowing the Lord as their Savior, and evangelizing to those who don't know Jesus. AND Sienna was unashamed to share this with her teacher and class because this is the norm in our family!!! 

Praise God she is a believer, and with dedicated mentoring and teaching, someday she too will be like Grampa sharing her faith. I know it and pray it!
  author2Meet An Author
The Blessings of Living Out God's Glory 
Kathy Collard Miller is the author of more than 50 books and a speaker who has spoken in over 30 states and 8 foreign countries.

Why did you write Pure-Hearted?
Invariably what I write about is what God is doing in my own heart and life. Several years ago I began to recognize the importance of my motives. I could do something seemingly good but if my motives were selfish, I was offering an impure gift to God. As God taught me about purifying my motives more and more, I grew in that area. Although, of course, I'm far from having perfect intentions.
Why do you think Pure-Hearted could be helpful to women?
We are aware of Jesus referring to the Old Testament command, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind"
... and "your neighbor as yourself," (Matthew 22:37-38) but fulfilling it is certainly difficult. My goal and desire in Pure-Hearted is to give women an awareness of how God wants to gently purify their heart so they can love Him more and fulfill the wonderful plan of glorifying Him that He desires through loving their "neighbor".
The subtitle mentions the blessings of living out God's glory. What blessings are you talking about?
When we are motivated by wanting God's glory, we are able to respond to people and life in ways that are not only more godly, but surprisingly beneficial to us. For instance, being selfless for God's glory, actually gives us peace in releasing the burden of feeling responsible for others. Another benefit is we can feel secure knowing our position in Christ. Such confidence brings glory to God. Other blessings are being satisfied, stable, self-controlled, steadfast, sensitive to others, and struck with awe at God's greatness. 
To learn more about Kathy's books and speaking, visit her website. 
Order through your local bookstore or Amazon.

For a chance to win a free copy of Pure-Hearted, contact me.    
About His Work,
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