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You are receiving this email because of your interest in USA Archery's Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program. We hope to showcase the fun and excitement of youth archery by providing you with the latest news about the JOAD program! We welcome your comments and feedback, directed to 
Archers: Register Today for U.S. National Target Championships/Easton JOAD Nationals!  


USA Archery has opened registration for its premier outdoor event, the 129th U.S. National Target Championships/U.S. Open and the Easton JOAD Nationals. Click here to register online today. 


Open to all archers, the 129th U.S. National Target Championships, U.S. Open and Easton JOAD Nationals will take place in Hamilton, Ohio from July 10-14, allowing first-time competitors to shoot alongside Olympic medalists, and encouraging all participants to enjoy the fun and excitement that are really what "Nationals" is all about. 


The 129th U.S. National Target Championships and U.S. Open are open to archers competing as adults; those competing as youth archers will register for the Easton JOAD Nationals. From qualification rounds to fast-paced team and elimination rounds, the event format offers archers of all ages the chance to gain valuable competition experience while having plenty of fun, and forming friendships that can last a lifetime!


Click here for complete event information and to register online today. 

USA Archery Congratulates JOAD Olympians     
Cody Hurlburt, JOAD Olympian

As of March 25th, USA Archery has distributed 84 different Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Olympian Awards in 2013 alone!  


JOAD Olympian awards are the highest level of honor an archer can earn in the JOAD Achievement program.  All JOAD Olympians must be current members of USA Archery, as well as members of a current JOAD club.


USA Archery provides Olympian awards as follows: 

  • Bronze Olympian: Certificate, Pin, and Lightweight Jacket
  • Silver Olympian: Certificate, Pin, and Sports Duffel Bag
  • Gold Olympian: Certificate, Pin, and a Personalized Plaque
For a complete listing of 2013 JOAD Olympians, click here: Congratulations to these hardworking archers! 
First Quarter JOAD Mail-In Results Released     
Arrows in Targets

USA Archery has released the results from the first quarter JOAD Mail-In Tournament, a year-round event series that encourages participation by youth and adult archers participating in Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) or Adult Archery Achievement programs. There are team and individual components to the event. 


Archers from clubs across the country had strong showings, including Cincinnati Junior Olympians, Wasting Arrows, Archery Outpost Rebels, No Limits JOAD and Top Pin JOAD. Click here to view individual and team results.


The JOAD Mail-In Tournament, an inexpensive way to enjoy competing against archers from across the country without traveling, has quarterly events year round. Click to see results:

USA Archery Enjoying Grassroots Growth   

Blog post by Mary Emmons, USA Archery Outreach Director:

Spring is in the air, and for JOAD clubs across the country the warm weather brings a variety of opportunities for outdoor archery. 


The sport of archery experienced a rise in popularity in 2012, primarily due to the Olympic Games and the inclusion of archery within mainstream media and films, including "The Hunger Games", "Brave", and others.  As the popular outdoor archery season gets underway, this surge continues, and many clubs and recreational organizations are reporting increased participation and interest in local archery programs. 


At USA Archery (USAA) we can concur that indeed the desire for grassroots archery programs is on the rise!  In the last 5 years the number of USAA clubs has increased by 54%. Today, a total of 665 JOAD and Adult Archery Achievement clubs span 47 states. These clubs provide an abundance of opportunities for new and existing archers to improve their form and shooting skills, earn achievement awards, prepare for and compete in events, and most importantly have fun! Read more: 

Outreach Update: Clubs Benefit from JOAD Grants; Learn More and Apply Today!   

Robin Hood Arrow

On March 12, 2013, members of the JOAD Committee and USA Archery Outreach staff reviewed the first round of Ann Hoyt/Jim Easton JOAD grant applications for 2013.  USA Archery continues to see an increasing number of strong grant applications each cycle, which reflects the fantastic growth of the JOAD program.


First Round Grants were awarded as follows:

  • Bay City Bowmen: $2,780.00
  • Easton Van Nuys JOAD Club: $850.00
  • Newberry JOAD: $4,952.00
  • Noble County JOAD: $3,200.00
  • Pineapple JOAD: $2,183.00
  • Quivering Bulls Eye Archery: $1,235.00
  • Smith Point Archery JOAD: $1,900.00
  • Untouchables JOAD: $3,615.00
  • Washington County 4-H JOAD: $2,800.00

The deadline for sending in applications for the second round of grants in 2013 is June 1, 2013.  For the most up-to-date grant application and requirements, please visit:


Please contact Outreach Program Coordinator Callie Grieser at: or 719-866-3452 for more information.

JOAD Committee Update: Committee Meets in Las Vegas; Minutes Now Available

On February 6,  the JOAD Committee, CEO Denise Parker, Outreach Director Mary Emmons, and Outreach Program Coordinator Callie Grieser met for the annual JOAD Committee meeting in Las Vegas, NV.  Guests from the Archery Trade Association and the Easton Sports Development Foundation also partially attended the meeting to meet the JOAD Committee.  This meeting was held and the South Point Hotel and Casino in conjunction with the World Archery Festival.


Topics included a review and update for USA Archery, specifically regarding the outreach division of the organization, a JOAD Committee update, a discussion of the JOAD Handbook and Scoring Matrix, JOAD Nationals, state JOAD coordinators, as well as ideas and initiatives for the coming year.


Please click here for in-depth notes taken by Committee Chair John Stover: 

Frequently Asked Question: Do I Need to Join USA Archery or JOAD to Compete?      

In order to compete in any USA Archery-sanctioned tournament, whether it's a local, state or national event, you must be a member of USA Archery in good standing. 

Camp Photo 1


In order to participate in any USA Archery JOAD event, such as the Easton JOAD Nationals or the JOAD National Indoor Championships, you must also be a member of a currently registered USA Archery JOAD Club. 


To become a member of USA Archery or renew your membership, please visit: or contact USA Archery Membership Coordinator Chris McCartney at: or 719-866-4621.


To find a list of current USA Archery clubs in your area, please visit: or contact USA Archery Outreach Program Coordinator Callie Grieser at: or 719-866-3452.

Registration Opens for Regional JOAD Camps;
High Performance Camps New for 2013
Register for an Archery Camp Today!     


USA Archery has opened registration for two archery camp opportunities: Regional Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Camps, and the newly announced High Performance Camps.


The Regional JOAD Camps will focus on introducing archers to the National Training System (NTS) and offering attendees a positive learning experience that focuses on improving skill sets in a fun-focused team environment. The Regional JOAD Camps are geared toward students who are interested in taking the "next step" toward becoming competitive archers. 


The High Performance Camps are being debuted in 2013 as a way to bridge the gap between Regional JOAD Camps and Junior Dream Team (JDT) Camps, and will take place at Olympic Training Centers. These camps have minimum qualifying criteria, detailed below, and are focused on introducing more experienced archers to the National Training System.


To learn more and register for a camp, visit: 

Club Spotlight: John Muir Magnet School      

The Olympic Archery in Schools (OAS) and Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) programs go hand in hand. This week, we're featuring a story on the Juhn Muir Magnet School in San Diego, part of both the OAS and JOAD programs. Level 4-NTS Coach Keaton Chia, who wrote this story, is also the OAS Program Supervisor.


A Culture of Heroes

Every school has its own, unique identity that is shaped by the many parts that compose it, from the look of the classrooms to the personalities of the teachers and the students they teach.  For a school in central San Diego, their identity and culture is being re-shaped by the introduction of a new sport on their campus...Olympic-style archery.  In fact, archery is the only sport that the school offers, which is having impacts beyond the target.


John Muir Magnet School is relatively new to the OAS Program (Olympic Archery in Schools) and Junior Olympic Archery Development Program (JOAD).  It was just over a year ago that their coach, Vincent Stevens, first got trained by me during one of our OAS coach courses.  By joining OAS, John Muir became part of a growing movement to give youth more opportunities to participate and excel in Olympic-style archery and to establish it as a mainstream sport.  Operated by the Easton Foundations, OAS organizes leagues and inter-school competitions as well as provides the needed archery equipment, training, insurance, and support to have safe, fun, and quality archery programs. 


Read more: 

Club Spotlight: Paseo Vista JOAD Club      


USA Archery has developed the "Club Spotlight" feature as a way to help Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) clubs learn from one another, and hopefully share some cool ideas! This month, we head west to feature the Paseo Vista Archery Club. Thanks to the club for answering our questions!


1. Please tell us where your club is located: The Paseo Vista Archery Club is located in Chandler, AZ which is a suburb of Phoenix, AZ


2. How did your club get its start, and when? The club started in December of 2009 when the Paseo Vista Recreation Area Archery Rage opened. The goal of the club was to help the City of Chandler develop an Archery program in the city and to develop a high performance Archery program.


3. What is your club's name, and what's the significance of the name? Was it something the archers chose, or did the club leader choose it? The name of the club is Paseo Vista Archery Club. The name comes from the City of Chandler park where the archery range is located at, The Paseo Vista Recreation Area.


4. Please tell us how large your club is - number of archers, number of coaches: At this time the club has around 120 members. Our Advanced JOAD Team consists of 30 Archers. We have 1 level 4-NTS Coach, 3 level 3-NTS coaches, 5 level 2 Instructors and 5 level 1 instructors.


5. What are the age ranges for the archers in your club? We are a JOAD and an Adult Archery Achievement club. Ages are from 8 to around 70 years old.


6. Do you have a large concentration in one age group? In the JOAD program we have a large amount of Cub archers, followed by Cadets.


7. What's your format for lessons/practices? We work with the City of Chandler Parks & Recreation to hold Beginning and Intermediate Archery Classes. These are 6 weeks and they meet on Saturday. They are not a part of the JOAD program. Archers who go through these classes can then join the Paseo JOAD program. The JOAD archers meet on Saturday morning and on Tuesday and Thursday nights.


Read the rest of this interview: 

Photo credits: Dean Alberga, Human Kinetics, Newberry JOAD, Teresa Iaconi